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Haunted Scotland      (Website)

    Article by Mark Fraser author of the Haunted Scotland Website. His account is drawn mainly from the SPI report provided by Malcolm Robinson and the report by Tony Dodds in 'UFO magazine'. Mark Fraser had no first hand access to the witnesses and therefore this account is merely his recollection of the event penned in response to a query from a visitor to his website. It is inaccurate as can be seen from the article and he has added his own variations to the tale.

McXFiles               (Book)

    Article by Ron Halliday of Scottish Earth Mysteries. He has had no first hand access to the witnesses either, relying upon the SPI report by Malcolm Robinson and that of 'Mary' in David Colman's Cover-up, to produce this account. Here he gives the impression that he investigated this case but as with Mark Fraser he is merely commenting upon the incident adding his own embellishments as he goes.

SPI Scotland           (Website)

   An article by Brian Allen entitled ' UFOs beneath the veil' contained this account of the Falkland Hill Incident. The account is inaccurate and is supplied by Malcolm Robinson and Brian admits this in the article. More embellishments are added and reduce the account to the status of another variation of a tale.

UFO Scotland         (Book)

    Article by Ron Halliday for his book. Apart from the introductory and finalising comments this is almost word for word identical to his account in the McXfiles book and my comments above are therefore just as valid here.

SPI Hoax statement  (Website)

    Article by Malcolm Robinson, which appeared in September 1998 as part of the news page for that month and also in a separate article (Reproduced here). As you will see upon reading the evidence, (or rather, lack of it) he is extremely vague in presenting his reasons for believing the incident to be a hoax. This again showing Malcolm has no real grasp of scientific investigative techniques preferring to get the story into print as fast as possible.

The MAMMOTH Book of UFOs (Paperback)

This article appears in a 'general purpose' book about UFO sightings from all over the world. The version of events portrayed here is probably the most inaccurate account yet published and shows that NO research has been carried out prior to its inclusion in the book.


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