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Taken from SPI Scotland web site article UFO's, behind the veil

The Fife Incident


This case has been a source of much dissent within the ranks of various paranormal researchers throughout Britain, Several groups investigated the incident and because of this there were differences of opinion as to it’s authenticity. What follows is an overview of these accounts.

Towards the end of September in 1996, Mary (pseudonym), her son aged ten and a family friend Ann (pseudonym), set out by car from their home in Fife to purchase some groceries from a nearby village. Shortly after setting out, they were alarmed to see a large, silently hovering triangular aircraft appear in front of their car. The craft proceeded to emit three beams of light from its underside onto the surface of the road. The lights were of a particularly searing, white intensity causing everything illuminated by them to look stark and unreal. This phenomena lasted for a few seconds, then as quickly as it had appeared, the lights vanished and the craft sped off leaving them startled and not a little afraid.

Although still shaken, they completed their errand and incredibly, on their return journey, they saw the same or at least similar craft again. When they arrived home, Mary told her daughter (then aged 15) what she and the others had witnessed. Not surprisingly, she was extremely sceptical of her mothers claims, asking her if they could try to find the craft again. The four of them got back into the car and set off in the direction in which the craft was first spotted. As they approached the spot, they saw fingers of brilliant white light coming from a stand of trees, spearing into the night sky like lasers. They stopped the car by the roadside and climbed out, gazing with a mixture of fear and fascination at the scene before them. As well as the ‘laser’ lights, there appeared to be a dozens of brilliant starlike objects hanging low in the sky. As they watched, a haze or mist developed in front of the trees, within this haze were of ‘hundreds’ small grey creatures apparently lifting and carrying boxes and cylinders.

Abruptly, part of this haze containing some of these beings detached itself from the main body and drifted towards them across a ploughed field. By this time, the group had seen quite enough and quickly climbed into their car, not quickly enough however. Just as they were on the point of moving off, the daughter screamed out that there was a creature standing next to the car ‘grinning’ at them. As the vehicle moved off, an intense burst of blue light emanated from the field behind them throwing everything into sharp relief. Incredibly, when they arrived at the sanctuary of their home, although alarmed by what they had seen, displaying either great courage or astonishing foolhardiness, they decided to go back for another look. This they did and again claim to have seen more small creatures moving around in the woods. Some points to consider are,

  1. Certain witnesses claim to have returned from the sighting bearing marks and abrasions on their bodies.
  2. One of the witnesses alleges that she has seen UFO’s hovering around her home.
  3. The son states that (a) he has seen a small grey creature floating outside his bedroom window, and also in their bathroom and (b) that a small, grey creature followed him to school and assisted him with his schoolwork ( entirely unseen, it has to be said, by any classmates or teachers ).

There are many puzzling aspects to this case not least the fact that checks with the M.o.D, the Met Office, police and airports shed no light on the accounts. All the evidence we have is either entirely anecdotal, or totally apocryphal. Whatever, it is not the best foundation for a solid case. Other points to note are,

1) Mary subscribed to a number of UFO periodicals prior to her sighting. These included ‘Flying Saucer Review’ and ‘Alien Encounters’, she also avidly read accounts of alleged sightings and encounters in the press. One should remember that around this time, there was a considerable amount of high profile coverage of the alleged sightings at the Scottish village of Bonnybridge. Although this in itself does not preclude a UFO aficionado from experiencing an encounter, it does nevertheless tend to do one of two things. Either, because the witness is familiar with UFO lore, then they would make an excellent subject, or, because of this very familiarity they could concoct an excellent fabrication. I do not say that this is the case, but it does fuel doubt.

  1. Mary on her own admission bought a UFO magazine on the night of the alleged encounter. Again this is in itself meaningless, but it is interesting to note.

The points raised do not, as I noted, mean that the alleged events did not occur, but they do create a need to tread carefully and view the evidence (such as it is) with detachment. There is a feeling about the case that maybe, just maybe, it exemplifies a hoax that got out of hand and the instigators had in effect ‘painted themselves into a corner’. There were in a position, where, because of the attention they were receiving could not deny it. If on the other hand it is true, then the witnesses were extremely fortunate to have experienced an encounter of this kind. For myself, I have to state categorically that I have deep reservations about the case.


Brian Allan (SPI Scotland) from website article UFO's, Behind the Veil


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