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The Falkland Hill Incident

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Over the many years that I have been acquainted with the UFO phenomenon, I have never had the opportunity to investigate for myself just how accurate UFO reports and articles are, whether they appear in Magazines, newspapers or those reports direct from the investigators themselves. However an event took place in Fife which gave me the opportunity to analyse reports and articles combined with an on the spot, independant investigation of my own.
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I have been interested in the UFO phenomenon since 1974 after sighting a UFO. Since then I have read all the now ‘legendary' books on the subject. I'll say here and now that I am not a UFO expert or researcher because I'm not, I've just maintained a close interest as the years have passed. As a former member of the UK armed forces I have always kept a low profile as far as this subject is concerned, but I sensed an opportunity here to find answers to some questions which had vexed me for many years.
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The incident that I refer to, of course, is that of the alleged landing of a flying triangular object (FT) near Newton of Falkland on the evening of Monday 23rd September 1996. On initial reading in the UFO Magazine (UK) Jan/Feb 97 Edition, I was sceptical to say the least, but I ascertained the location of the incident and over the next year I visited the area on many occasions, taking photographs and video footage of the area in question. I also obtained other articles on the landing, again as with the UFO Magazine article, by investigators who had been there and talked to the witnesses. (Dave Colman of SUPR, from his article in Cover-up' and another from SIGHTINGS magazine by SPI's Malcolm Robinson) It is these reports that I wish to deal with  in this website rather than the incident itself. After all, I am no nearer establishing, with any certainty, whether or not a large FT alighted at the foot of the Lomond Hills with its attendant alien creatures over a period of at least four hours.

However, what I can say with a very great degree of certainty, is that there is something fundamentally wrong with the way that this incident investigation has been handled and subsequently reported. Which of course leads to some more basic and equally fundamental questions as to the quality and accuracy standards of some researchers within the UFO research community.


Falkland Hill

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