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This web site has been published with the sole aim to present to the reader the results of my modest investigation into the most perplexing and curious events surrounding an alleged UFO sighting in Scotland. I have tried to create the site with the minimum of 'frilly' graphics so that the reader can concentrate on the information presented.

This remarkable case has been handled by no less than four separate organisations, each releasing their version of events as related to them by the witnesses, with the exception, to date, of Skysearch in Brighton run by Larry Dean. In order of invlovement, Larry Dean (Skysearch), Tony Dodds (Quest International), Malcolm Robinson (Strange Phenomena Investigations) and David Colman (Scottish Unexplained Phenomena Research).

This case has received a great deal of media attention after the release of the story by both Quest International (UK) and Strange Phenomena Investigations (a Scottish based group). Hailed as 'of such significance' by Tony Dodds of Quest International at the time, this case has shown that the 'UFO Investigator community' seems neither capable of accurate scientific investigation nor shows any intention of becoming so. Therefore I decided to create this website to try and present a 'behind the scenes' look at the real story and let the readers decide for themselves whether this has been properly investigated. In addition, I have reproduced all of the articles which have appeared in books, magazines and websites so that the readers can view for themselves the original material.

My remit has not been to investigate the witnesses story but to look at the quality and accuracy of the investigations carried out by the various investigators and groups involved and their subsequent reports. In order to do this however, I had to cast a critical eye over their story to be able to validate the accuracy of the locations and timing, as the witnesses had recounted.



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