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November 2003.


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  1. Preface of Fife Incident. (Page 1)
The SPI report is true but other comments are not ! (Page 2)
The Fife Incident Original Report from 1997. (Page 3)
But is the Fife Incident a hoax ? (Page 31)
Was I alone in my reservations of this case ? (Page 36)
The Fife Incident a hoax ! (Scottish UFO Reports) (Page 37)
New witness information. (Page 40)
Addressing David Colman’s points. (Page 52)
The meeting that never was. (Page 56)
The full Fife Incident audio transcript interview. (Page 57)
Malcolm’s thoughts on the Fife audio transcript. (Page 163)
Added info at the 11th hour. (Page 165)
Concluding remarks by Malcolm Robinson. (Page 170)







Of all the UFO incidents to have occurred in Scotland, none of them have come as close to the Fife Incident for stirring up intense controversy


This UFO incident occurred near the town of Newton of Falkland Central Scotland back in September 1996, which was way above the normal sighting by Joe Public. It involved the observation by 4 witnesses, 2 adults, one teenager and a young ten year old child of not only a large black triangular shaped ‘craft’ but numerous small grey ‘beings’ seen in front of some woods.


This case has been the subject of much controversy since that day in September 1996 and the controversy is still raging. So much so, that I have to deal with it again due to comments made by one Scottish UFOlogist David Colman. I shall deal with the comments made by Colman and hope that my answers will satisfy him and others who share his views.


For those that are new to this debacle, may I start by presenting the SPI report on this case, which has appeared in various publications and web sites ‘world wide’. Now while you the reader are reading this report, the most important thing that you have to bear in mind is this. What you are about to read is ‘word for word’ the testimony from two witnesses in the case. Not speculation, not over dramatisation, but pure and verbal testimony captured on audio tape which is the base work of this article. If the contention by ‘others’ that SPI have got it wrong, and the statements in this report that you are about to read is false. Then may I supply a copy of the audiotapes so that ‘YOU’ the reader can make up your own mind. Once you hear the tape and then look at the written report, you will see that SPI have been truthful in presenting the testimony from the witnesses. We haven’t embellished anything or done some journalistic manufacturing to spice the story up as some have said. It is there, bold as brass and is a truthful aspect of what was said that night. Indeed, I feature the Fife Interview audio tapes in transcript further on in this interview.





If the claims made by others who say SPI are making things up in regards to the Fife Case and are not basing their claims on our full report, then that is different, and we have to look at this. I have already had this out with Dave Colman several years ago in mega lengthy letters. How I wish I had have kept those letters as I am now writing from memory. I shall address David’s points further into this article. For now though, let me take you the reader of this report, back to my original SPI report on this case which was written up in 1997. It reads thus.






UFOlogy can throw up some pretty challenging cases, and many investigators world- wide have seen how vastly perplexing this subject can be. High strangeness cases are on the increase, but what exactly does this tell us ? Here in Scotland, recent cases would suggest that strange things are still afoot. Not only has there been photographic and video evidence of late, but we have had a few CE IV or close proximity cases, with witnesses claiming encounters with small, grey 'alien' beings.

The following case, to all intents and purposes, is quite staggering. It borders on the unbelievable and even for this researcher was quite hard to accept.
But having said that, one must realise that we live in a strange world with many mysteries, which currently tax our minds. It would be foolish to turn our backs on these mysteries just because they sound absurd. The following case features elements both common and uncommon. It was initially featured in the English based QUEST INTERNATIONAL publication, "UFO MAGAZINE".
I would now like to present Strange Phenomena Investigations' research into this most fascinating case, but before I do so, I would like to inform the reader that after this case was featured in UFO MAGAZINE, all witnesses refused any more interviews with Scottish or English researchers. They have told their story and now wish to get on with their lives. We at SPI accept this decision, as it is becoming more and more common with cases of this nature. Thankfully, SPI managed to interview two of the four witnesses in this case, and what you are about to read is the culmination and extracts of a most fascinating audio- taped interview.


SPI learned of this event a few weeks after it had occurred, and in a telephone call to one of the witnesses, we arranged a date and time to visit and interview. Malcolm Robinson, accompanied by Billy Devlin and Garry Wood, travelled up by cars to where Mrs Mary Morrison (pseudonym) lived, an area of Fife in Central Scotland. The area itself is covered by farmland and there are many small farms secluded about the landscape. The area is therefore not heavily populated, and the contours of the land rise and fall at different locations. After getting lost, we eventually found Mrs Morrison's farm and introduced ourselves to her. We found her to be a warm and pleasant person and quite attractive. Her farm house actually sits on top of a hill which gives her a commanding and panoramic view of the Fife valley.
After our introductions, Mary then settled down to tell us quite an incredible tale. I sat back in my chair, and was amazed as this strange tale unfolded.

This is what she had to tell SPI.


On the evening of the 23rd of September 1996, Mary Morrison, accompanied by her ten year old son Peter and Mary's friend Jane, left her farmhouse home to travel to a nearby town to buy some coffee. The time was around 8:05 in the evening. On the way there, they observed a huge white stationary light in the sky, initially observed by Mary who was driving. Mary presumed that this light was either an aircraft or a helicopter, but after a few seconds realised that this was not the case, as the object was still not moving. This bright light then amazingly changed into two bright lights, at which point Mary said to her friend, "Look at those bright lights up there", to which her friend replied, "It must be an airplane."

Mary decided to stop the car and get out for a look, still thinking that perhaps it could be some form of aircraft. Everyone alighted from the car and stood next to the road, looking up in bewilderment at this strange spectacle in the sky, "This was weird," she said, but things took a turn for the worse when suddenly two massive bright spotlights illuminated the ground around them. Beams of light criss-crossed one another in a spiraled dance which captivated all the witnesses. After a period of seconds, these huge bright white lights were switched off and Mary became aware of looking at a large black triangular shaped object. This object then proceeded to bank very gently and Mary then became aware of small red lights at each apex of this triangle, while a brighter light source (white) was obscured to them as this object slowly turned. As the object completed its turn, further small red lights were observed on its underside. No noise was associated with this object and there were no visible signs of any appendages. However, Mary did say that she saw on top of this triangle, a small dome. When asked by SPI how large this triangular- shaped object was, she replied that if she held her hand out in front of her, this object would still be bigger than her hand !

After a few moments, the object slowly and gradually moved or 'drifted' away. The feelings of all the witnesses were of amazement. They knew that what they had been looking at was not a normal man-made object. It proceeded to move away from them with only the faint red lights showing. At this point, Mary decided on the spur of the moment, to wave at this 'thing', and she was most surprised when this object flashed three times to them! She reckons that the total duration of this incident was around five minutes, and further stated that the corners of this triangular- shaped object were more round than pointed.
With the object now gone, they decided to get back into their car and continue on with their journey to collect a jar of coffee. It was on their return journey that they wondered if they would see this strange object again. No sooner had they thought about this when the same, or similar object was sighted in the sky, only this time it was travelling quickly in their direction. So quickly was this object coming towards them, that Mary's young son Peter started to cry, thinking perhaps that this object might hit their car. No sooner had Peter started to cry, than this strange object shot back the way it came and was lost to view in seconds.


Another purchase that Mary had made in this local shop, apart from her coffee, was a UFO magazine, which contained the phone number of Larry Dean, an investigator with research group SKYSEARCH. She left a message on his answerphone, stating that if there were any UFO investigators in her area, to get them out quickly, for something strange was going on. After making the phone call, they then related their strange sighting to Mary's friend's daughter Susan, aged 15. Susan was very sceptical and thought that this was one big wind-up. However, after a bit of persuasion, it was decided to once more go back outside and see if they could still see this object, never for one moment thinking that they would. Mary said to SPI that usually these things are only seen once in a life- time and she wasn't really prepared for what transpired next. But nonetheless, they all agreed (including young Peter who had earlier been crying) to go out and see if they could see it.


Travelling out in the direction of their earlier sighting, they did not see the same object again, but what they did see was what looked like stars sparkling in the night sky but only much, much lower. "There were hundreds of them," she said. She couldn't for the life of her fathom out what they were, but they were beautiful. It was at this point that things started to get 'strange' and the following information may prove, at least to the hard-nosed sceptic, difficult to believe. But this is what they said happened next.

All four witnesses were startled to see a tremendously bright, white light on the ground beside a group of trees, which were at the other side of a ploughed field. Their initial thought was that this might be a bright security light attached to a building. However, they soon noticed a bright glow over some trees, an immense bright blue glow, which actually shone up from the bottom of the trees into the dark night sky. They likened it to a bright searchlight as it continued its spinning movements up and out of this grouped range of trees. In an effort to get closer to this amazing spectacle, they decided to get back into the car and travel down a little back road. This they did, and they continued to view the strange spectacle. A sense of non-reality was in the air, when suddenly the bright, blue, spinning light was joined by other bright lights, red and green. Mary likened them this time to a laser light show. "They really were lovely," she said. "We were all moved to tears by them".

It was at this point that events took a dramatic turn, for whilst they were all captivated by these spinning lights, Mary suddenly became aware of 'figures' silhouetted in these lights, small grey figures who were running around and appeared to be very busy picking up what looked like boxes or cubes, and also cylinders or canisters. Further back in the woods, she said that she saw some form of triangular 'structure' out of which these small 'beings' were coming and going. But what really surprised Mary the most was the sight of a very large 'being' who was a different colour from the rest. The 'being', she said, was a sort of tan brown. 'He' was standing a short distance away from the rest of these 'beings,' as if he were somehow in charge - this she strongly felt.
Indeed at one point, the large 'being' actually stretched down towards the ground and opened his right hand to 'something,' stood up, moved back into the trees a bit, then took up the same position as before. In the sky around this amazing spectacle, were hundreds upon hundreds of these small star-like 'things' which were just hanging in the sky. Suddenly a bright beam of light shone down from the sky and illuminated the road in front of them.

Mary related to SPI, that as soon as this 'light beam' hit the ground, her memory of events becomes sketchy, but she believes that they all took a fright to this light, and jumped back into the car and headed off to her friend's house. Indeed this is what did happen (at some point !). It was at her friend's house that she decided to phone Larry Dean again and inform him about what had happened. Larry was home and suggested to Mary that she should contact Malcolm Robinson of SPI. He then gave out the number but unfortunately when Mary tried it, she found much to her disappointment that the line was discontinued (Malcolm Robinson had moved house). She again phoned Larry, who this time put her in touch with Tony Dodd of UFO MAGAZINE.


It was at Jane's house that Mary spoke to Jane's husband about what had transpired. Unfortunately he had to go to work, but offered them the use of his binoculars. With these, the intrepid witnesses decided once more to go out into the dark night and see if there was any more evidence of these strange objects and 'beings'. One would imagine any other witnesses as being too frightened to again venture out into the night, but curiosity was the major factor here, and although slightly fearful they just had to find out more. Would they see anything more, or would the area be as dark as it usually was on a crisp September evening ?

Well, they didn't have to wait long. As they traveled in the direction of the earlier sighting, they again saw many of those strange star shapes in the sky. Also observed near a transmitter on a hill, was another immensely bright, white light, which was flashing in a sequence of three! They continued on with their journey and this flashing light was lost to view. At this point Mary started to become more alarmed. She felt that as these were narrow country roads, she didn't really want to get trapped here. The excitement of the initial events was now changing to fear, but she didn't want to show this in front of the others.
They stopped the car and proceeded to look up into the night sky with the borrowed binoculars. Jane, who was at this point holding the binoculars, thought she was looking at a star. Mary replied that "this was not a star" and quickly took the binoculars from her friend and directed them to the object. Mary stated to SPI that what she had seen resembled a 'squashed ball', elongated from top to bottom. It was a hot, fiery orange colour with big irregular indentations in it. " It looked really shimmery", she said, "as if it was giving off energy." "This thing", she said, "wasn't on the ground, but it was near the ground". Near the base of this 'squashed ball' was something like a wiggly, long, oval black spot. It was moving slowly and was tilting on its axis. To the right of that, and all around, was a small, orangey light, very round and very small.

The scene once more changed, and they again all witnessed these small 'beings' in the woods, who seemed to be supervised somehow by this tall brown 'being'. SPI asked Mary how tall she thought this 'being, was, and she replied, "Oh, at least half the size of the trees" !!

The time of this third visit was roughly around 11:30pm, and during all of these observations, no noise at all could be heard, except when Mary directed the binoculars onto that strange 'squashed ball.' Then she thought she heard a crackle, something like an electrical crackle. Another unusual statement that Mary relayed to SPI, was that after using the binoculars to view these strange sights, she could see just as well without them. She can't for the life of her understand how, because she said that these binoculars were so bad that it was a wonder at all you could see anything out of them. SPI asked Mary if she saw what could be termed fingers on any of these 'beings', to which she replied, "No," but went onto say that this large, brown, tanned being had a very large bulbous head with a very flat face. When we asked Mary about how these smaller 'beings' moved in the woods as they carried these boxes, she stated that they moved just like any normal person would move. "They were bending at the waist."-- very naturally. There was no struggle as these 'beings' lifted the boxes and cylinders. They were lifting them quite easily.

The cylinders or canisters, Mary went on to say, were being carried by these small 'beings' lengthwise in their arms. No markings could be discerned on any of the boxes or cylinders. Susan and Peter, daughter and son of both women, also stated that they could see these strange 'beings' in the woods close up, just as well as if they were almost there, an effect that they should not have experienced at that distance!


However, the most frightening part of the whole night was to come on this third visit, for whilst they were all again looking at this strange spectacle in the woods, of lots and lots of small grey 'beings' busily running around, Jane screamed out,

"Oh my God, they are coming out of the woods". There is a mist coming towards us. My God, there is a cocoon. There are hundreds of them, and they are in these things".

Susan also screamed," They are coming towards us. They are moving so fast." Mary was by now becoming increasingly alarmed, and she couldn't understand how it was so light at the edge of this field. She could even see the straw bales, which she wouldn't have normally seen, had it been pitch dark. The next sensation or impression that Mary had, was of these huge straw bales crowding across the road from them, and she could sense a being at the passenger side of the car, at the window. At this point Mary's friend said, "Let's get the hell out of here," followed by Susan who shouted, "There is one standing grinning at me".

Mary then slammed the car into first gear, then second and third and soon realised that she was doing 55 miles per hour, at which point she thought it better to slow down as she didn't want to end up losing control of the car. The other passengers in the car looked back out of the rear window and claimed that the whole field 'lit up' in an enormous blue flash. They eventually arrived back at Jane's house and stayed up most of the night extremely shocked and amazed.


I (Malcolm Robinson) asked Mary about this mist that was coming towards her car just before they fled, and she told me that she herself didn't see this mist, but her friend described it as looking very fibrous, like a cocoon, and all these small 'beings' were being carried in it towards their car, their legs never moving. The orange light that they all saw earlier also contained 'beings', although Mary claims that surprisingly she didn't see them, but all the others did. SPI ascertained that they arrived back at Jane's house roughly around 00:30am . Mary had the distinct impression that she had watched this amazing spectacle for much longer than the actual time that had transpired, indeed on one occasion, whilst sitting in the car and watching all these small 'beings' moving around in the woods, she felt the distinct impression that (although she was in a sitting position in the driver's seat), she was being pushed back into a lying position, with someone or something holding her head. She didn't mention this sensation to the others, for she didn't want to alarm them.


She said that researcher Tony Dodd from UFO MAGAZINE had suggested that she look out for unusual marks. That first day as far as she knew, she had none. It was a few days after that when she learned about her friend's daughter, Susan. She had found a strange mark on her shoulder, "as if the blood had been sucked up through the skin". This mark resembled two small vertical bars, side by side, separated only by a small space. Jane, Mary's friend, ended up initially with two marks on her body, one was on her right buttock, like a very pale brown birth mark, and the other one was found underneath her right breast on her ribs.

Mary informed SPI, that although she hadn't noticed any marks on her body, she was getting extreme discomfort from underneath her arm, at the top where it joins the body (right shoulder). There was no visible mark, but it was very painful to touch. Her son Peter had no marks at all. A few days later, Jane found another mark, which appeared, on her right shoulder. This consisted of a brown discoloration, blotchy and irregular around the edges. Susan, Jane's daughter, then found another mark, this time on her right shoulder. It was about 4 inches long and appeared roughly around a week after the main sighting. The week after the event (Monday the 30th), Jane found on the top of her right thigh, an immense bruise, a very colourful bruise. SPI asked Mary if she or the others had experienced any headaches or strange tastes in their mouths after the incident. She replied that they had not, but individually they were all very stressed -out by the whole incident.


On Sunday the 20th of October (a month after the sighting), one of Mary's friends, along with her son, came to visit. She was leaving her son with Mary as she was going away on a weekend visit. Soon her son and young Peter were playing happily in his bedroom. However, things were soon to change, for a short while later as Peter looked out of his bedroom window, he was surprised to see a small 'white being' with lots of teeth, looking straight at him. This 'being' was free floating and was not standing on top of the kitchen roof. He was too small for this. After a few moments, the 'being' just simply floated straight upwards with ease and was gone in seconds. According to Peter, his friend also saw this strange 'being'. Later on that same night, Mary was on the phone to Garry Wood, a researcher and himself UFO experiencer. Just prior to the phone call, Mary had run a bath for her son. Mary was explaining to Garry about some recent strange events when all of a sudden she heard her son screaming at the top of his voice, "Mummy, Mummy! Come quick, please come quick." Mary immediately threw the phone down in mid-conversation and dashed up the stairs three at a time.
She entered the bathroom and found her son in some distress. After calming him down, he explained that as he had entered the bathroom, he saw a small white 'being' standing next to the wash hand basin and bath. This 'being' also had a row of teeth, was small and thin and looked very pale. After Peter had screamed, this 'being' just simply vanished !! Mary had to eventually sit outside the bathroom door to let her son have his bath. Indeed, he was still so frightened, that she had to sleep beside her son with the bedroom light left on the whole night.


Obviously, when one is dealing with young children in cases such as this, one must be very careful. Questions have to be asked gingerly and in a manner understood by the child. I, with the blessing of his mother, then proceeded at this point in our investigation to ask young Peter some questions in regard to these 'beings' that he said he saw. I first of all asked Peter if this first white 'being' that he saw outside his bedroom window whilst he was playing with his friend, could be seen by them both. He replied, "Yes". I then asked Peter what exactly did this 'being' look like ? Peter replied that he was small, he had an egg-shaped head, with lots of sharp teeth in his mouth. He had oval- shaped eyes and was very white looking. One thing I found most peculiar in Peter's testimony (apart from the row of jagged teeth) was when Peter referred to seeing an unusual 'flap of skin' which he saw on this 'being' between the elbow and forearm. This 'being' was also muscular, according to Peter, and there was no sign of any facial or body hair.


Dealing in cases such as this, one sometimes stumbles across pieces of information which can be incredible and hard to believe, but because information can sound fantastic, does this mean that there is no truth in it ? Well, what you are now about to read, truly does sound fantastic and one can be forgiven for thinking that it is all a load of nonsense dreamed up in a young child's mind. However, it would be wrong of me to keep this information out of this case just because it sounds ridiculous, so here it is, for what it is worth.

At this point during our interview with Mary, Billy Devlin turned his attention back to her son Peter and proceeded to ask questions about Peter and his school. The following information is taken straight from our audio- taped interview.

Billy Devlin asked, "Has anything happened to you at your school?" Peter replied, "There was a green one, a brown one, and a huge white one at school in the classroom. These ones did not have any teeth. The grey one was holding the top of my pencil, showing me what number to write". Billy then asked, "Did you say anything to your pals?" To which Peter replied, "No". Malcolm then asked, "Were you frightened?" Peter again replied, "No". Malcolm then asked, "Did he speak to you or try to tell you something?" "No," was Peter's reply.

Billy queried, "Why were you not frightened of that one?" Whereupon Peter quickly said, "Because he was helping me." (Peter's tone of voice was as if we should have known this !) Billy then said, "But surely he didn't appear just holding your pencil?", to which Peter replied, "He came in the same time as me". Garry Wood then said, "Do you think he knew you ? Peter answered, "Don't know, he might have known me."

Billy then asked,"Was he with you before you went to school?", to which Peter answered, "He was in my room before I woke up, standing near the bed". Billy went on, "So you got up, got dressed, went downstairs. Did he follow you downstairs?" Peter nodded his head in a yes motion. Billy went on, "Was he there when you were eating your breakfast?" Peter replied, "Yes, he was still standing"

Garry Wood at this point spoke up and asked, "Did you not go and tell your Mum?", to which he replied, "No, she's pretty scared of these things". Malcolm then asked, "Peter, how tall or short was he?" Peter answered, "He was about the same size as me".

Billy Devlin then came in and said, "So he followed you all through that day and helped you with your homework. Where did he go after that?" Peter then said, "He went through the wall". Billy asked, "Did he not say cheerio or anything before he went?" Peter replied, "No, he just turned round and walked through the wall"

SPI also learned at this point during our discussion with Peter, that this strange 'creature' also shared his taxi on the way to school ! 'He' also shared it on the way back! I asked Peter if, by the help of his unseen friend, he had got his sums or school project correct, to which he replied that as yet he didn't know. I also asked Peter if he felt that his 'unseen friend' was helpful in any way. A resounding "yes" was Peter's reply. SPI learned that this 'creature' had also assisted Peter with another classroom project that day, a project which concerned tissue paper (yellow and orange) to represent flames. The project was concerning the Great Fire of London. Apparently this 'creature' had shown Peter how to cut out his tissue shapes.

It was apparent to me, that due to Peter's close proximity to his 'unseen friend,' he surely must have been able to observe many features of this small creature, and so I endeavored to ask him about how many fingers this 'creature' had. Peter replied that he had three on each hand. I then asked if they were long and thin, fat or short, to which he said that they were long and thin and did not have any nails. I then asked Peter if he noticed any lines on 'his' hand, perhaps near the knuckles. Peter nodded yes. I then asked, "Did you notice any veins in his hand?", to which Peter murmured, "No". Garry Wood then asked, "Was 'his' hand warm or cold?", to which Peter replied, "Cold". Malcolm then asked, "Did this small 'creature' have the fold of skin that you observed with another small 'creature' ?" Peter replied, "No". Billy Devlin then asked, "Was 'he' there when you woke up the next day?" Peter replied in the affirmative.


If the reader finds the above hard to believe, then some might find the following even harder to swallow. But like I mentioned earlier, SPI must present all the facts, no matter how bizarre they may seem. It would be wrong to leave certain parts out of a case report purely because some might find them nonsensical. I would also like to point out before I continue that we must remember that the paranormal is full of reports of young children witnessing all kinds of unusual phenomena. Some have had what is termed as imaginary playmates, but as children grow older, they seem to lose this psychic faculty. Was this the case with young Peter?

At this point in our interview there was a lull in the conversation. This was broken by young Peter who then said, "Why don't you ask them what you want. There are three of them standing over there". (Peter was pointing towards the living room window). Both Billy Devlin and I, as well as Garry Wood, immediately turned our heads in the direction in which Peter was pointing. Whilst doing so, we also grabbed our cameras. Sadly, although we were all looking intently, we didn't see a thing. Nonetheless, both Billy and I took many photographs of this area. I asked Peter what they were doing, what they were saying, to which he replied, "They are just looking. I think they have been with me all my life. I've seen shimmering all my life". Billy then asked, "How do you know they are aliens?", to which Peter replied, "Because they look like them", at which Billy continued, "Like aliens in the magazines and books?" "Yes," replied Peter. At this point I asked Peter to point again to where these three 'aliens' were standing. When he did so, both Billy and I moved right into where they were located, again taking further photographs. Peter said that he sometimes felt cold as he 'walked through them.' However, I never felt anything as I moved my body in and around where Peter said that these three 'aliens' were standing. Billy had taken several Polaroid photographs of this spot, but nothing unusual had come up on them.

I asked Peter what was happening now, now that we were more or less standing in amongst them, and he mentioned that he could see a series of white zigzag lines in the area where these 'aliens' were standing (again unseen by the rest of us). Malcolm then asked Peter if they could move anything in the room. Could they move Billy's pen for instance? Peter replied "I don't know. You might want to ask them yourself" ! I laughed, but then said, "If there is anybody here with us, could they please move this pen (referring to Billy's pen in front of me). I then jokingly said, "I'll be the first out of this room if the pen moves." The pen didn't move.

At this point in the proceedings, I was intently looking at Mary to see if she was perhaps in embarrassment at her son saying that he could see three 'aliens' in her living room. However her face was impassive. Indeed I asked her if she could see anything in front of the living room window. She replied that all she could see was a shimmering effect. She knew that if she concentrated hard enough, these 'creatures' would come through, but she didn't want this. She has also seen this shimmering effect on a number of other occasions since the stated event. She likens it to a heat haze, that shimmering effect that you see above a road on a hot sunny day. SPI also learned that the night Mary had stayed with her friend, (the night of the incident), Mary kept sitting up in bed and throwing off the top quilt from the bed. This went on for around twenty minutes to half an hour. Mary then explained to SPI that the muscle on her right arm was very painful, and was very swollen some days after the incident.


Malcolm then asked Mary if she had had any strange dreams after the incident, to which she replied that there had been one or two, some with sexual overtones. She remembers walking through various corridors, whereupon she saw a black door. She was being accompanied by a 'male' person. There was a short corridor and a marble sort of floor, and there were black doors and silvery walls. She got to the end and saw a ladder, which she proceeded to climb. This led her out through a hatch, where she saw an outdoor scene, which she describes as a grassy hill or bank. A 'saucer' was sitting on the grass, which was odd, she thought. Then she had the impression of a 'male' person doing something to her neck. This male person explained that she might experience a very strange sensation.

Mary further explained to SPI that she has had strange dreams like this all her life! Mary also said, that a few days after her UFO sighting, she dreamt that she was on-board a 'craft'. She was unsure if it was a 'real dream' or bits and pieces of fragmented memory of a real event. She dreamt that she was in a room, a white room, and there were about half a dozen of these little grey ones in there. She thought she saw a black cupboard and bench in there. The roof appeared a darker grey, and it got lighter on the walls. She also saw a large chair, like an office chair without the arms, and there was a brown 'creature' sitting in it. This brown 'creature' turned to face Mary, and all the little ones were in front of her. She then said that she went over to the brown one and started feeling his arms. Mary's friend Jane said that she could also recall being in this 'craft', so Mary explained to SPI that she had spoken about her dream to her friend and asked her if the 'creature's' arm felt rough and warm, to which her friend said, "You were definitely in the 'craft'". Mary said that this 'creature's' arm felt very textured, and looked very leathery.


Mary also informed SPI that she again saw the 'black triangle' a week before our interview. She was going to visit a friend (Sharon Coul). The object was hovering above a field near Kennoway. She was at a higher vantage point so therefore this triangle was actually below her. She said that it displayed two big white front lights and also a red flashing light. It was only when she continued driving into town, that she began to lose sight of the object, although for a short time she said that she could see it between some buildings.

Mary also explained to SPI that she felt very nervous staying alone in the house. She is aware of things around her, especially this "shimmering", but she deliberately ignores it. On one occasion though, she decided to let this "shimmering effect" develop, and she said that she saw one of these 'faces' (typical grey alien face) come straight towards her, at which point she blanked it out. She also informed SPI that she sometimes sees something out of the corner of her eye, but when looking straight at it, it disappears.

Mary went on to inform SPI that in her house, she believes she has a ghost of a dog which sometimes runs by her (the family don't own a dog). A few weeks prior to our visit the family heard the sounds of this dog. The family cat shot straight out of the kitchen with eyes as wide as saucers and its tail all bristling out. Both Mary and her husband went into the kitchen, where they were both amazed to hear the sound of 'something' lapping out of the cat's water dish! Nothing could be seen.


SPI asked Peter if the cats reacted to this ghostly dog and also these 'creatures'. Did they hiss, for instance? Peter replied that one of their two cats did indeed hiss at them, whilst the other cat was quite content when being stroked by one of these small 'creatures' !! Mary then explained that Domino, one of their cats, a little white one, sometimes went on the defensive on the occasions that she had seen this "shimmering" effect. Domino would react by hissing and spitting at this "shimmering" . One question that Malcolm posed to Mary was a question about balls of light in her bedroom, which are sometimes seen by witnesses either prior to, or after, a UFO event. Had she seen any of these, I asked ? She replied that she had not.

After talking with Mary about these balls of light, which she said that she hadn't experienced, she did recount the time when strange blue lights swooped into her bedroom. She initially thought that it must be emergency vehicles outside, like an ambulance or police car, but on looking out the window, no emergency vehicles were to be seen. These blue beams, Mary said, were coming into her bedroom from above and not from below (Mary's bedroom was on the second floor). Malcolm Robinson asked, "How thick were these blue beams that shot into your bedroom. Were they as thick as your arm" ? "Oh yes," she replied. "These blue beams were straight and did not bend as they came into the room". Mary remembers feeling very uneasy about these blue beams and did what she felt was the correct action, she dived under the covers! This all happened when Mary stayed in a house in the village of Cupar in Fife back in 1986.

On another occasion when she stayed in Cupar, she had another unpleasant experience. One day as she went out to collect her washing, she felt a strange presence. She described it as 'horrendous', as if it was crushing her. She has never felt anything so malevolent in her life. By the time she had collected her washing and moved back indoors, she was so frightened that she dropped to her knees with the tears just streaming down her face. It took her all her time to lock the door. Her neighbours later told her that there was a strange presence, 'out the back'. There was nothing tangible that Mary could see, but she related that it was the sheer malevolence of this episode that completely terrified her. It was a feeling of complete and utter hatred.

Mary then explained to SPI that she has noticed that her son Peter has become more psychically aware over the past few months. And she remembers her son telling her that he had seen a ghost when he was younger, a white lady, seen in a cupboard in his room. He had been playing on his bedroom floor, said Mary, when all of a sudden a mist drifted out from beneath this cupboard then developed into the form of a 'white lady.' Mary also told the story that when Peter was younger, he had said to her that he could see a 'little man' in his room. Mary had heard the sound of 'someone' or 'something' walking up the stairs, but upon looking, nothing could be seen. On one occasion she had a cousin stay over, who, during the night, became very scared as he heard 'someone' moving about.


Garry Wood asked Mary about her friend Jane, who was with her on the night in question. "How was she taking it?" Mary responded by saying that Jane was taking it better than she, that she had seen an awful lot more. Garry went on, "When you were looking at the UFO on the 23rd, did you feel that you were getting any communication from it?". Mary replied that she never got anything, she was just completely stunned.

At this point in the proceedings, I, Malcolm Robinson asked Mary, "Do you think that what you saw is the true image of these beings, or do you think that it is something else?". She replied that she didn't know. She felt that they were collecting things, taking samples. She then went on to say that at one of the sites where they saw these 'beings' (when they went back at a later date) there was a huge rock, like something that had come out of a stone building house. This had been moved from one area to another, very cleanly. And it was near this that Mary said that they had found an 'igloo thing' !


Mary said that when she went back to this area, not only did she see this large rock, but she found an 'igloo thing', which was about three feet in height and was about the same diameter. It was beautifully constructed. Malcolm asked her if perhaps this might have been built by kids. She replied that it was really complex, really perfect. It was made out of weeds and grasses and things, but she couldn't recall seeing any twigs. This left her totally "gobsmacked".


Mary then informed SPI about a strange smell that pervaded the family home some days after her UFO encounter. It was a horrible, burning, acrid smell which was all over the house. They couldn't account for it. It smelt like burnt paper she said.


Mary related to SPI about a strange event that had occurred on Monday the 30th of September (about a week after the initial big sighting). She said that she was driving up to her home when she observed what she termed as "a star" which came shooting over from the right and curved round, almost as though it was keeping parallel with her. She said that she then lost sight of it in the trees. She quickly went indoors and went upstairs and looked out of a window. She then caught sight of it again as it rose above tree level, and it just sat there twinkling. After a few minutes, a little red light flew across and kept a certain distance from it, then the two of them moved together in tandem. She then lost sight of the red one, but continued to see the white one twinkling away, and then it started flashing in sequences of three (her son Peter was also witness to this). It was at this point that she started to see something 'flash' above her head. She looked up, and at the top of her bedroom window, she saw what she described as a "thing" come, oh so slowly, over the top of her house. To start off with, she said that it had two white lights that were flashing on and off at the same time, and the object just kept coming and coming. It was shaped like a cone, and it had a big white light in the centre, a small red light elsewhere, and another white light and possibly a further white light near the end of this cone, although she is not really sure about this. To the underside of this object, she described something like lumps or shapes which were attached. It reminded her of those small structures that she had seen on some of the" Star Wars" craft in the film of the same name. This was an amazing spectacle in a dark starry sky.

The object kept coming slowly over the roof of her house and she noticed a further two more white lights. The whole thing was now shaped like a big rectangle. The four white lights on the corners were all flashing on and off at the same time. Eventually the object cleared her roof and headed off in the direction of where she had earlier seen that small red light, and then out in the direction of the North Sea. Mary went on to say that later that evening other aircraft showed up in the vicinity, but these, she said, were all normal aircraft. But it was the feeling of peace that she got whilst looking at this strange 'craft' that she has never been able to describe. She said she felt wonderfully happy, very calm and ecstatic. It was a tremendous feeling to see this object, a feeling which, she states, words cannot describe.
This feeling of peace stayed with Mary for quite a number of days. The Thursday of that same week, she and her husband saw another shape rise up from behind the trees. It started off with a blue glow, and then it started moving about erratically. Mary stated that this was the first time that she had seen any strange object move erratically. Normally they moved so gracefully.


Malcolm Robinson then asked Mary if she had heard any aircraft in the area over the past few weeks she replied, "Stacks of them." She went on to say that both she and her friend had never known so many night- flying aircraft prior to when they had their sighting. Mary also explained that a neighbour down the road had told her that she had heard the constant noise of aircraft for days. Mary then related the time when she saw a helicopter in the area, not long after her UFO sighting. She said it was during the night, and it was flying nose down without any lights. She didn't see any markings or insignia on it and speculates that it might have been using night-vision, as it circled over the valley.


Mary related to SPI that when she was growing up she had many nightmares, especially in her Mum and Dad's house in Auchtermuchty. Then she moved to a cottage in Monefeith (near Dundee) where she had the most horrendous nightmares. Indeed, these nightmares became so bad, that her Mum had to wake her up as she was almost clawing her way through the bedroom walls. Growing up, Mary showed an interest in psychic and spiritual matters.

She has read Whitley Streiber's two books, Communion and Transformation. Three years ago (1994) she started a subscription to Flying Saucer Review. She also likes the Fortean Times Magazine (a journal of strange phenomena).

She was quick to point out however, that reading all these magazines and books had nothing at all to do with her own and her friend's UFO sighting. "This really did happen," she said." I am not making it up"..

Mary went on to discuss her friend Sharon Coul. "Sharon," Mary said, "is a good friend to talk to". She went on to say that she had stayed with Sharon one particular night, and that night they could both feel these 'presence's', so much so, she said, that if one comes close to you, you feel yourself going really icy cold, even if you are sitting next to a radiator. She also related that on one occasion, the hairs on the backs of their hands would stick up. "It was like static electricity," she said. Sharon's dog was also a bit upset by the 'presence's' in the room. The following morning as both she and Sharon were having a cup of tea, the electricity went off, the main switch had been switched off. They were both perplexed as to how this could have happened.


  1. Mary refused SPI's help of hypnotherapy in an effort to see if there was any more hidden subconscious information. We did inform her about the pitfalls of hypnosis and said to her that it wasn't the best of tools. However, we did say the final decision on whether to use it or not would be hers. Mary felt that she didn't want to explore this avenue. However, she did accept counseling, and SPI put her in touch with an expert and qualified counselor. (Not Quest International, I hasten to add. UFO MAGAZINE said it was they who had got the witness a counselor. Not so. It was SPI).
  2. Sadly Mary refused to let SPI have access to any of her son's drawings. He had drawn a lot on our visit, of the craft that he saw, and also the 'beings' that he saw. None of this was given over to SPI.

  4. UFO sighting account forms were left for the witness and her son. She promised to complete these and return them, but we never received these forms back.
  5. Essentially SPI have no written confirmation or drawings by any of the witnesses. Thankfully we do have an audio recording of our visit that night.

  7. Mary explained to SPI that when she was sitting in the car looking at all these small 'beings' in the woods, she experienced the sensation that something was standing outside, near the car. She then experienced the feeling of someone holding or forcing her head back and felt as if she was lying on her side, but she told SPI that she was in a sitting position in the car. She describes this episode as "really bizarre".
  8. The witnesses now feel that they have told their story, and they no longer wish to discuss it anymore. They now want peace and quiet. This is a great pity, but a decision we must respect. There are indeed a number of unanswered questions, points we would like cleared up, but due to the witnesses refusing any further co-operation, we sadly cannot answer those points.

6. Mary has left her Fife home, and now lives with her husband and family in Wales. This move of house was planned prior to these UFO events and not because of them.


We learned about this case from Garry Wood, a UFO abductee from Edinburgh who has assisted SPI a great deal with cases over the years. Garry's own case is incredible in itself, and we thank him for letting us know about this one.

Garry informed Malcolm Robinson of some of the information that he had obtained through a lady called Sharon Coul who lived in the Fife area. Sharon was a friend of one of the witnesses to this case and had spoken to Garry about it. Garry had also informed me that QUEST INTERNATIONAL were now on the case, and that Tony Dodd was the main investigator dealing with it. I quickly phoned Tony Dodd and asked him if he could tell me anything about the case. Indeed I wanted to know as much as possible. Unfortunately, Tony refused to tell me anything about it, due, he said, to witness confidentiality, which I must admit, I had no qualms about. This I respect. Indeed, we at SPI would also follow the same guidelines should a similar case come about (if the witness requested it !). I thanked Tony for his help and asked him to let me know as much as possible about this case on completion of his study.

Tony had informed me that he had put a Scottish member and investigator of QUEST onto this case, one Brian Rooney. My next call was to Sharon Coul herself, Garry's informant. Sharon was very helpful, but could not put me in direct contact with her friend who had experienced this strange event as she was still very traumatised . However, she did say that she would telephone her friend, tell her all about me, and see if she would perhaps call me direct. I thanked her for this and put down the phone. A very short while later I received a phone call from one Mary Morrison (pseudonym), Sharon's friend and UFO witness. She was on the phone to me for a very long time indeed, explaining all about what had happened. As she continued recounting her experiences to me, with every sentence it was becoming apparent that this case was not only very big, but could possibly be the biggest case of its kind ever to have occurred in Scotland, perhaps even surpassing the Garry Wood A70 case.

Mary told me about marks on the ground, small grey 'aliens', cocoons, 'creatures' in her home, and a whole host of strange and puzzling events. By the time she had finished talking with me, it would be fair to say that I myself was more than a little shocked. I was honestly stunned by this startling information. I promised Mary that SPI would help her as much as we could, and would ensure a proper and thorough investigation. Her reply was that she would be happy to continue talking with SPI, but more than anything, she desired counseling. She just had to talk to someone, a professional person with a medical background, about what she had seen, and indeed was still seeing (!). I promised Mary that I would find her someone to go to, and, true to my word, I put her in touch with a professional counselor (name on SPI's files)

(As it turned out she didn’t actually go through with this counseling)



I again contacted Tony Dodd and informed him that I now had the telephone number of Mary Morrison, one of the witnesses. He was most surprised at this as he was sure that she wouldn't talk to anyone else, but I explained that she really needed help and was prepared to talk to anyone who could offer this. I then asked Tony to assist SPI, by giving us all the information he currently had, including any photographs or drawings. He replied that he couldn't do so at the moment as all this material was required to assist in the writing up of a case report on this event for UFO MAGAZINE. The published report about this incident has since come out, but as yet SPI has not received any information which could assist us in compiling our own report, and also in continuing our own investigations.

I then telephoned a local police station in the area and requested information about any members of the public that might have phoned their station on the night of the incident, perhaps relating their own sighting. After checking his records, he informed me that no members of the public had phoned their station, and he was not aware of any such reports over the past several months. I left him with my name and address to contact me should he become aware of any such UFO witnesses. I then wrote a letter detailing my request to the main police office in nearby Glenrothes. In their reply (see appendix), they stated that they were not aware of any UFO incidents in the area.

Letters were also sent to the various airports in Scotland asking them if they had any air-traffic in the area on the night in question. Calls received from these airports stated that they had no air-traffic in my specified area. I await written confirmation from the airports to this effect. (We received a few letters back, on file with SPI)
A letter to the British Ministry of Defence was also sent at the time of this report, but no reply has been received. Other lines of enquiry are being looked into.


Because this was proving to be such a big case, I took the step of contacting four other Scots UFOlogists in order to ask them if their own group had any reports concerning UFO activity in or around the date in question. Those UFOlogists were Ron Halliday of the Scottish Earth Mystery Research group. Ron had no cases near our date. George Niedzwiedz of Eyemouth near Berwick also said that he had none. John Jenkins of Pennicuick, West Lothian submitted a case, but this was not near our own specified date. David Colman of Lothian Borders Research informed SPI that he was aware of two cases near the date. This information is currently being looked into by SPI.


Due to work commitments by not only myself, but Billy Devlin and Iain Connon, we were unable to quickly go to the specified areas where the events took place. However, Garry Wood has visited these areas on several occasions. SPI finally paid a visit to the three specified areas in January 1997. Malcolm Robinson, Billy Devlin, Stephen Black, and channeller Graham Wylie went over the areas in question, but no physical ground traces were found or noticed. However we did find a white fibrous substance at various areas which we now conclude to be a normal product of the area, though we await the tests done by Quest International to confirm this. Channeller Graham Wylie felt (as we all did) a negative feeling at one location. Later, Graham performed a "cleansing ceremony" at one site and he now feels that these 'beings' won't be back !! SPI aim to return to these locations on further dates to go over the ground at great length, or to ensure that we haven't missed anything.


Without a shadow of a doubt, this case is truly puzzling, and has all the elements of what must be the biggest UFO event ever to have occurred in Scotland (perhaps even surpassing the A70 UFO abduction case which occurred to Garry Wood and his friend Colin Wright) Sadly in the Fife case, the witnesses have refrained from giving any more interviews to UFO investigators, which is a great shame, but something that we must respect.

This does not mean to say that the case is false or did not happen. The witnesses have told their story and would now rather forget it. I'm sure the sceptics will love this !!!

Linda Moulton Howe, the cattle mutilation and abduction expert, phoned Malcolm Robinson from America and was speaking about this case with him for just under two hours. She gave SPI a few tips about how to go about dealing with a case as big as this, for which SPI thanked her.

Malcolm did an interview with the Herald, one of Scotland's major newspapers. Upon publication, many other newspapers phoned Malcolm and asked him to do an interview. The Fife Free Press, one of several papers in the Fife area, did an extremely large piece about this case. Thankfully, they placed his phone number and address in the article. This brought forward several other witnesses who have also seen strange triangular craft in the Fife skies. Sadly, no one phoned who saw anything on the night in question. One witness wrote to Mr Robinson and informed him that she saw two air force jets pursuing a dull grey disk shaped object in the sky !! Investigations are still ongoing into this most impressive case, and we feel that this case should be brought to your attention. UFOlogy is for the people, and people should become aware of what's going on, and in this regard, we submit this case for your attention. We hope you find it of interest.

Malcolm Robinson, Alloa, Central Scotland, February 1997. (c)





I wrote another article later on that year (1997) of which I had reservations about the Fife Case being genuine. This too, caused much controversy and I feature it below so you that you the reader can again gauge how things were shaping up at this time concerning our feelings and Investigation into the Fife Case. I have only deleted those parts which basically tell the story of the Fife Case (as you have read those parts above) The parts of this article that I presume caused uproar are I guess the parts that I now feature below. Again, another major thing, Does the headline below say that Malcolm Robinson believes the Fife Incident to be a hoax !! No it does not. Dave Colman maintains I said it was a hoax. I never did, I maintained as the 1997 article in part relates that it ‘could be’ which is a major and vast difference.



R eaders of our SPI web site and also readers of UFO magazines will no doubt have been aware of a major UFO incident which occurred in Scotland back in September 23rd 1996. This incident has been referred to by SPI as the 'Fife Incident', and contains accounts not only of large black triangular craft being seen by the four witnesses, but also many small grey 'creatures' as well. Undoubtedly this case stood head and shoulders above the many other UFO cases that had been reported in Scotland throughout the years, and as such, was probably Scotland's biggest UFO case ever, (surpassing even the famous Robert Taylor Incident in Dechmont Woods near Livingston West Lothian back in 1979).



Prior to SPI becoming involved, Quest International dispatched a Scottish researcher who took soil samples and photographs. I wrote this case up for a number of British and overseas UFO magazines, (with the permission of the witnesses ensuring that no real names or locations were given). I also assisted BBC 2 on a documentary about this case, (January 1998). At the time, I was as sure as I can ever be, that Mary Morrison was telling me the truth. One may never know for certain, of course. You can have someone tell you something with confidence and clarity, but they might be lying through their teeth. I did not think that Mary Morrison was lying to me, (or her 1O year old son). So what has happened for me to change my views on this ? Firstly though, I'd like to make very clear a few important points regarding this case which some researchers have taken me to task about, so let me make these points clear. They are:-


  1. The witnesses have never ever, at any point in time, either spoken to me or written to me, to tell me that they were unhappy by my write-up of their experience. I say again, at no time have they contacted me saying they were displeased by my write-up. The only person to have said to me that the witnesses were displeased was another Scottish researcher by the name of David Colman, who also part-assisted on this case. Why did the witnesses (if they were displeased) not come to me directly and say so ? If you, the reader of this article, were displeased with someone, wouldn't you tell them yourself, rather than get someone many miles from you to do it for you !!!



b.) I guaranteed absolute anonymity to these witnesses, I did not use their real names in my report, and I did not give the true location where it happened either. Someone else gave away this location. I actually lied to many press agencies when they were hounding me to tell them where this happened. I lied and told them that it happened near the small town of Kennoway in Fife, (it happened nowhere near there), such was my desire to keep true to my word and not disclose the true location.



c.) I wrote (enclosing a stamped addressed envelope) to the witnesses asking them if it was true that they were unhappy by the SPI report of their case. They never ever replied. I wrote twice more, no replies either.



d.) SPI were not the only research group to write about this case. David Colman did a write up in his own UFO magazine. Ron Halliday has written about this case in his excellent book 'UFOs--The Scottish Dimension' (Scottish Paranormal Press, 4 Linden Avenue, Stirling ,Scotland FK7 7PG, price £9:95). My only gripe about it was Ron never mentioning the fact that SPI had researched this case , so therefore the reader is left thinking that Ron did an excellent job on this case when in point of fact, he never researched it, he only commented on it. !!! The Fife case has also been commented on and written about by many other UFOlogists. Why were they not being told off by the witnesses or for that matter Dave Colman ???



e.) According to David Colman, I was asked by the witnesses not to talk about this case to a BUFORA International UFO Congress in Sheffield last year . Why did the witnesses not tell me this direct, why go through Colman, something didn't seem right. I wrote to the witnesses asking them if this was correct, they never replied. Because of my acceptance of the BUFORA Code of Practice as far as witnesses go, I did not speak about this case in Sheffield even although it was now common knowledge and had been the subject of many a newspaper and radio piece. 'strange' !!!!!



f.) My report on the 'Fife Incident' is 1OO% true, why ? Because it is word for word taken from the audio-taped account that witness Mary Morrison gave me. Everything in my report was taken from that audio tape. And because I know this to be true, I am prepared to give £1,OOO to any person who says otherwise and can show me, without any problem, that there is in that report any false recounting of the witness testimony.



g.) An exhaustive Investigation was undertaken by SPI to try and find a rational solution to this case. Checks with Airports, the police, the Met Office, the M.o.D. and various other agencies were taken, none of which shed any real light to explain this case. (Letters on file and available to serious researchers)



  1. Mary Morrison was a subscriber to a number of UFO publications prior to her UFO sighting, (including F.S.R. Flying Saucer Review, and also Alien Encounters.) So therefore Mary was 'clued up' on the whole UFO issue and knew exactly what UFOs and their respective 'creatures' looked like.




(i)The witness, on her own admission, bought a copy of a UFO magazine whilst on her trip out to buy the jar of coffee. This in itself does not prove anything, but is interesting to note.



J) Is it within the bounds of credibility, that 'perhaps' (please note that I state perhaps) her sighting did not occur and she concocted it with the others to test the gullibility of UFO researchers or just to see how far the story would go. Admittedly, she didn't seek publicity and one knows that there can be many reasons why people tell lies or spread 'disinformation'. Again admittedly, we'll never know for sure if indeed this was the case here.

But could this whole case just be a UFO Cottingly Fairy story that went too far, hence their reluctance to speak any further about it? And do remember that I have written several times to these witnesses, not only asking them for more information, but also asking them if they were, or were not, happy with the SPI case report. We know that no replies were ever forthcoming. They might not have known the full extent of how big the UFO issue really is in this country, and their make-believe story, (if that is what it truly was) reached uncontrollable proportions and swelled across the globe (which it did). Better to say nothing perhaps lest they have to come clean !!!


There are further points to which I could relate, suffice it to say, that the above are the most relevant ones, and ones which do require to be addressed in the sceptical climate that has been spoken about them.



I have now some very strong reservations about this case. I accept the fact that some witnesses do see things and refuse to discuss it any further with researchers, but something doesn't quite sit right with me on this one. At the moment, I feel that I may never speak publicly about this case again, this after all the time, expense, and effort that I and others in SPI have put into it. Robert Moore Editor of the BUFORA BULLETIN, was going to do a major write-up of this case in an upcoming issue, but had to drop this due to another contributing writer, (Kevin McClure) stating that he could not get in touch with the witnesses to find out if their testimony were true, and as such, felt that a major piece on this case could not be written without input of some description from the witnesses.


At the end of the day, I accept that witnesses come first, hence I never gave their true names away or the true location of the incident, (which is now well known). But even so, a letter from one of the witnesses would have cleared up many issues relating to what was right or wrong. The silence was deafening and somewhat surprising.


The 'Fife Incident' then, is one of the most perplexing cases that I have ever worked on and I would dearly have loved to have found out more, but sadly I never got the chance to do so. Until such times as the witnesses decide to come forward and give more information, ( I can assure them I will not divulge their true identities or home address), then we have to say that this case is suspicious. I've had these feelings for some time now but never written them down, and it was only the recent E-mail from Robert Moore which jolted me into action and writing on how I now felt. I don't think that I am wrong to harbour these suspicions, an honest researcher must state how they feel, even if others may now come down on my back.


Another point which 'must' be stated here, is the fact that SPI uncovered a number of other independent UFO cases in and around this same area before, during, and after the initial 'Fife Incident', a fact easily confirmed by another fellow Scottish researcher, Sharon Coul, so one should bear this in mind. !


UFO sightings may be about witnesses, we record what they tell us as we haven't a UFO to study. The study of the witness is equally important and I suggest that fellow researchers use in their investigations, the Anamnesis Form, devised in 198O by the late Ken Phillips. (Contact Malcolm Robinson to obtain one of these forms) This form looks more at the witness than at what they in point of fact saw. It is a careful evaluation of the witness asking over 6O questions relating to not only their beliefs, but to other aspects of their life as well. This form was also devised by Dr Alexander Keul of Salzburg University. People exaggerate, people sometimes elaborate and put arms and legs on stories to spice them up and look more enticing, but was this the case here? I guess we'll never 'really' know, all I can say with any certainty, is that for the first time in any UFO case I have my doubts about a case being genuine.

Malcolm Robinson, March 1997





It was not only I that had reservations about the Fife Incident being genuine, fellow researcher Brian Allan wrote the following piece only a few years ago, this, in ‘part’, is what he had to say.

There are many puzzling aspects to this case not least the fact that checks with the M.o.D, the Met Office, police and airports shed no light on the accounts. All the evidence we have is either entirely anecdotal, or totally apocryphal. Whatever, it is not the best foundation for a solid case. Other points to note are,


  1. Mary subscribed to a number of UFO periodicals prior to her sighting. These included ‘Flying Saucer Review’ and ‘Alien Encounters’. She also avidly read accounts of alleged sightings and encounters in the press. One should remember that around this time there was a considerable amount of high profile coverage of the alleged sightings at the Scottish village of Bonnybridge. Although this in itself does not preclude a UFO aficionado from experiencing an encounter, it does nevertheless tend to do one of two things. Either, because the witness is familiar with UFO lore, then they would make an excellent subject, or, because of this very familiarity they could concoct an excellent fabrication. I do not say that this is the case, but it does fuel doubt.


Mary on her own admission bought a UFO magazine on the night of the alleged encounter. Again this is in itself meaningless, but it is interesting to note.

The points raised do not, as I noted, mean that the alleged events did not occur, but they do create a need to tread carefully and view the evidence (such as it is) with detachment. There is a feeling about the case that maybe, just maybe, it exemplifies a hoax that got out of hand and the instigators had in effect ‘painted themselves into a corner’. They were in a position, where, because of the attention they were receiving unable subsequently to deny it. If on the other hand it is true, then the witnesses were extremely fortunate to have experienced an encounter of this kind. For myself, I have to state categorically that I have deep reservations about the case.

Brian Allan (SPI Scotland)

Following on from my initial article featured in a previous SPI web site, I wrote another piece which again is reprinted here again so that you the reader can get the full picture of the events regarding the Fife Incident. Again, read the headline, it states is it a hoax with question marks. Not as David Colman would have you believe it is a hoax. If David can’t spot this then what chance do we have ! (Article below from 1997)





R eaders who regularly visit the SPI web site, will have no doubt have seen my comments on a major UFO case that occurred in Scotland back in September 1996, which I've termed the 'Fife Incident'. I won't go into all the details here again, suffice it to say, you may go back to the web site where you will find the full report. I mentioned the fact that the witnesses 'might', (and I stress 'might'), have concocted the story as a joke, never foreseeing for one minute the immense consequences this joke might incur. But what would prompt that joke ? What would give them the impetus to create an elaborate hoax, (if hoax it was)? Well I would like to present a few facts here, which might, or might not, as the case may be, be relevant to my deliberations on this matter. I could be entirely wrong, or I could be entirely correct, but without discussion and thought on the matter, (as is the case with most UFO incidents), we won't ever get to the truth.

In my last writings on this matter, I mentioned that the witnesses may have been aware of some of the UFO sightings that had appeared in the area and decided that they too wanted in on the action, (although admittedly they did not seek public notoriety on the issue). I was aware myself at that time of 'some' UFO sightings in that area, and local UFOlogist Sharron Coul had reliably informed me of some of them. However, it wasn't until fairly recently that I requested from Southampton UFOlogist Steve Gerrard some of his many press cuttings relating to UFO sightings from Scotland (more so from the Fife area), that I began to see that these press reports could provide the possible stimulus for the idea.


I will now present some segments out of some of the local Fife newspapers which 'might' have given rise to and prompted the notion of a practical joke. Our first press report comes in fact from the Aberdeen Press & Journal Newspaper, although they had obtained this information from one of the Fife Newspapers. Remember the 'Fife Incident' occurred on the 23rd of September 1996.






A nother Fife man claims to have seen a UFO only days after a similar sighting was reported in Dundee and Glenrothes. Mark McRobbie (24) says he watched two identical triangular lights travel at an amazing speed across the sky a few weeks ago. "It was about 11pm and I was sitting at home watching T.V. with the curtains open when something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye," said Mark. "There were two objects, one was over the primary school, and the other was over Clunie Woods. They both looked identical and had a white glow and made no sound. Visually they looked about 3 inches long but they were several miles away. I ran upstairs to get a better look and watched them hover for about 40 seconds. Then the one over the school darted across the sky without a sound, travelling what must have been miles in only a few seconds, and joined the other one over the woods. The last I saw of them was when they both disappeared down behind 'the trees'."

As we know from the 'Fife Incident', the witnesses claimed to have seen a large black triangular shaped object in the sky which moved very fast, plus the fact that many other strange incidents occurred in and around some woods near Newton Of Falkland in Fife. The Aberdeen Press & Journal can be obtained from newsagents in Fife so they could have ‘possibly’ been aware of this story.






I t's been a hot summer for tourists in Kirkcaldy this year. Initial indications suggest the 'Lang Toun' and its surrounding area proved to be a bigger tourist trap in 1996 than in previous years, and according to one worker at Kirkcaldy's Tourist Information Office, visitors reckon the area's attractions are simply "out of this world". "Some people asked where they could go to see the UFOs," said the assistant who discovered that the potential travellers had heard of recent news reports surrounding strange objects in the skies above Kirkcaldy, and she revealed, "We referred them to the Fife Free Press office and they called back to book accommodation".

The assistant explained that over a very busy summer, enquiry’s had come in from as far afield as Russia, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates.

Again we can see from the above press report that UFOs were big news in the Kingdom of Fife during 1996, so much so, that news regarding them had spread far afield. It was the 'talk of the town' so to speak. Indeed, even before I became aware of the 'Fife Incident', I had investigated a very interesting UFO case which occurred near the town of Glenrothes in Fife in which 2 large,bright balls of light travelled swiftly towards and over the roof of a car in which 2 men were I driving late one evening. This culminated in strange tubular lights being witnessed by both these men above the grass verge at the road side. Admittedly this particular case was not featured in the press.





O nly a day after reports of the Douglas area of Dundee being buzzed by a UFO, a man from Glenrothes came forward with his tale of a similar experience. Edward Preston was standing outside his house at around 9pm last Sunday. "I was watching the sky in the west trying to catch a glimpse of the planet Jupiter when I noticed it. The shape caught my attention first of all, a perfectly equilateral triangle. I've seen jets before and none of them are perfect triangles, the cockpit normally juts out, but this was like nothing that I've ever seen before. It wasn't matt grey, because I could make out the texture on the bottom with my binoculars. The aircraft, or whatever it was, moved from the west to the east over my house, the sighting only lasting about 8 to 10 seconds because I called my wife when it first came into view, but by the time she had got outside it was disappearing in the distance"


"Because I don't know the size of the craft I can only guess, but it would appear to have been flying at about 1000 feet. This was one of the things that struck me as strange, especially as the craft did not make a sound. It was not a case of seeing strange lights because there were no lights to be seen on the craft, the only reason I spotted it at all, was because it was a beautifully clear night and the moon was shining right on it." A spokesman from RAF Leuchars said today that they had no aircraft over Glenrothes at that time on Sunday night. This sighting was reported only a day after lights spotted over Douglas, and only a month after a strange light was reported in the sky over Arbroath, and follows numerous unexplained sightings of lights over Tayside and Fife earlier in the year.

So, dear reader, were these UFO press reports (and others), the stimulus which gave the idea to the witnesses in the 'Fife Incident' to concoct a story ?? Well like I've said before, I guess we'll never really know for sure as the witnesses have refused to become any further involved with their case. Admittedly, and I must say it again, they did not seek publicity, but their story leaked out and eventually found its way to me. Of course we can look at it another way here. The above press reports (and others) may only serve to confirm the witnesses' claims of UFO activity in their area, and so 'enhances' their claim that what in fact they saw, other people were seeing as well. Let us not forget this fact.


At the end of the day, as a researcher, I must present all the facts, no matter how uncomfortable those facts may be. I must see fit to present all and any facts of a case to you, the enquiring individual, and not present only those facts, which would benefit and fuel your enquiring mind. I come in for a lot of stick in regards to my own thoughts and writings on UFOlogy, but I only do it for the betterment of the subject. We have to look at all UFO cases from ALL angles, and not the angles that may suit our own needs and desires. The 'Fife Incident' then is a case in which we must leave the back door open in regards to other ideas and opinions. Is it a hoax ?? At the moment the jury is out. I ask you to weigh up all those options and question things yourself, for without an open and enquiring mind we may never uncover what is behind this elusive phenomenon.

(My thanks to Steve Gerrard for sending on those Scottish UFO press reports).



So that was how I wrote the Fife Incident up back in 1997. Have my opinions changed as to whether the case is a hoax or not ! Well honestly I really don’t know, here in 2003 I am sitting on the fence. It’s such a shame that the witnesses didn’t meet up with SPI for further talks, we could have gained so much more and been in a better position to determine the truth of the matter. It’s very important to re-iterate that after many many letters to the witnesses asking them to meet for further interviews, we didn’t get any replies. Not even a reply to say Please don’t contact us any more. We did say to the mother of the small son of whom we interviewed that we would be writing this case up hoping that it might generate more people to come forward who might also have seen the events of that night. We stressed that we would give them a false name and not state where in Fife they lived, hence I lied to the press for the first time in my life. (Copy of that newspaper can be sent to any serious inquisitive researcher to back up my claims.) The headline stated UFO lands Near Kennoway, I lied and said that’s where it occurred to ensure no one from the press went snooping in the area where it really did happen and try and find our witnesses.





This case really didn’t come ‘back’ into the public domain until the end of August 2003 when David Colman began to make statements about the SPI handling of this case. Prior to this however, on the 14th of January 2002 I received through the post from Larry Dean the gentleman who received the original phone call from Mary Morrison on that fateful night back in September 1996, numerous documents/statements, some original hand-written testimony from not only Mary Morrison of whom SPI had spoken in person to, but original hand-written testimony from Jane (Mary’s friend and whom we never got the chance to Interview). Also Peter'’ original hand written account and also Susan (Jane’s daughter). Susan’s testimony was very little and just mentioned a very few salient points and was nothing like the long text of her mother.


Anyway, for the very first time anywhere, what follows is word for word the exact text as written by (ALL) the witnesses in this incredible case. We start firstly with the testimony of Mary Morrison herself. This is how she recorded it on a BUFORA (!) UFO Witness Account Form.






"Travelling to shop at Freuchie with my friend ‘Jane and son Peter to but coffee. Just leaving Newton of Falkland I see a very large bright white light above some trees around a farmhouse on the left-hand side of the road. It was stationary which I thought very odd, as it didn’t move at all. As we got closer I realised that there were two massive lights not just one. They were then pointing at the ground as if searching for something. I said to Jane, "Look at those funny lights on that aeroplane". I wanted to know if she would see what I seemed to be seeing. She looked and replied, " Mary that’s not a plane". By this time we were close enough to see that it was a very large craft."


"I stopped the car at the entrance (open) into the field parallel to the craft. I got out the car, and, standing by the driver’s door looked at the craft. I saw a large black triangular craft, which was silent. The large white lights were no longer pointing at the field and appeared to have been dimmed. There was the noise of an aircraft behind me but nothing from the craft, which was banking round and levelling out in front of me. There was a red light at the corners of the craft and two others went on in each corner making a total of three in each. I got back in the car saying that it must be a plane even though it obviously wasn’t. Then we all got out of the car and stood at the edge of the field to watch. We were very excited and couldn’t understand why none of the cars passing seemed to notice it. I told Jane that apparently if you waved to a UFO then it would maybe signal back. By this time the craft had moved slowly further away from us with only it’s red lights on. At one point I changed my car lights from main to dip or vice versa and the craft flashed back to us. We decided to continue to the shop, we were extremely excited. I said that this sighting was important and we had to report it and asked my son the time. It was 8:05pm. As we left, the craft flashed it’s lights. Returning from Freuchie, Jane and Peter were watching to see if they could see it again. They saw it. I stopped the car, it came towards us very fast lighting up. My son went into hysterics and the craft ‘jumped’ back into the distance. This was about 8:20pm/8:25pm. Continuing to Falkland we telephoned SKYSEARCH from Falkland then returned to Jane’s house and told Susan her 15-year-old daughter what we had seen. She wanted to see it so we went back leaving about 9:45pm. (Peter said he would be OK)"


"We didn’t see the craft, but an intense white large light in the woods on our left and a huge blue glow in and above the trees. I drove onto a narrow back road which goes from Freuchie to Dunshalt to see if we could see it better from the other side, (I’ve just realised how dangerous this sounds!) There, I stopped the car and we watched a white light as we’d already seen (like a star) and could see a blue glow in the trees to the right. Jane and Susan said there were other ‘stars’ in the air all around us. We then saw the silhouettes of ‘beings’ at the base of the ‘star’. One tall and at least three short. They were moving and leaving and returning to the field of light. We also saw ‘beings’ silhouetted in the blue glow, they were also moving. The others…………."

(My photo copy of Mary’s report was squint and some of the text was off the page so some of the following sentences may not read quite correct)

"coloured beams of light coming from the star. Jane and Peter were so moved by them they were crying. At this time I was looking into the white light and could see it ‘pulsing’ occasionally. It would grow brighter and larger then sometimes fade away to look like a dull orange spikey ball. Then I saw the light beams too. They were emitted from the tip of the ‘star’ not the center. They went right up into the sky like a laser beam widening as they ascended. They were red blue and green, not solid beams, but opaque or translucent. We returned to Falkland once again phoning SKYSEARCH when we were advised to return with binoculars/cameras if possible. At about 11:00pm Jane’s brother visited her. We told him what had occurred and he said he’d loan us his binoculars. Travelling to this home at ****deleted*** the others in the car were saying that there were lots of ‘stars’ following us in the air. I could see one on the hill to the right of the radio masts which was flashing in bursts. Returning from ***deleted*** we were not apparently followed in this manner. We drove on through Freuchie till just before the Newton of Falkland. I stopped the car opposite an opening between a stone wall and the hedge. We could observe again the first ‘star’ and the huge blue glow without the binoculars. I could see a tall ‘being’ to the right of the ‘star’. He had his back to it with his right side towards us, his profile showed an enlarged cranium towards the rear of his head which wasn’t so apparent when he faced towards us. He was brown with a hint of orange."

"Between him and the ‘star’ was a small round object the same colour as him on the ground, which was nearer the ‘star’. I could also see other ‘beings’ smaller than him silhouetted by the star. At one point, the tall one moved in front of the star and stood as if discussing something with the smaller one. The small ones seemed to be the same shape as the big ones. Jane focused the binoculars on the ‘star’ and was shocked, she said, "Wait till you see this, it’s not a star". Eventually I got a shot of the binoculars and I was just as shocked as Jane. The ‘star’ was an orange, slightly elongated ball above the ground with large dark, irregular indentations on it’s surface. It also had a black horizontal ‘opening’ (?) near it’s base. It was rotating and tilting slightly on it’s axis as it did so. Looking then at the blue glow through a gap in the trees, I could see a large black structured shape. I cannot tell what it was or it’s exact shape but the glow was behind it. There was one tall ‘being’ standing next to the trees and one quite a bit further back on the left of the clearing. There were many small ones moving fast. They were carrying boxes and cylinders and picking them up and putting them down in different places. I saw the tall being on the right of this clearing bend down and stretch out his right hand and arm towards something, then stand up again. He moved into the thicker trees to the right then returned to his original place."

"Jane used the binoculars next, then myself, then Susan then Peter then Jane again. At the end, Jane was saying "They’re coming out of the trees towards us, my God there’s hundreds of them". She’s also described these ‘beings’ as inside some sort of cocoon. Susan had agreed with her, she was able to see without the binoculars. Whilst Jane was talking about them, I could also hear Susan saying the same things. I couldn’t see anything and was feeling very panicky. Then Susan was saying "They’re here, they’re right next to us", and Jane screamed to get out of there. I had the impression of lots of large round straw bales in the opening of the field, which were very close to us. I was terrified and took off very fast. I’d left the car running with the lights on. The others were looking back. Jane and Susan saw the whole field light up in a massive blue flash, (they shouted to me about it) and Peter said he saw the sky light up in the same way at that moment."

"Back at Jane’s we all stayed in the living room, we were extremely traumatised. Jane and I didn’t sleep but the children did. It was then that I realised that the tall being in the clearing had seemed to be about half the height of the trees. On the Tuesday, Jane and Susan were describing the beings saying that their eyes were slanted. Peter said yes and they had three fingers. This I don’t understand as we were too far away even with the binoculars to make out such detail. When I spoke about the bales, Jane and Susan said "That was them, they were in those cocoon things". On passing the field there certainly wasn’t any bales at the opening and not in the numbers I ‘saw’ at the end of all our sightings before taking flight. I’d felt as though I somehow wasn’t seeing correctly and that my eyes were sort of twisting or being ‘pulled’ round. The entire episode ended very strangely indeed for me. We returned to Jane’s about 12:35pm approximately."

(Mary Morrison)

Well quite a shocking report there from Mary, and something entirely different from the usual run of the mill UFO encounter. If this is true, then clearly this must rank as the biggest UFO event ever to have occurred on British soil !



TESTIMONY OF PETER. (Mary’s ten year old son) (Original hand written testimony)


"The first time we seen the craft was where my mum seen this thing hovering over a field outside the Newton of Falkland. It had two huge lights shining down on the field. We stopped and got out of the car. As we got out we heard airplane. Then the craft turned off it’s lights and went away. The second time we seen it was when we were on the way back. It came towards us and I started screaming. When I started screaming it put off it’s lights and took off"

(Peter Morrison)

We see in Peter’s testimony above, his documentation of the initial encounter but he doesn’t relate to any of the other events of the night, certainly not in the documents submitted to me by Larry Dean. Whether Peter’s report was done with his mother in attendance I don’t know.



TESTIMONY OF JANE, (MARY’S FRIEND) (Original hand written testimony)



"On Monday evening 23rd September, my friend pointed out an aircraft in the sky. I knew instantly that it was not an airplane. We witnessed a second sighting 15 minutes later. We returned to my house and was extremely excited but a feeling of fear was present also. We returned to the place of sighting and saw a star image, which was more beautiful than anything I could ever have imagined to be. I was very overcome by emotion and a deep inner yearning to be within the whatever it was that I could see. Once again we returned to my home and returned yet again as we had to go back, none of us really wanted to return as we all experienced feelings of fear but we were drawn back."

"This time I was taken and saw and heard ‘creatures’ I would never have believed to exist. I was very angry as my friend would not stop the car quick enough for me and my personality turned very aggressive which is not normal to my nature. I know I have not underwent a hallucination as there were 4 of us present who reassured me I wasn’t crazy, but I thought to begin with that I had gone mentally disturbed. When we left the final time I was filled with an inner terror that was really traumatic. I have been shown such more beauty in the past few days that I am still trying to adjust and accept this to be true, but I know it is very real and I feel as if my purpose on Earth has a new meaning and I have been chosen for some special reason to aid to abolish all hurt and negative tendencies towards others."

"I am finding this extremely difficult to describe on paper as what I have seen is far too precious and awesome to describe in any detailed form. I just would not be giving any form of justice to the wonder of it all. I still have a slight feeling of fear but I am emotionally shocked and I know I have changed. I know what I have seen is real. I want to guide everyone towards believing that something wonderful is here and to help them understand that the world we dwell in has far more in content than they see. I don’t comprehend why or what I have to do yet but I am trying not to question why or what is to become as I can’t cope with the strain. I am telling myself to accept each opening as it occurs as it is not going to vanish, it is real, it is here, it always has been present, I have just never had the ability to acknowledge it’s presence. I still wish that it had not happened to us, I deeply resent the invasion to my life, but I am attempting to accept that this was meant to be and that I am not a lunatic of any kind"

"My friends have noticed a change in my character and I have had to tell them falsities to explain my emotional state of being. Before Monday I would have mocked anyone who witnessed what I did, as I just held no belief what so ever in anything to do with what I myself have seen. I will attempt to tell you what I have experienced".

"The craft or air-ship-whatever I am to call it, was a triangular base with an oval shape on top. It supported two incredible huge white lights that I never saw till Mary my friend drew my attention to. I knew instantly it was not normal but I wasn’t amazed, it was as if I knew it was meant to appear. The object disappeared and we drove away. We had all got out of the car, which I find odd as I know we should have been scared but we weren’t. We went to the next village to purchase coffee, the purpose we’d left my home to do. On our return we saw a light in the distance and knew it was the same object, it advanced towards us. Mary and I became over wrought with excitement, it was unbelievable. Peter Mary’s 10 year old son was filled with terror as it advanced and lit up such a beautiful show of lights, when Peter expressed his fear the lights went off and the object backed off at great speed. We went to my home and calmed Peter. We told my daughter what we had seen and returned and Peter agreed to come. We told him if his fear returned we would leave immediately. This is when we saw the ‘stars’. (I know they weren’t stars but at this time I believed them to be). They were brighter than any light I have ever seen before and so beautiful. There were beams of red and green light being thrust up into the sky. I was so overcome with emotion that I cried at their beauty as did Peter."

"I was hanging out the car window shouting that they were beautiful, it was wondrous. There were ‘beings’ under the star shapes that I knew were not humans. One tall brown one and small grey ones were present. We returned to my home, I borrowed binoculars from my brother and we all returned for the final experience. This is when I got taken by the creatures. I looked at the one remaining star through the binoculars and saw what it really was. There was a brown textured transparent circular cocooned object with small beings inside it. There was an orange ball of light behind the circular object and a round light at the right hand side and a brown tall ‘being’ standing there. To the left of this there was a spacecraft and these creatures were going in and out of the craft carrying boxes and canisters. There were ‘beings’ coming towards us in illuminous egg shaped cocoons. In between this I was taken over and the brown one was in charge. The small ones communicated in a dolphin like sound, they were kind of joyous to watch."

"I didn’t feel fear. I was in the car and was terrorised and screamed at Mary to leave. I have seen more since. I saw a land that wasn’t our land, it was an extremely emotional experience. Mary was with me but could not see anything apart from a grey sky. I wish she had been allowed to see it. I knew I had to go but I didn't want to leave. I was filled with love for here and there but the love for what I saw was deeper but I couldn't leave the ones I loved here. I wasn't ready but oh my God I can't tell you how much I wanted to go. I feel as if I am going crazy as I recall all the happenings but it was there. I was filled with such longing and love, I was crying and wanting to go but I didn't want to leave my children behind. The following evening I saw a monitor on the bedroom ceiling and there were different ‘beings’'. I told them I believed they were there but please leave me I’m too mentally and physically exhausted to cope with any more. They took me to sleep as I felt they came with me. I know that a presence is around me all the time. I am attempting to the best of my ability to accept all this. It is so difficult to readjust into this new way, but I know it is really there. I aplogise if this does not sound clear but I have tried my best to enlighten you of my experiences".


Well again wow. !!! None of this was known to me until last year 2002 and stands head and shoulders above what I originally had from Mary Morrison and her son. This testimony from Jane, (as one can see from the text above) is emotional, it’s written with intensity, and one clearly gets the feeling loud and clear of a woman who is either telling it as it is, or is spinning a yarn fashioned with UFO terminology such like ‘space craft’, ‘dolphin like sound’ ‘wanting to go with them to their ‘wondrous land’. That said though, this should not in any way detract from what could well be a true experience. To see something as amazing as this must have been incredible. How would ‘You’ put this down in words, it must be hard. Jane claims in her testimony above that she was ‘taken’ and yet as far as the others were concerned, she was right there in the car with them all along. Seasoned UFO researchers will be reminded of the Australian UFO case which centered around one Maureen Puddy ( a repeater abductee) who took some UFOlogists out in her car as she was going to meet ‘aliens’. They stopped the car and Maureen said "They’re here". Both UFOlogists saw nothing and Maureen slumped in her seat afterwhich she came too and said she was ‘taken’. Was something similar in operation here in the Fife case !! Will we ever know. ! Jane also states above that she found herself in a wonderful land along with Mary. ! It is such a shame that SPI did not have the opportunity to interview Jane about her own experience that night, we could have asked so much more questions. Jane’s report (as with Mary and Peter’s, has drawings of the object and the small ‘beings’). Jane’s testimony is certainly an emotional piece of ‘something’ that has affected her with intensity.


I also received from Larry Dean, the original hand written UFO sighting Account Form of Susan, Jane’s daughter but it contained no long text of her experience at all. Just minimal words in the boxes of the form asking for relevant details






O.K. it’s now time to look at some of the other claims coming from researcher David Colman.







Oh dear sounds true eh! Especially as we only had one visit with two of the witnesses. OK let’s have a look at this statement shall we. We, that is SPI, learned of this case through Sharon Coull a local UFO enthusiast who mentioned that Garry Wood who I interviewed for a major UFO Incident that occurred to him, was dealing in part with this Fife Case with Sharon. I remember my long phone calls with Sharon at that time and asked if SPI could become involved. A few days later Sharon called and said that Mrs Mary Morrison had agreed to meet up with SPI to discuss the incidents. Now please will you bear this in mind.

(a) I stated to Mary quite categorically that I would use this report in our SPI magazine of that time ENIGMAS, but I would give all witnesses a false name and not mention where in Fife the incident occurred. SHE WAS ENTIRELY HAPPY WITH THIS AND SAID SO TO ALL. The reason I gave Mary for me doing a report on this case, was because it might illicit more response from the local people and we might gain more witnesses to substantiate her claims. With me so far, have you any problems with this reader !

After the first visit Mary moved house down to Wales and we didn’t have a contact number for her. She had all SPI details and never, I repeat never (and let’s stick in a ever) spoke, phoned, wrote to SPI saying that she wasn’t happy with our write up on the case. She never said I am booting you off the case and turning to another. There was absolutely no communication ever again from Mary Morrison to SPI, just it would seem, though Dave Colman.





While I readily agree with Dave Colman’s sentiments above. As I’ve stated above, we ensured that the witnesses would not be identified by real name or real location. SPI did go to the media for the reasons explained above, and wait for it……….due to going to the media MORE UFO reports were forthcoming. Has the reader a problem with this !





This is David’s biggest grudge. So let me explain this one. The statement above was true at the time of the SPI Interview conducted with witness Mary Morrison. We didn’t know that Dave Colman was waiting round the corner to get involved. If we did, I wouldn’t have written the statement above. So it was true at the time. I am the only Scottish researcher ever to have helped Dave with this case. I turned over to him my entire fife files, press reports, other UFO sightings, and a copy of the interview we did with Mary and her son. Admittedly I charged him £6:00, but that was to cover all the photocopying costs. David thanked me for this in an e-mail submitted to Malcolm Robinson dated 20th October 2003. (Copy on file) I asked David to return the favour when his report was finished, since 1997 I have received no such report from Dave and I am still waiting for this.





Wow, another big statement from the man that knows ! At no time during the interview with Mary or her son did she stop to complain or say ‘that’s it. Indeed, I was conscious of the time marching on and didn’t want to keep her any longer and terminated the interview when I had so many more questions to ask her. The above is Dave’s opinion and that’s fair enough. But it is so wrong it’s beyond belief.




Wait for it…….TRUE, completely and utterly TRUE. I have said many times that the information about the Fife Case was based on only one visit, I have never said otherwise, to say otherwise would be to lie. We only paid ONE visit. Admittedly in that ONE visit we still managed to cover a heck of a lot of ground all captured on audio tape the base-core facts of the initial encounter and subsequent reports. Plus some of the information was also gleamed from discussions that I had on the phone with witness Mary Morrison. So the SPI report is as true as the day is long with the facts related by Mother and son. Nobody knows the full extent of the Fife Incident because David hasn’t submitted his own case report of the events I haven’t seen his account (has anyone else !) If he has finished his report since 1997, and one would presume so, then please let the public see it please.



(6) SPI ‘BADGERED’ THE WEE BOY. (Dave Colman)


Although I am not a psychologist I am not that naļve to know how to talk to a child (I have three of my own). I passed the BUFORA Investigator’s code of practice and went on to run the course for BUFORA in Scotland myself. I have been speaking to witnesses for over 20 years from young to old and I would like to think that I know how to talk to juveniles. At no time did I or anyone from SPI that night ‘badger’ as Dave puts it, the wee boy. I asked Mary his mother, if it would be OK to speak to her son, "Of course" was her reply. Again, I have audiotape proof that the interview conducted on that night, which in part features our discussion with the boy, is in no way OTT or out of place. So this statement from Dave is nonsense.





Lovely. Again, SPI did not know that Dave Colman was soon to become involved in the case as it was at this time that the witnesses we spoke to moved away. David I believe is a qualified psychiatric nurse with I’m sure, a good head on his shoulders and knows how to conduct himself, (I surmise this as I don’t really know) Fair play to Dave, he tracked down the witnesses and offered his services and they took it. But wait, did you know……that SPI just before the witnesses moved to Wales, gave the witnesses the details of another qualified practitioner who I believe Mary went to see but didn’t really like and I think he charged too much money if my memory serves me correct. SPI actually tried to get them help first sadly he wasn’t the one to help them and I’m glad that Dave did. Because one thing is for sure, she sure was frightened.





Dear dear. As stated above, all the facts gleaned from our one visit to the witness were initially put out in my written report. As for my media appearances on the Fife case which were few and far between, my statements related to the facts that were given over to me and again I respected the witnesses wishes of annonminity. Where they were skewed, Dave would need to elaborate on that one.


  1. I (Malcolm Robinson) STATED TO THE MEDIA THAT THE WHOLE THING WAS A HOAX. (Dave Colman)
  2. Where ? When ? I put out a written report (part of which is featured above that I thought it ‘might’ be a hoax but that I didn’t have any such proof to indicate that it was so, just speculation.) I never ever said it was an out an out hoax. Today (October 2003) I still don’t know. Does Dave !

  4. This I would be interested to see, show me proof Dave for until I see it I won’t believe this. I repeat my earlier statements above. At no time ever has the witnesses contacted me to complain. We are hearing this purely from one David Colman. Quite suspicious one would think.



Things were getting a bit silly between Dave and I some years ago. So on my suggestion I suggested a meeting in the town of Stirling where both Dave and I could air our views in the company of other Scottish UFOlogists. I wrote to a number of Scottish UFOlogists and most of them said that they would be happy to come along. And Dave, ?……..He called me a weak and pathetic man and refused to attend this meeting. A meeting which would have given both of us an opportunity to show our evidence. But no, Dave would have none of it. I have suggested a further meeting of minds (October 2003) and yes, you’ve guessed it. Dave refuses to attend if it is in the company of other UFOlogists and if it’s filmed. What does this tell you dear reader !!


I have reluctantly agreed to meet Dave on my own as he says this is the main condition that we meet alone and with no prying ears to hear what we have to say. What is he frightened of ? Has he got something to hide that will be unmasked in front of others ? Yes I’ll meet him alone, because at the end of the day I have nothing to hide, but does he.







I was going to finish this report on the Fife Incident with a summing up on the facts above but decided that there was one more piece of this jigsaw that you the public have never seen, and that is a word for word transcript of the Fife witness interview audio tapes. This admittedly, was the basis of my main article but it contains many aspects of the case of which the witnesses themselves state happened. Admittedly, and honestly before you read the transcript of this interview, there are certain things that you the reader need to know, and they are.


  1. We believed that we would be coming back to interview the family again and so didn’t ask so many of the questions relating to the actual main incident. At this juncture we were trying to find out about the case, but also about the witnesses themselves as well. Their life style, their belief systems, if they were deeply involved in the subject ‘prior’ to the events. The deeper questions relating to the main case were going to be asked on our second visit, and this first visit was solely for back ground data, plus we were very conscious of the fact of time, and not taking too much of the witnesses time as I know only too well that people have other things to do and we have to be aware of that. Of course, we never got that second visit for reasons that are debatable, and again, the witnesses never contacted SPI again either to say we want you back or we don’t want you back. !
  2. That said, the SPI Investigation of this case was ‘more’ than these two C-90 audio tapes, they were also the result of interviews with Mary over the phone, and Mary called me and I called her several times about certain key issues of the case.
  3. Because Garry Wood got SPI on this case through Sharon Coul, Garry is heard asking the witnesses on the audio tape, several questions, some might same leading questions and I may have to agree with that. Garry himself was one of the witnesses in the famous A70 UFO Abduction case in 1992 which probably is Scotland’s most famous UFO abduction case ever, certainly that we know about at present. Because Garry himself has had his own very traumatic experience, he himself is looking for answers and his questions to Mary can be ‘felt’ in the light of his own experience looking for perhaps an added acceptance to what happened to him.
  4. Prior to the interview, I did ask Mary’s permission to interview her son and this was given.


So now let me take you the reader to that eventful night where SPI sat with faces in awe as an unbelievable story unfolded. This is what was said.







(MR) Malcolm Robinson.

(BD) Billy Devlin.

(MM) Mary Morrison.

(PM) Peter Morrison.

(GW) Garry Wood.


(MR) "Mary, we are here today to talk to you in regards to what could be termed a ‘UFO Observation’ that you had along with your son and a family friend. Would you just like to tell us, what started the day, how were things before the incident started ?."


  1. "It was a perfectly normal sort of evening other than my friend had run out of coffee so we decided to go along to the local shop and buy some. And on the way there, there was a huge bright white light just stationary in the sky. I caught sight of it as I was driving. And I looked at it, thinking that it was just a plane or a helicopter or something and that was when I realised that it wasn’t moving. And we got closer, and this bright light resolved into two bright white lights. And I said to my friend, look at those funny lights on that aeroplane over there. She looked, and she paused for around 2 or 3 seconds and she said, that’s not an aeroplane. And I said, I know, because at this time we realised that it wasn’t moving aeroplanes don’t do that. It wasn’t a helicopter, it was just massive lights. And by this time we had become parallel to it. We stopped the car and we looked. I got out the car at the driver’s door and stood there looking up at this ‘thing’. Then got back in the car and I said "It must be an aeroplane", my friend said "It’s not an aeroplane", and at that point we all got out the car and we stepped across the pavement (sidewalk) to the edge of the field and we were standing watching this thing just above us and in front of us, and it was just amazing."


"Initially it was just hovering and there were these massive like bright spot lights pointing straight down. The beams were really big, they actually crossed over."


(BD) "The beams crossed over !"


  1. "Yeah, so they weren’t actually separate beams. Well they were separate beams but they actually (Couldn’t make this part out on audio tape) And when I first got out of the car it had actually started to switch off these ‘headlamps’ as you might call them, and it had banked onto it’s side so what was presented to me was the underside, it was just a huge triangle, black triangle. And at that point it had a red light at the corners and as it had been banking it had also been turning the headlamp end away from me, just very very slowly, so slowly and gradual. And as it was doing this it switched these big bright white lights off completely and other red lights came on in the corners and there were 3 in total in each corner. And it was just like it was floating it just gradually drifted away."


(MR) "Were there any noise associated with this object ?"


  1. "No. Originally when I got out of the car myself, I heard an aircraft, there is always a lot of aircraft going over here, but it wasn’t coming from that and it was actually silent."


(MR) "Did you notice any piping or any protrubance underneath this object or was it…….."


  1. "No it was just…..All I could see was that it was completely black apart from the lights. It did have on top like a sort of dome which started off, well I call it the front end and it sort of sloped up curved up and had this sort of sloping door on the top. And I recently saw pictures or re-constructions of the Belgian triangle and it wasn’t like that. I can’t remember what was at the back of it I can’t remember that area of it at all. It was just quite a shock to see it all."


(BD) "Have you tried drawing it yourself ?"


  1. "I have, but I don’t have it at the moment."


(MR) "At a rough estimate. How high would you say this object was when you are out of the car at this time and you are looking at it ?"


  1. "Well initially before sort of getting parallel to it I could actually see it above, I could see the light above and beyond a farmhouse and of course the farmhouse with some trees was at the side of the road and it was actually above that. I couldn’t estimate how high it was at all."


(MR) "But it looked as if it was above this neighbouring farmhouse ?"


  1. "It wasn’t actually above the farmhouse but the angle of the road that I was in…..I could see the farmhouse and the trees, and I could actually see this light. I didn’t know it was the craft by then, I could just see this light above it. You could tell that it was beyond it."


(MR) "Roughly how long were you standing there and did you view this object for ?"


  1. "Oh, it must have been quite a few minutes and there were plenty cars passed by and we just couldn’t understand why ‘nobody’ saw this thing at all, because it was massive, there were lights all over it. It was gigantic."


(BD) "How big do you think it was ?"


  1. "Well if I held up my hand it was much bigger than my hand (laughs)"


(MR) "And what were the feelings of your son and the family friend, did they have any idea what they were looking at ?"


  1. "They were just amazed, stunned. As far as we know it certainly wasn’t anything human. And as it sort of moved away it switched off all its lights except for the little red ones. It moved away right into the distance and you could see those faint red lights as you followed it. And, it was about that point that I said to my friend that apparently if you wave to these things they sometimes signal back. So ‘oh boy’ my pal is screaming and waving her hands and it did ‘flash’."


(MR) "It did flash ! How many times did it flash ?"


  1. "I reckon over all at that point it must have flashed 3 times anyway at us, because I actually left the car running with it’s lights on and at one point I had to put the lights from main beam onto dip and it flashed at that as well."


(MR) "Now the manner in which it moved away from your line of vision. How would you say it moved away, would you say that it moved in a straight line, it moved in a patterned line, or was it a quick manovoure or was it a slow manovoure…..?"


  1. "It didn’t seem to be a quick manavoure. Thinking about it, it covered a fair bit of ground fairly quickly but it was quite smooth and steady. There wasn’t any sudden acceleration or anything, it just went very smoothly."


(MR) "You mentioned that there was traffic on the road. How many cars do you think during the time that you were there looking at this thing, that passed you ?"


  1. "I say probably five or six, because it is quite a busy little road. At one point, a car actually came from the village towards us really really slow. We were real embarrassed but we were convinced that they (this other car) was going to pull in across the road behind us because they indicated right and they probably wouldn’t believe us seeing what we had just seen, because all you could actually tell was this faint little pin prick of red over in the distance it was more over the hills this side of the valley. However they didn’t (car didn’t stop) in fact they went into the side of the farmhouse or cottages that was just round about there."


(MR) "Now the date was the 23rd of September ?"

  1. "Uh huh."

(MR) "And the time ?"

  1. "Well I asked Peter my son when we were about to get back into the car and I said "what time is it" ? as this is important we have got to report this. And he said that it was five past eight."


(MR) "So there were yourself, your son and a family friend and you watched it for a total or rough estimate of…. since you got out of the car….."

  1. "I’d say a total of five minutes."


(MR) "Did you then get back into your car and go into Freuchie ?"


  1. "We did yeah, we then went into Freuchie and my friend said, "Well who do you report this to" ? And I said, "Well I’ve seen numbers to do with this in magazines. So we went down to the magazine rack (In Freuchie General Stores) and found one copy of one magazine and I said there probably will be something in here so we’ll get that plus the coffee and cigarettes. We dived back into the car and coming out the village again my friend said "I wonder if we’ll see it again", and I said (Couldn’t make this part out on the audio tape) However, her and Peter were watching as we were going along and there were three cars on the road behind us, and she (Mary’s friend) shouts "It’s there, it’s there". And I managed to get a quick look around and I saw a red light in the distance go sort of, that way and I saw it just as it turned, because they were shouting "It’s coming towards us". And you could see it, it was really moving fast. And it really came right up quick by this time we were saying that we would have to stop the car safely. It came up real fast and I saw the lights starting to go on and at the same time my son, he went into hysterics in the back of the car he was really frightened. I immediately turned round to see to him, and my friend’s going "Wow, it’s lit up like a Christmas tree with all these coloured lights and bright lights and everything. Once he had started to scream (Mary’s son) It was almost like it was definitely aware of us because it shut down all it’s lights and it just ‘popped back’ into the distance."


(MR) "You mentioned a moment ago about the object being triangular was it sharply defined at the edges or was it rounded edges you know…….."


  1. "It seemed to have smooth corners, rounded corners it wasn’t a point……."


(BD) "You say triangle, what kind of triangle ?"


  1. "It looked fairly sort of equilateral triangle, maybe slightly longer but like an equilateral triangle. I wish I had a camera (she laughs) "


(MR) "And it was black ?"


  1. "And certainly yes, that’s how it appeared to me."


(BD) "It wasn’t very dark brown or very dark blue or……"


  1. "I wouldn’t have thought so, it was so very very dark, you would take it to be a black triangle."


(BD) "Was it matt shiney ?"


  1. "There wasn’t any reflections that I remember."


(MR) "Was the surface smooth, or mottled or broken or segmented or…."


  1. "I haven’t a clue. I really don’t know about that."


(MR) "When this object had these flashing lights obviously that would partly illuminate the underside of the object. Did you see anything there ?"


  1. "There certainly……When it flashed there just seemed to be the lights that I originally seen, they were really big lights. When it flashed they were big and it just sort of almost blocked it out. And at that time when it did that ‘the flashing’ it was really well back in the distance."


(MR) "Now you live in this farmhouse out in the country. I take it that you are well used to seeing aircraft and planes in the area……….."


  1. "Fairly well used to it yeah. I don’t really pay to much attention to them really (she laughs)"


(MR) "But you are quite sure that this was nothing that…….How long have you stayed here ?"


  1. "I’ve only stayed here around just over a year now. And I’ve never ever seen anything like this before in my life."


(MR) "Now that was the events of the 23rd. Now did anything else happen on that particular night later on when you got home for instance ?"


  1. "Yeah, we actually stopped and phoned Larry Robinson at Skysearch."


(MR) "It’s actually Larry Dean."


  1. "Is it ! Anyway, we phoned Skysearch and it was the answer machine and I said if you have anyone in this area get them out here now, there is something going around. We went back to our house told our daughter who thought that it was a wind up and she realised that it wasn’t, then a neighbour came in for a coffee so we sat for a while. Finally we did go back out, because my daughter wanted to see if it was still there."


(BD) "Now how did you feel at this time ?"


  1. "Shocked but real excited you know."


(BD) "Were you terrified, I’m not talking about your son just yourself ?"


  1. "No there was a bit of sort of uneasiness. I’d read a bit about these things, my friend hadn’t believed in them before she thought they were a load of rubbish she’d hear’s stories about them but thought rubbish. And so we decided to go out again and………."


(BD) "And so did you feel OK about going out again ?"


  1. "Yeah we actually took our time in making a decision on should we or shouldn’t we. Peter said that he felt OK about it, because I hadn’t been willing to put him through any fear like he displayed earlier. And we decided to go back and we didn’t see that again. What we saw instead was really intensely bright white light on the ground over by some trees. And we looked at that for a minute and I said well it’s just a security light on a building or something one of these halogen ones or something. And then I looked up to the left of that and I said look at that glow over the trees. In the woods, you could see this immense bright blow glow in the woods and it actually extended quite well above the trees. And we sat and watched that for a few minutes, and it was only afterwards that I realised what a silly idea this is."


"But I said why don’t we go onto the little back road we might see it a bit clearer. The angle these trees were and what we were seeing it wouldn’t really have been visible from the other road. It was only after that I realised how silly that was (she laughs) But however, we went round through the village onto the little back road. Stopped the car because we saw the white light which I’m sure at the time we thought was the same thing that we’d seen on the other side. And to the right of that there was a very faint blue glow just a little bit over to the trees. And we sat and watched it for a while, my friend kept sticking her head in the way so it was blocking my view. And I started shouting about the lights, "Can you see the coloured lights" ! And I kept ducking and diving around her head. I couldn’t see these to start with at all. And then, after a while I did see, I had been looking at the wrong place and the light, somehow I was expecting the coloured lights to come from the centre of this bright light but it wasn’t, it was coming from the edges of it. And it was shooting big beams of light out into the sky it was almost like a laser light, red blue and green. And they really were lovely and my friend and my son nearly ended up in tears we were really moved by this. And then it was after that that we actually saw some figures silhouetted in this light."

"One was really tall compared to the other ones, there were some smaller ones and there was one who appeared to be a bit smaller than those ones as well. And they had enlarged heads, they were really long thin looking shaped. Long necks, very long thin limbs even their bodies were sort of thin. And you could see them there moving about in front of this light so all you got was this silhouette and they were moving in and out of (Couldn’t make this sentence out on tape) And it was over in this little bit of faint blue glow in the woods to the right of this that we actually saw some more of these sort of shapes we couldn’t have told you which size they were or anything. And there was also like a black shape as if they were a building or something there, there was definetly a structuree shape. It was also while we were sitting here that my friend and her daughter saw quite a lot of……… we call these bright white lights stars because that’s what they looked like. She was pointing out quite a few of them in the sky they were all around us and my friend saw a beam of light hitting the road in front of the car."

(MR) "What colour was this beam of light ?"


  1. "As far as I know it was white. After that, my memory at this stage is confused. After that I thought that we had just went along the road and turned at a junction and went back to my friend’s house. But we had actually turned at the junction and ended up stopping at another set of woods. And when we went back over the ground it seemed right but somehow my memory is confused I only thought that we had stopped the once. And again it was one of these big bright white lights and a blue glow in the woods and figures, there were figures moving about."


(BD) "Could this be the same wood ?"


  1. "No it wasn’t."


(BD) "It was a totally different wood !"

  1. "Yeah, uh huh. And we had been watching this for a while and my friend’s brother finishes his work at eleven o clock and he had arranged to go along and visit her for a while so we had to be back at eleven at her house so we went back. And we phoned SkySearch again and this time the chap answered and he tried to give us I think it was your telephone number but we couldn’t get you in. (I Malcolm Robinson had moved house) Then he put us onto Tony Dodd. Her brother came in, and we actually told him what we had seen he thought we were really lucky because apparently he has read up quite heavily on this subject as it really really fascinates him. And we had been advised to get a video camera binoculars, anything, which we didn’t have but he said (Friend’s brother) "Well I’ve got binoculars, I put them on in a bag on my front door (couldn’t make this part of the audio tape out) So he went away (he lives in *****) (Can’t divulge this, M.R.) We left about ten minutes after him. And on the way their there were loads of these bright lights, star things in the sky. And being a driver I couldn’t really look but I saw just to the right of the hill (Falkland Hill) there is a transmitter not far from here actually on the other end of this strip of woods. I could actually see the whole hill with that outlined on it. And as it dropped down the point of it where the mast dropped down, there was another one of these immense bright white lights it was actually flashing in sequences of three. It was flashing. And after we had went to the village it disappeared and we didn’t see that again."


"We picked up the binoculars and went back. I refused to go onto that little back road again. I didn’t like it, I said "no, it’s too narrow and twisty and I feel trapped there", and I said we’ll go back to where we first saw it and sit from there. Which is what we did. At all times I left the car running and the lights on. I parked, there were cars that passed, 2 or 3 cars anyway passed me and we were just sitting looking across and my friend got the binoculars and put them on what we termed, ‘the star’ and then she said, "Oh my God it’s not a star" can someone else come and have a look. And she gave the binoculars over to me and it was just amazing. What was actually behind this white light like was a ball, one that had been slightly squashed in at the sides, it was a bit elongated top to bottom. And it was like a hot firey orange colour."

"There were big irregular indentations on it’s surface. To describe it would be like really shimmery as if it was giving off energy or something. It wasn’t even on the ground it was actually above the ground and near it’s base was like a wiggly long oval black spot. I don’t know whether it would be an opening into this thing or not. It was rotating quite steadily and as it did so it was also tilted on it’s axis a bit like a globe as it went round. To the right of that on the ground there was a small orangey red light, but what it was I don’t know it was perfectly round and little. To the right of that standing with his back to this thing, was one of these really tall things. It was brown and initially you could tell from the silhouette that they had bigger heads in relation to their bodies than we did but it was really when you saw it in profile that you could see how bulbous it was it was extremely pronounced at the back. I don’t recall any form of clothing it just seemed to be a smooth shape, now if we looked at a person you would see where their boots were or something or shoes but with this you couldn’t tell."

(GW) "Did the body come into a very fine taper ?"

    1. "I wouldn’t have said so no. It just seemed to be structured similar to ours but very flat and skinny. Very child like in a way without the pot belly, you know, just that unformed sort of skinny look. (she laughs)"


(BD) "Again, at this time, were there a strong light in front of them that you were seeing them in silhouette ?"


(MM) "Well what I actually saw through the binoculars when I focused on this thing, you could see that it was brown and you could see the light of this orange ball thing reflecting off it’s back. I then looked over to the left where the blue glow was, because there seemed to a like a clearing in the trees, and all the figures here were more like dark black silhouettes or whatever. And there was a tall one of those figures standing at the right hand side of the trees, there seemed to be a black shape in there, but I didn’t pay much attention to that I didn’t know what it was. Further back on the left hand side of this clearing, must have been quite a bit further back was another one of these tall ones, and there were loads and loads of the small ones running around, you could see them. They were carrying boxes in relation to my size you would say the boxes were that square (Gestures to researchers around 4 to 5 feet square) And they were also carrying canisters, maybe about that round, (Gestures to researchers around2 to 3 feet) they looked dark as well. They were just running around they seemed to be picking things up, putting things down. At one point I saw the tall brown one, (I call it brown, it seemed brown because the other one was and he was the same size)."


(BD) "So you could actually see the colour of these things ?"


  1. "Well, the one next to the light yeah. These ones were actually in silhouette to me, that’s what I said. I call these big ones the Brown Ones, because he was the same size as the one at the other side."


(BD) "You know how some times you see figures standing in front of a very very strong powerful halogen light. The light just reflects off the side of the body and you actually see the body a lot thinner than it actually is. I mean I’m not saying it was…….."


  1. "This blue glow wasn’t anything as bright as what this white starry light was, it was quite diffuse, it was bright, it was quite a bright colour, it was definitely there. It wasn’t that intense sort of light, it was quite diffuse. At one point I saw the big tall one standing at the edge of the trees on the right, I actually saw him bend down and stretch out his right arm to something, then he stood up and moved into the trees a bit then he came back and he took up the same position and was standing as before. My friend had the binoculars then I got them back this was all over the two times that I had the bincoulars, and without the binoculars you couldn't’ see that orange globy thing at all it was just the bright white light. Without the binoculars I saw the tall one come round there and there were some small ones running around there too. I dunno, it was almost like a load of workmen doing something and every now and then going to see the Gaffer (Foreman) about what’s to be done next."


(BD) "Could you hear anything ?"


  1. "No I didn’t hear anything."


(BD) "No noises or communication or….."


  1. "The One thing that I haven’t mentioned before and it’s probably a bit wrong to mention it now but at the time I thought it was my imagination. When I first got the binoculars and focused them on that white light and saw that ball thing, I thought I heard a crackle. Like an electric crackle. And I have read something in a magazine something to do with abductions and I haven’t mentioned this before and maybe I shouldn’t…..and I did hear a bird calling but they are quite common to hear those kinds in this area."


(MR) "Just a few points whilst we are on this subject before you continue on with your story. This is when you went out again, this is the same night."


  1. "Uh Huh. This was the third time when we went out."


(MR) "The third time when you went out. What time of evening was this." ?


(MM). "Right, I think it must have been around half past elevenish. Round about then."


(MR) "Now the figures you saw, I know that it’s going to be hard to differentiate when we are talking distance here to get a rough estimate. But did you get an idea of how tall or how short these figures were ?"


  1. "It was only afterwards when we had got back to the house and (Couldn’t make this part out on the audio tape) and those tall ones must have been immense because from our perspective from where we were sitting unless this thing was not actually on or at ground level, then it certainly appeared to be around half the height of the trees."


(MR) "That’s quite big !"


  1. "It was immense. One thing that I would like to say as well, after watching through the binoculars, for some reason I was able to see the brown one on the right and that little red disc without the aid of the binoculars. That’s weird (she laughs)"


(MR) "When you were out the second time, when you were in the woods and you saw the beams and the figures."


  1. "Mmmm."


(MR) "Distance wise, how far away are we talking ?"

  1. "It was quite a distance away it was right across the field, a ploughed field."


(MR) "So it was quite a distance?"


  1. "Uh Huh."


(MR) "You said you had to be back for eleven."


  1. "Uh Huh."


(MR) "Did you get back for eleven."


  1. "We did, we did. We must have stopped around ten to elevenish, whatever, I can’t remember the time now to phone SkySearch."


(MR) "How many were in the car at this time ?"


  1. "Four. There was myself, my friend, my son, and my friend’s daughter."


(MR) "Now the binoculars that you were using, what magnification were they ?"


  1. "I don’t know, they were very small and my friend actually tested them out later and she said there is no way that we could have seen what we did through those binoculars, she said they are crap, (She laughs) (couldn’t make the next sentence out on audio tape) There is no way she said, that we should have been able to see so clearly as we did, what we did with those binoculars."


(MR) "Are they your binoculars?"


  1. "No they are my friend’s brother’s binoculars."


(MR) "Now the brown one that you saw, you mentioned to Garry there a wee bit about him. Let’s discuss again what his characteristics were like, his face his bodily structure, fat thin broad whatever you know."


  1. "Tall, he was standing with his right side facing round in profile and he was brown and when he was in profile you could see how extended the back of his skull was how large it was, it was really quite large. From a front view you could tell that it was a sort of bigger and higher at the top when ours would be (couldn’t make this bit out on tape) but it was only really in profile when you saw just how big this was. Thin neck, quite long neck, a very flat long shape and he was just standing there with his arms by his side, no lumps or bumps."


(BD) (Couldn’t make Billy’s point out at this point)


  1. "It was very flat, child like. Because children have pot bellies they didn’t have pot bellies, they were quite flat."


(BD) "Were they sexless, could you tell………….."

  1. "You couldn’t tell if they had any sex organs or……"


(MR) "Are there any indications that any one of these…..call then what you will, was wearing any type of clothing of any description ?"


  1. "None at all it was just a completely sort of smooth shape", (couldn’t make next sentence said by witness)


(MR) "Can you recall seeing any individual fingers or was it just a hand shape that you saw from a distance ?"


  1. "It was just a shape, there wasn’t any sort of detail as far as features go except one thing about the front of the face as seen in profile it was very flat."


(MR) "O.K."


  1. "And it did have a bit of a brow, but then it just seemed to be sort of very flat."


(MR) "The manner in which these wee fellas were occupied (if you like) you said they were carrying boxes. What was the mannerism of their walking movements. Was it like you and I or was it different ?"


  1. "It just seemed to be like watching anybody moving about but they were fast."


(MR) "They were fast !"


  1. "Yeah."


(MR) "Were they bending their knees with ease or were they shuffling."


  1. "There wasn’t any shuffling they seemed to be walking like any normal person. They were bending at the waist."


(BD) "Were they graceful ?"


  1. "Yeah, quite smooth, quite natural very natural smooth."


(MR) "You mentioned boxes and containers."


  1. "Mmm"


(MR) "Were they taking these from a place to locate them somewhere else were there any internal part where things were getting stored if you like ?"


  1. "As far as I am aware, no. My friend said that the structured shape in the clearing was actually the craft but it was on the ground and she said she could see them going in and out but I couldn’t that. As far as I was aware, all that I could see was them coming in and out of this field in this glow that was in the woods carrying these things. You could tell that at some point they were picking things up and putting things down."


(MR) "Did there appear to be any struggle with the lifting of these things or was it with ease."


  1. "They were lifting them quite easily yeah, nothing like bending your knees and stretching about. It was quite smooth and effortless."


(MR) "The shape of these boxes and also the shape of these cylinders, what were they like ?"


  1. "The boxes were square cubes."


(MR) "Cubes !"


  1. "Yeah and the canisters were just cylinders about that tall, (Motions and gestures to researchers around 6 to 7 feet) and they were carrying like that", (Gestures to researchers length ways in arms)


(MR) "And I know it would be dark around this time….."


  1. "It was."


(MR) "Did you notice any colours or markings on these cylinders or cubes. ?"


  1. "I didn’t see anything no."


(MR) "But it was dark to your perceptive where you were looking ?"


  1. "Uh huh. They were like in silhouette in this blue glow that was in the trees."


(MR) "Now this is still on this same night. ?"


  1. "Uh huh."


(MR) "Now what happened then, you mentioned on the third occasion you were still looking at these things through the binoculars. What paved the way for the end of the night, what happened ?"


  1. "Well all through this I had been feeling really uneasy for some reason and I kept looking all round the car and imagining the Boogie Man coming out to get us I suppose, I just felt really uneasy. My friend’s daughter was siting in the back of the car and she could see these things that her mum was actually describing without the aid of the binoculars. And Peter could also see things, he did get a shot of the binoculars but he hadn’t even got them focused and so what he saw was purely just his own visual sight. I remember my friend started to say, "My God they’re coming out of the mist towards us" there was like a mist coming out of the woods. She said it’s like a cocoon, she said, "My God there’s hundreds of them" they are in these things and I could hear her daughter in the back say "They are coming towards us". And the my friend was saying "My God they are fast, they are coming so fast" And it was really bizarre and confusing at the end."


(BD) "They were coming towards you !"

  1. "Yeah. They were coming towards us in the car. And I’m panicking feeling really panicked and I’m saying "Where where" ! But I can’t understand why it was so light at the entry of that field, because I could see these big round straw bales in the field and I’m looking at these very dark shadows between them saying "Where where" expecting to see something coming round there. She (her friend) said "They’re coming they’re coming". The next sort of sensation that I have or impression that I had was when it was all happening at the end and it was just these huge bales" (Surprise in her voice then laughs)


(MR) "Right O.K."


  1. "Just crowded right across the road from us and it’s not a big wide road I swear to God that there was one just behind me at the passenger side window at the rear of the car. And at the same time my friend had been shouting "Let’s get the **** out of here" (Laughs) And her daughter in the back said there is one standing grinning at me. And I just rammed the car into first gear and into second gear and was slipping into third gear as we were going into the village and I realised that I was doing 55 miles per hour so at that I put the brakes on a bit. It was quite frightening at the end. The others had been looking back as we fled there is no more dignified word for it than that. And as we left the whole field lit up in an enormous blue flash. Then we got back to my friend’s house and she and I stayed awake all night and the kids slept in the living room. Felt extremely shocked and amazed and everything else."


(MR) "Now when you said that it was like a mist coming towards you. What do you mean by this ?"


  1. "I didn’t see it, and I was really agitated. It was like a white fibery….no it was a white mist, then she said it was like a cocoony stuff and she said my God there are hundreds of them these things are in these cocoons and they are sort of fibery. And she said they were coming towards us really fast. These ‘beings’ inside were not walking it was like they were being carried in these what she called cocoons. She had also said you know the orangey one that I was talking about at the start. She said they are ‘beings’ in there, more than one. She said they are in there and the others were saying the same but I just didn’t see that, that wasn’t my perception at all."


(BD) "What, in the white ones ?"


  1. "Well there were ‘beings’ in the white ones but certainly originally that big orangey one that I said looked like a squashed ball. My friend when she was describing it she said it contains these ‘beings’, she said there were quite a few of them in this thing it was spinning round."


(MR) "At one point you mentioned there that it was like straw bales across the road ."


  1. "Mmm"


(MR) "Obviously I take it that wasn’t part of the scenery just prior to that ! "


  1. "Well, what I remember is when we stopped. Bearing in mind that it was night it was dark there was a reasonable amount of cloud cover but there was a moon and some stars. And it was quite clear, the air, it was quite mild as well. And when I stopped the car that last time the headlights were on and they were pointing down the road and we were looking straight out the side of the driver’s window through a gap between a wall and a hedge looking across at these woods. It was quite dark but to me, I can remember her saying "Oh my God they are coming towards us" I can remember seeing these bales which I wasn’t aware of before. And it also seemed to be light and there was suddenly a very strong shadow to the right of these things (Straw Bales) In-between these things, a very dark shadow. And then, it seemed to be from that split second from that, to this whole entry way being full of these things and somehow I have got this perception that there was one there (‘being’) Just behind us at the side of the car. And it was big" (witness laughs)


(MR) "So you saw all that, and you arrived back at your friend’s house. How long did that take ?"


  1. "Well I personally haven’t a clue what time we got back they said it was about half past twelve. I had the distinct impression that we were sitting there for an awful lot longer. Even just thinking about it sitting there watching what (couldn’t make this sentence out) I could have sworn by the time we went to her brother’s house, travelled back and sat there, I could have sworn we sat there longer but I don’t know. And you don’t actually keep a careful watch on time. And your perception on time goes if you are bored or something then it seems to drag."


(BD) "Yes and so much has been happening as well."


  1. "Uh huh."


(MR) "Did you get any sleep when you went back ?"


  1. "No."


(MR) "You didn’t !"


  1. "We didn’t sleep at all."


(MR) "When did you actually go to your bed ?"


  1. "Eh, my friend and my daughter ended up, well we had separated earlier that day, she actually had come up here with her daughter and we made some phone calls then I took her back to her house with her daughter as they both had various things to do that day. And I went down after tea and my friend, well the shock had really set in and she was just an absolute wreck. And I said right, if you want to come up and stay with me at least I’ve got a phone and I can drive I’ve got the car, you know. She came up to stay with me. I actually had been given a few sleeping tablets from my doctor because my sleep’s been very irregular and I could be doing with something to get me settled down."


(MR) "Did you tell the doctor anything about…………….."


  1. "No this was actually prior to all this happening but I had taken one I am really worried about the idea of taking drugs. So, you know, I really don’t want to take this but I had to have these, I had another nine left, so I thought right, we’re going to take one. So myself, my friend, and her daughter, we all took one, but they are very mild apparently, they didn’t seem to have much effect. My friend’s daughter was actually lying on an airbed beside my bed I held her hand. My friend was in beside me. Eventually we did sleep and as far as I am aware we had a wonderful night’s sleep and woke up about ten the next morning and everything was fine. But later on in the day I felt that something had happened . My older son had woken up about eight o clock and he said that he heard what he assumed were my footsteps going down the hall unlocking the doors, going out to the car, shutting the door, starting the car but the car was stalling and then he didn’t hear anymore, but he thought, well she must have run out of cigarettes, and he didn’t think anymore of it."


"Apparently at twenty past eight my friend’s daughter had come home from work and she said, "You were not in your bed" She had assumed that I had got up to go to the toilet or something I said "I didn’t move".

[End of side one tape one]

[Side 2 tape 2]

    1. "And I said that I didn’t leave, and he said well I definitely heard the car, he said it started and it stalled, and then it was then that my friend’s daughter said that I woke up at twenty past eight and you weren’t in your bed. I said that I must have been because I didn’t move, she said you were not in your bed."


(MR) "You mentioned on the phone to me that you came across some strange marks on your body. When did you first notice these marks ?"


  1. "Well being in touch with Tony Dodd he said keep an eye out for any marks, he said "Do you have any marks on your body" Initially that first day as far as we knew no. It was the following day, the day after I think it was the Thursday, well it was a couple of days afterwards anyway. My friend’s daughter found a mark on her left shoulder. It was as if the blood has been drawn into the pours of the skin it was a dark speckle bloody colour. I do have a photograph of it although it is not very good . Describing it in it’s entirety it came up as an oval shape, it actually had a bar across the middle where there was nothing. My friend ended up with initially two marks on her body, one was on her right buttock it was like a very pale brown mark, like a birth mark. I’ve actually got a birthmark and it’s a very similar colour like a very pale brown colour almost like a smudgy look. It is very irregular and blotchy and that was on her right buttock. She found another smaller one underneath her right breast on her ribs. It is almost like a birthmark as if the skin colour had changed. The skin colour had changed it was like a burn, it was different from her daughter’s, her two marks. I didn’t have any marks but right in at the joint of my right shoulder it was very painful. There was no mark but it was very painful to touch. I was feeling very tense and I rubbed my shoulder and that was when I felt it. And it was right at the joint itself, no mark. My son didn’t appear to have any marks at all. Two days later my friend got another mark the same sort of thing that she had on her buttock. And it appeared up on her right shoulder near the shoulder blade and it was quite a large one. The skin pigment had changed it covered quite a good area and was blotchy and irregular around the edges. The other things that have happened is that my friend’s daughter had another mark on her right shoulder this time similar to the original mark that sort of bloody stuff and it was about four inches long and rounded edges. After this the marks on my friend’s daughter were bruising up quite colourful. And it was the week after this Monday the 30th my friend’s leg, the top of her right thigh had an immense bruise. She went to bed but two nights before there was nothing there. She had woken up the day before and there was a big mark on her right thigh and the day after that it was all blue green and purple a really colourful bruise. She hadn’t knocked herself or injured herself. There has been various strange bruises and things."


(MR) "What about headaches or your mouth going dry or like a silvery taste in your mouth ?"


  1. "I never noticed any of that, what I did assume was the extreme stress which has been with me a lot. I don’t think my son had anything like that it was quite later on that my son had quite a few things, in connection with other things (she laughs)"


(MR) "You mentioned on the phone to me an incident concerning your son in regards to the bathroom."


  1. "Uh Huh."


(MR) "Where he saw something." ?


  1. "Yeah, that was the second time that day. Oh right, where are we. (she pauses trying to recollect the stages of how things followed and refers to a journal sitting on her knee) That was Sunday the 20th of October providing that I’ve got my dates right. And I was on the phone to you, (looks over and states this to Garry Wood)"


(GW) "That’s Right"


  1. "It was in the afternoon. One of my friends and her son who’s eight had come to stay for the weekend she was leaving later that afternoon. Her son and Peter were up in Peter’s room playing. Peter had glanced out of his bedroom window and saw it standing on the roof, there’s the kitchen roof out there. It was the small white creature with lots of teeth. And later on that night when I had started to run his bath (Peter) I was on the phone to Garry here and he shouted on me (Peter) and I went up to see what it was he wanted and he was quite shocked and he said that there was another ‘one’ in the bathroom standing at the end of the bath and where the sink is. And he said it had only been there for like a second or so and he didn’t like the look of it he was scared and so I had to sit outside the bathroom door while he had his bath. He was still feeling scared after that so I said if you want to sleep with me tonight and leave the lights on, O.K. So we did that, and that was the worst night of our lives (laughs)"


(MR) "Was his bedroom facing this direction, (Malcolm points to the East)."


  1. "His bedroom faces the shed out the back here."


(MR) "Peter, would you like to tell me in your own words what you saw ?"


(PM) "It was standing on the right hand side to my glass at the window (!) He just turned round (Couldn’t make the next sentence out on audio tape) And I turned round, and he was just standing there."


(MR) "Did your friend see it as well, (Malcolm was referring to the bedroom sighting)"


(PM) "No."

(MR) "Was it looking at you ?"


(PM) "It was looking at us both."


(MR) "What did he look like, his head, his body. ?"


(PM) "He was small and had a big shaped head and lots of sharp teeth in the mouth. He had big oval shaped eyes."


(MR) "What colour was he ?"


(PM) "White. He had a thick bit going from, (Couldn’t make this part out on audio tape) and he had some skin, (couldn’t make this part out on audio tape, however he was talking about a strange flap of skin in-between his elbow joints) "


(GW) "Was he bright ?"


(PM) "Yes."


(GW) "Glowing white bright !"


(PM) "Yes."


(MR) "Did it looked musicale did you see any ribs ?"


(PM) "Yeah, musicale yeah, he was musicale."

(MR) "Any hair at all on his head or legs."


(PM) "No."


(MR) "What did his hands look like, do you remember ?"


(PM) "I can’t remember, I was mostly looking at his face."


(MR) "You said his eyes were black, were they oily black, were they really shiny, or were they just kind of dull."


(PM) "They weren’t reflecting, they were just dark black, dull."


(MR) "Was you frightened ?"


(PM) "Yes."


(BD) "Did he say anything to you. ?"


(PM) "No."


(BD) "Do you think he might have said anything to you ?"


(PM) "He might have."


(BD) "But you don’t feel that he might have said something to you."


(PM) "No."


(GW) "What do you think he wanted ?"


(PM) (Couldn’t make out Peter’s response to this question on audio tape)


(GW) "Just to look at you !"


(PM) "I think ‘it’ was frightened."


(MR) "How long was he there, and how did he go away. Was he there for a wee while or…….."


(PM) "He was there for about ten minutes and he went away."


(MR) "How did he go away, did he just walk away ?"


(PM) "He sort of like ‘floated up’."


(MR) "Upwards !"


(PM) "Uh Huh."


(MR) "Into the bedroom ceiling ?"


(PM) "No he was outside the bedroom, he just floated up into the sky."


(MR) "So he wasn’t actually in the room. ?"


(PM) "No."


(MR) "O.K. This was outside the window."


(PM) "Mmm."


(MR) "His teeth, you said they were jaggy. Were they all the same size, were some longer…..?"


(PM) "There were some longer. The ones at the front were longer, (Couldn’t make out Peter’s next sentence on audio tape) "


(BD) "I mean how could you see the teeth, was ‘he’ smaller than you ?"


(PM) "He just had his mouth open."


(BD) "Did he have his mouth open all the time ?"


(PM) "Mmm. It was like he didn’t have any lips."


(GW) "Was he interested in you ?"


(PM) "I don’t know, he was just standing watching us."


(GW) "Looking at you ?"

(PM) "Mmm"


(MR) "Did he have a nose, did you notice a nose or ears or……?"


(PM) "He didn’t have any ears but he had a bit of a nose."


(MR) "A bit of a nose !"


(PM) "Mmm"


(BD) "So what about the other times that you have seen things, what happened in the school, something about your maths !"


(PM) "There was a Gray one at school, there was a Gray one behind me and a huge white one……."


(BD) "In the classroom ?"


(PM) "Yes. It wasn’t the ones with the teeth, they were different ones, sort of creamy. The gray one, it was holding the top of my pencil showing me what number to write."


(BD) "Did you say anything to your pals ?"


(PM) "No."


(BD) "Did you not say, "look at this""

(PM) "No."


(BD) "Nobody saw anything else at all !"


(PM) "No."


(MR) "Was he slightly different from the one you saw outside your bedroom window."


(PM) "He was a gray one."


(MR) "A gray one ?"


(PM) "Mmm."


(MR) "Apart from being gray, was there anything else unusual about him, or was he just a different colour but the same as the last one ?"


(PM) "He didn’t have any teeth ?"


(MR) "Right, this one didn’t have any teeth ?"


(PM) "No". (Couldn’t make the next sentence out that Peter said here)


(MR) "And he told you what to write ?"


(PM) "No, he was holding my pencil."

(MR) "Were you frightened at this point ?"


(PM) "No."


(MR) "And did you hear anything, apart from the classroom chatter. Did you hear anything from him, did you think maybe he was trying to tell you something."


(PM) "No."


(GW) (Couldn’t make out on audiotape what Garry said here)


(PM) "He was helping."


(BD) "You knew he was helping you he just didn’t all of a sudden appear holding your pencil did he ? Did you see him walk into the classroom."


(PM) "He came in about the same time as me."


(BD) "The same time as you, so he was with you before you entered the classroom ?"


(PM) "Mmm."


(GW) "Do you think he knew you ?"


(PM) "Don’t know. He might have known me."


(BD) "So when did you first see him then before you went into the classroom ?"


(PM) (Couldn’t make out Peter’s answer here on audio tape)


(BD) "So he followed you to school ?"


(PM) "Mmm."


(BD) "So was he in your room when you woke up ?"


(PM) "Yeah."


(BD) "Standing next to your bed or standing in the corner ?"


(PM) "He was next to my bed."


(BD) "So you woke up and he looked at you ?"



(MR) "I just woke up and I seen him."


(BD) "Did he not say hello to you or….."


(PM) "No he was just standing in the corner."


(BD) "Waiting for you to wake up !"

(PM) "Mmm"


(BD) "So you got up, got dressed, went downstairs, and he followed you downstairs. Did you have your breakfast."


(PM) "Mmm."


(BD) "So he sat down while you were having your breakfast ?"


(PM) "He was still standing." !


(GW) "Did you go tell mum." ?


(PM) "No."


(GW) "No ! Why Not ?"


(PM) "She’s pretty scared."


(MR) "Peter, how tall was he above you or shorter. ?"


(PM) "He was about the same size as me."


(MR) "About the same size as you." !


(BD) "So you are saying that he followed you all through that day." ?


(PM) "Mmm."


(BD) "Watching your class work. Where did he go after that ?"


(PM) "He went through a wall."


(BD) "He just disappeared. Did he turn round and say cherrio I’m away !"


(PM) "He just turned round and walked through a wall."


(BD) "What did he do prior to walking through the wall ? What had you just finished ?"


(PM) "I can’t remember what I was doing but the wall turned to water and he just walked right through it."


(BD) "So he walked over to you ?"


(PM) "No."


(BD) "Where is the school ?"


  1. "The school is actually down in ***** (Deleted) and Peter gets into a taxi and goes to school."


(BD) "So was ‘he’ in the taxi with you ?"


(PM) "Yeah."


(BD) "So he was in the taxi with you. ?"


(PM) "Yes "


(BD) "He came out of the taxi, did he come in the house with you." ?


(PM) "Yes."


(BD) "Did you have your dinner ?"


  1. (Mary said something at this point on audio tape but I couldn’t make it out)


(BD) "I mean, what happened before he walked through the wall. Did you come in and take your school uniform off or……..?"


(PM) "I just got in and took my bag and coat off and he just looked at me and he turned around and walked through the wall."


(MR) "O.K. Back at school, when he was helping you did you find that you got, was it sums, the lesson you were doing, did you get it right ?"


(PM) "I dunno."


(MR) "You don’t know yet. Do you think he was quite helpful in what he was showing you ?"


(PM) "Uh huh."


(BD) (Billy asked a question but couldn’t make this out on audio tape but it was something to do with Peter’s school project that he was working on)


(PM) "It was tissue paper about London, there was black paper and I put tissue paper on the back and we were using red and yellow tissue paper to make flames and ‘he’ was helping me with the tissue paper, (couldn’t make the next sentence out)"


(The next few questions asked by Billy and answered by Peter were hard to make out on the audio tape)


(BD) "Did you tell him what to do ?"


(PM) "No."


(PM) "He was holding onto the back of my hands."


(MR) "Peter, did you notice how many fingers he had ?"


(PM) "Three."


(MR) "Three fingers. Were they long, were they fat, thin."

(PM) "They were long and thin."


(MR) "Did he have any nails ?"


(PM) "No."


(MR) "Did he have any you know the lines at the knuckles, did you notice…?"


Peter nodded his head to this question.


(MR) "Did you notice any veins ?"


(PM) "No."


(MR) "Just grey."


(PM) "Mmm"


(GW) "Was (Couldn’t make this bit out) long & cold ? "


(PM) "It was cold". (Couldn’t make out Peter’s next sentence)


(MR) "See the tips of the fingers, was it still the same, was it long and thin or did it come out a bit, flattened out a bit ?"


(PM) "It got thinner as it went along then it just came to a round bit at the end."


(MR) "Did this wee fella have the wee fold of skin like the one inside…….".(Malcolm was referring to the fold of skin that Peter saw on one of this ‘beings’ in the join of the forearm to upper arm)


(PM) "No"


(MR) "He didn’t, this one didn’t."


(BD) "Did you see him the next day ?"


(PM) "There are three and they are just following me and they are over there just now, (Peter points to the large bay window in the living room) I can see them. They don’t talk at all."


At this point Malcolm Billy and Garry swung round to look where Peter was pointing hoping to see something but were met by a normal scene of the window and curtains, no sign of the three ‘greys’ that Peter had referred to. We all took some photographs of the area and when those photographs were developed there was no ‘extra’ images on them, just a normal photograph of the window.


(PM) "I can see them shimmering."


(MR) "Are you quite happy that they are there at the moment?"


(PM) "I think they have been there all my life, I’ve seen shimmers all my life."


(BD) " You’ve seen shimmers all your life ?"


(PM) "Yes."


(BD) "Your talking about ‘aliens’ are you. How do you know they are aliens?"


(PM) "They look like them."


(BD) "They look like what, the photos you see in magazines and books ?"


(PM) "Yes."


(BD) "So how do you know they are ‘aliens’ ! Have they told you ?"


(PM) (Couldn’t make out what Peter said on audio tape here)


(MR) "Where about Peter are they ?"


(Malcolm moves towards the window area asking Peter to show him exactly where these three ‘beings, aliens, whatever, were standing. Malcolm was moving in and out and around in the area where these ‘beings’ were allegedly standing.


  1. "Do you want me to shut the curtains son ?"


(BD) "How do you feel when you walk through them (Question directed to Peter) ?"


(PM) "They are there but they are not there."


(BD) "Do they feel cold ?"


(PM) "Sometimes they do."


(BD) "How many are there ?"


(PM) "Three."


(There were lots of talking going on at this point between us all, most of which was hard to make out on audio tape)


(PM) "I can sort of see zig zag like black all the time moving back and forward."


(BD) "What colour is it ?"


(PM) "It’s just whitish."


  1. "He also sees different colours as well……Are you sure it wasn’t (Couldn’t make this sentence out from Mary which was directed to Peter, she laughs)"


(PM) "It wisnae," (wasn’t) (High pitched answer by Peter)


(BD) "What are they doing just now, just standing watching?"


(PM) "Mmm, that’s what they usually do."


(BD) "Are they not telling you to say anything?"


(PM) "No."


(MR) "Peter, could they move anything in the room if they wanted to ?"


(PM) "Don’t know."


(MR) "Could you ask them to move Billy’s pen," (Malcolm points to Billy Devlin’s pen on a chair)


(PM) "You might want to ask them yourself. !"


(MR) "(Malcolm laughs and says, "If there is anyone there could you move this pen on this chair here" Then says, "I’ll be the first one out of the door if it does move" (Laughs)"


(PM) "He has moved something already."


(MR) "(Malcolm turns to Peter’s mum Mary and says, "Can you see anything yourself") referring to the alleged three grey beings standing at the window."


  1. "I don’t know if it’s because I am deliberately blocking because I’m scared, but I can see the shimmering. I have had them in focus then I have immediately blocked them out. It’s almost like when they are trying to make me see them the shimmering comes up really strong and I’ll just immediately block them, I just don’t want to see them. It’s really really scary."


(GW) "And you say shimmering ?"


  1. "It’s almost like a heat wave (I’m sure she meant haze) It’s just there, it’s just a shimmer, and you can see through it. There isn’t any particular light. But sometimes somehow it seems as though faint very fine streaks through it (laughs) You know like on a summer’s day your looking at something and you get that haze………"


(BD) (Billy interrupts this part of the conversation and turns round to Peter and says,) "Did he say anything if I’m standing on him" (Billy is walking in and out of the area where these greys supposedly are.


(PM) (Can’t make out Peter’s response to this question on audio tape)


(BD) "He’s not saying "get off".


(PM) (Again can’t make out Peter’s response on tape)


At this point Garry Wood gets back to asking questions to Mary about the main night, the night of the main sighting and asked about being home in bed, did she have any strange dreams to which Mary replied.


(GW) "Did you have any weird dreams that night ?"


  1. "I’m not aware, I’m usually a fairly active dreamer."


(GW) "Basically you slept and you cannot remember………..The night you were at your friends ?"


  1. "The night I was at my friends, I really don’t recall any dreams. My friend said I was extremely restless and she had hardly any sleep all night because I was determined not to have the quilt on the bed and she said it was like as if somebody else was in the bed she said. She said you just kept sitting up, taking the quilt off and throwing it off the bed and she said that she (Mary) she did that constantly for about 20 minutes to half an hour. There was nothing around that I could have injured myself on. I haven’t actually injured myself anywhere. I could see a slight mark there (points to her arm) I know it’s there. But it was actually like a collection of five. It was one in the centre, one there, one there quite pronounced, one there quite pronounced. It was a collection of little round bruises."


(GW) "Are your friends bruised when they have been gripped, are they easily bruised? You should try it with your friends, and just say can I try this and just grab her and squeeze her and see if bruises come up."


  1. "Because some times I bruise very easy and other times I don’t. But it wasn’t only that, the whole muscle from elbow to down there, this whole muscle was very painful, it was actually very swollen up here as well. It’s actually just disappearing now."


(MR) "Is it itchy at all ?"


  1. "It wasn’t itchy, just very painful."


(GW) "Have you looked over yourself for any other odd lumps or anything."


  1. "Yes as far as I know there’s been nothing, just that, initially the first day I noticed that, (couldn’t make the next sentence out on tape) other than that there were no other marks."


(MR) "Now since the night of the 23rd, now this is obviously the 27th of October (1996). Can you recall any prominent strange or unusual prolific dreams something that has stayed with you, or haven’t you had any of these?"


  1. "There was one dream that stayed with me somehow it was referring to these craft. Things that weren’t human (couldn’t make this part out on tape however she was referring to a dream where she believed that she was inside a UFO). It was definitely human like but it wasn’t getting any-thing. And after walking through various corridors there was this hill of grass and this sort of craft."


(GW) "Did you feel you were collected and dropped off ?"


  1. "No, all I can really remember about this dream was walking down this…….there was some kind of black door in front of me, we went through there because there was this sort of male person with me, and there was a short stretch of corridor and somehow it was a sort of marbly sort of floor and it was black doors down this side and there were sort of silvery walls. Got to the end and there was a ladder just like you see on the films with these ships and things. And I went up there and I was going through a hatch and then I sort of came outside and it was like a saucer sitting there on grass on a hill, which was odd. And then I was sort of back, and then I’m not really sure what was going on it was like this male person was doing something at my neck and he explained to me that I may feel a very strange sensation but there are no marks or anything that have come up and that’s what I dreamed."


(GW) "You don’t have dreams where people are" (couldn’t make this part out on audio tape)


  1. "I’ve had dreams like that all my life anyway so…….things that have come true."


(GW) "It’s a sort of varied subject and you have got to look at all corners to really make a profile of you to find out basically how your day to day ………"


  1. "I’ve had such a lot of very vivid dreams throughout my life a big spate of them. Just over a year ago and again I’ve had some more about me this year," (lost parts of Mary’s conversation here as Billy Devlin was speaking quite loud to young Peter in the back ground)


(MR) "Would you say that your outlook in life has changed at all, do you view things differently now that you have had your experience."


  1. "Yes, ever since that Monday night I definitely felt that the world is not as we know it. And whatever is really about us although I still really ‘like’ all this ‘stuff’, it’s really not important. I just feel that there is an awful lot more to life in the Universe, as we know it."


(BD) "Do you see this as a special experience?"


  1. "I wouldn’t have described it as such, but it’s just changed the way I feel."


(GW) "Do you appreciate your life more ?"


  1. "I don’t know that I do, I don’t know that I appreciate it more. I wasn’t scared particularly until Sunday night, and that’s really scared me."


(GW) "Is the thing that you are scared of coming face to face with you ?"


  1. (Can’t make out on tape Mary’s response to this question) "Sorry I did actually have something on the way home from work which was maybe a week after the incident or a few days after the incident, certainly within two weeks of it where I dreamt that I was in the car but it was that Monday night and I’m not sure whether it was a real dream or just made up of bits and pieces that I’ve read or whether it’s something that is in my mind as an actual memory. But I dreamt that I was in this room, it was a white room and there was about half a dozen of these little grey ones in front of me." "There in this" (Can’t make out these next words) "I thought there was a black or dark cupboard and this bench board. The roof seemed to be a darkened grey looking and it got lighter on the walls, but there was a big black chair almost like, I don’t know, like one of these big ones that you get in offices they don’t have solid sides you know they’ve got arm rests and their black like a padded black leather chair. And one of these brown ones were sitting in there. And he actually turned to sort of face me and these little ones are in front of me. And somehow or other over to the brown one and I was pulling his arms, seeing what they were like. That’s when I said to my friend "Those brown ones"….. because she said that she could remember being in the craft with them, Peter has got certain memories as well. And I said, was their skin really warm or was their skin rough, and she said yeah ‘you’ were definitely there" (laughs) (This what appeared to be a dream on Mary’s part, was as stated above when she mentioned this to her assumed ream to her friend, was not a dream as her friend could back up what she herself experienced, or was it a dual/similar dream !) "It felt very rough, but not really rough but rough sort of very textured. It’s hard to describe, very textured and very leathery looking somehow."



(MR) "And this is all in this dream ?"


  1. "And this was in this dream yeah. I definitely will not let myself see its face."


(MR) "So you feel there is a barrier there" ?


  1. "Oh well" (laughs)


(MR) "That you can only go so far." ?


(GW) "Your trying to picture it but you cannot see any pictures?"


  1. "Yeah, ah……. And it’s scares me. I’ve got a definite sort of barrier."


(BD) "So you’ve got a block" ? (can’t make out on tape Billy’s finishing part of his sentence)


  1. "Yeah."


(GW) "But you won’t come face to face with anything like that…."


  1. "I’m just too scared."


(GW) "Until you can accept it." ?


  1. "I’m really just too scared especially after what happened on Sunday."


(MR) "Where have you lived most of your life, where were you born and brought up ?"


(MM) "I lived in (not given here for witness protection) my parents are still there."


(MR) "And growing up as a young girl in this area, did you have a happy childhood as such were there any strange experiences centring around your ‘younger life’ ?"


  1. "I certainly used to have an awful lot of nightmares. The house that my mum and dad used to have in (not given here) I can remember having nightmares there and I actually fell down the stairs splitting my face open. And then when we moved over to just outside (not given here) we stayed in a cottage there for two years and I had horrendous nightmares there and I was under a lot of stress because I was bullied at the school that I was at there. But eh, these dreams were horrific. Put it this way, my mum used to get hold of me and she used to wake me up when I was actually trying to tear my way through the bedroom wall."


(GW) "When you are on your own or especially when you are secluded and on your own, do you sometimes feel that there are something watching you ?"


(MM) " I have felt that many a time, just after I moved in here in fact."


(GW) (Could not make out Garry’s next question on audio tape here)


  1. "I have had that a couple of times, not overly often. Everybody seems to have moments like that which you have been spooked about something and your not sure why. I’ve had a few experiences where I’ve felt I’ve definitely been spooked, a couple of frightening ones."


(GW) "There is just something in your mind that tells you to remove it." !


  1. "Yes. It’s funny I was talking about my mum and dad this time last year mentioning about the nightmares that I’ve had. It was constant then, sort of like repeating dreams really. And my dad said where we lived there were actually a lot of Ley Lines there, I don’t know anything about that". (laughs)


(MR) "As you grew up and as you grew older, did you show any interest in matters relating to psychic matters or spiritual matters." ?


  1. "Yeah, Uh Huh. I read a few books about it."


(MR) "Is that Spiritual books, psychic books ?"


  1. "Yes those, books about aliens. I’ve actually got Whitley Streiber’s three books, including Communion and Transformation. I’ve got quite a few books about other things and I make good use of the library (Malcolm laughs) Two years ago I started a subscription to Flying Saucer Review which I kept up just for the year. I like the Fortean Times it’s got lots of odd things I like their idea of keeping an open mind."


(MR) "Yes that’s a good magazine that."


(MM) "Yes lots of fun."


(GW) "When you go out at night, basically do keep sort of aware at every stage of the area so you do watch out for anything strange."


  1. "Now I do, I watch the skies when I’m out."


(GW) "When you are driving along the road are you eyes more up there than down here". (Malcolm laughs)


  1. (Couldn’t make out on tape Mary’s response to this question but she laughed as well at this point.) "That’s how I saw the triangle again on Friday night" (alluding to Gary’s question of watching the skies)


(MR) "Friday night there." ?


(MM) "I was on the road and got up to the top of the hill there and just started to go down and the triangle was sitting over above the fields. It was high up, we were higher than it" (Due to the lay of the land the valley is down below) "And we could see it, just sitting above the fields sort of behind Kennoway It was sitting there and it had these two big bright front lights on."


(MR) "Was it moving ?"


  1. "When we first started watching it, it was stationary. It was almost pointing towards us but slightly, again I am referring to the two bright white lights at the front as being the front but they might not necessarily be so. It had a red flashing light on the side away from us. And it did actually move as we went down into Kennoway because I was going to the shop to get" (couldn’t make this part out on audio tape)


(BD) "Did you see it on Saturday as well, last Saturday ?"


  1. "I haven’t seen the black triangle other than as certainly as far as I am aware of other than Monday night and on Friday night there. I knew it was it, because there is nothing that looks quite like it, (Mary Laughs) Again because I was driving, Peter was able to keep an eye on it and that’s when I saw it. But I actually didn’t lose sight of it until I got into the town proper heading down, I could actually see it between some of the buildings it was dark as I was coming down to the shops and it was only when I got down as far as that that the buildings completely blocked it from view."


(MR) "Since Friday night, have you felt any different being in this house. As Garry mentioned earlier the fact that there might be something watching you if you like, or are you quite comfortable here, do you only see these things when you go outside. ?"


  1. "Well that’s the other reason why I’ve not got (Couldn’t make her next sentence out on tape) Because actually since Sunday I’ve been really quite nervous about staying here on my own. All of the time, one of the boys at least is with me. I managed to spend most of Wednesday afternoon here on my own. But I am aware of these things whatever they are around here and I can see the shimmering and I deliberately sat and ignored them once (couldn’t make out Mary’s next sentence here) And I deliberately ignored them, Peter came home from school and we were chatting away about things then I decided that I was going to focus on the one that was standing in that corner for so long. And as soon as the face started coming into focus and it started coming straight towards me and that was it ‘Woooo’ No stop and that was it. You could see the shimmering going back."


(GW) "Do you ever turn quickly as if something has turned away and you’ve noticed something." ?


  1. "Always since then, just out of the far edges (Mary points to her eyes) yeah I have. But I have had that since I moved in here anyway because there seems to be a dog going about."


(MR) "A ghostly dog !"


  1. "Yeah. This house, I don’t know if it has changed or not but it has a very friendly sort of welcoming feeling to this house. It needs a lot of work done on it and tender loving care (laughs) but never mind. But quite a few times out of the corner of my eye I thought, that’s a dog going by, and no dog. And it was quite a few weeks ago my husband had been here and we were having a coffee the front doors were open and one of my cats had been through feeding in the kitchen. And we heard this sound of a dog trotting quite fast. You could hear the feet and the claws on the carpet. You heard the footsteps going into the kitchen. The cat shot through here eyes like saucers tail bristled out Zzzz (Mary makes hissing sounds replicating what the cat was like as it rushed into he living room) The other one was in here she reacted as well they both went on guard at the door growling and hissing and I said "That’s a dog come in I said somebody is out with a dog for a walk and it’s slipped it’s lead and it’s decided to come in you know. And I walked straight to the door there my husband was behind me and we reacted as soon as we heard the dog going into the kitchen you could actually hear it lapping out of the cats stainless steel water bowl. Nothing could have got past me, and I went through to the kitchen and there was nothing there." (Mary laughs)


(MR) "Did you see the bowl or did you just hear it………….." ?


  1. "We just heard the lapping, you know, it sounded like a thirsty dog (Mary and Malcolm Laugh) And the cats definitely reacted they were not happy because they don’t like dogs much because they have been chased a few times."


(MR) "Peter, can I ask you something ? We mentioned about the cats reacting to the ghostly dog that you have here, but have you noticed the cats reacting to the ‘visitors’ these creatures.? You said they were standing there. Do the cats notice…………."


(PM) "One of them has been hissing at them. The grey coloured one was stroking it."


(MR) "One of them was stroking her !"


(PM) "Yes. And we were sitting on the coach next to her."


  1. (Couldn’t make out Mary’s comments on tape here) "And the other morning (Couldn’t make out the name of the cat here) that’s the little white cat she went very much on the defensive. I could see the shimmer in front of the bedroom door whatever it did or did something that she didn’t like her back would go up and she would hiss and spit at it she was very much on the defensive for some reason."



(MR) "At any times have you noticed any small balls of light in your room ?"


  1. "I’ve never noticed that no."


[End of audio cassette tape one]

[Start of audiocassette two side one]


(Mary was already at this point explaining about other strange lights that she had seen as I switched the audiotape to start recording again. I must point out again here that as we were not using professional clip mikes, some of the testimony was quite hard to make out whilst transcribing, (maybe a better ear than me could make it out ! But here is what followed with audiocassette two)


  1. "I used to sometimes see these blue beams of colour at the bedroom window they would almost sweep across the room sometimes they would just come straight in. Other times it would sweep across. There would be no emergency vehicles about. Usually an emergency vehicle has got a light and got it’s siren on. And the angle that these were often coming in at were actually from above. They were not coming in from like ground level and this was on a second floor as well the bedroom was upstairs so they were definitely coming in at a higher angle." (Garry explains to Mary that he works with ambulances and knows the colours and intensity of the emergency services flashing lights on their vehicles.)


  1. "To be that intense, it would have to come fairly close and the only way you could do that would be if it was at roof top level of the house across the road."


(MR) "How thick or thin were these beams of light that came in ?"


  1. "At the bedroom window ! Well sometimes it would be more than one or it would be the same one going round and coming back."


(MR) "Was the beam as thick as my arm ?"


  1. "Yeah. And that was from the bedroom window and I was right opposite it. (around 12 feet !) And it would come into the room quite a bit, about five or six feet into the room."


(MR) "Did this blue beam bend at all when it came into the room or did it…………"


  1. "No it was straight, and it was quite a thick light and again it was just like somebody shining a torch," (couldn’t make out next sentence on audio tape)


(MR) "And the thickness again, did you say that it was the same as my arm or was it thicker ?"


  1. "I’d say that certainly some parts of it could be as thick as your arm and a bit wider."


(MR) "Did it seem to have any purpose this light you know as it was moving about the room ?"


  1. "No it didn’t know, it was just a light coming in from the window. I can remember me feeling uneasy about it and putting my head under the quilt."


(MR) "Now this happened at Cupar did you say ?"


  1. "Uh huh."


(MR) "And what time did this happen ?"


  1. "It happened every now and again and we moved to Cupar when Peter was about two and a half weeks old so that was about 1986, the end of February 1986. And I left Cupar three years ago or about two and a half years ago". (laughs)


(GW) "And what age are you ?"


  1. "I’m 34 next month. The other thing that made me uneasy. There was something unpleasant in the house at where we actually stayed and I’ve discussed it with my friend ."


(MR) "At Cupar !"


  1. "Yeah. Right at the back of that house, not just my house there was something a bit creepy. (Can’t make sentence out) My husband was away for four months. And I went out, I had forgot to bring the washing in at that time of the year it tends to freeze so I thought I’d have to bring it in and get it dried. And I went to get it in and the time since I stepped out the door, there was this feeling of a ‘presence’, I’ve never felt that as strong at any time. And it was horrendous. I managed to get the washing in and all of this time there was this feeling that was so strong it was almost crushing me. I’ve never felt anything so malevolent in all my life and by the time I got into the house I actually was so freighted that I just dropped down onto my knees I couldn’t even stand and I just had to lean against the door (back door) to try and close it, I was so freighted I could hardly move and the tears were just streaming down my face it took me all my time to get the door locked and after that I could never go out there again. The neighbours used to say that there were a few ‘funny things’ out there (out the back)."


(MR) "But there was nothing tangible that you could actually see ?"


  1. "Nothing tangible but I have never felt anything so….it was so repulsive, and this feeling of malevolence……I wouldn’t have said that it was going to get me it was just a pure feeling of such hatred. It was so bad. I’ve never felt like that before."


(BD) "Have you noticed Peter experiencing anything like that, you know becoming more spiritually aware of ‘happenings’ ?"


  1. "Well yeah uh huh. Though in saying that, when he was little when we moved to that house he told me that he had seen a ghost in that house."


(MR) "In Cupar ?"


  1. "Yeah, the white lady. There was a cupboard in his room and he said and he was only about three at the time. He had been sitting playing on his bedroom floor and he said this mist came out of this door in his bedroom (cupboard) and it was a white lady and she just went away. He must have been dreaming. But he was quite adamant at the time that this is what he had seen but he had actually forgotten about it but of course with all us talking about things like this) But my son has had experiences when he was about two and a half. The first house I was in was the haunted house. And when we moved in there, it didn’t start immediately it was a while after we had been there. He would end up waking crying during the night something that he never did, he was very contented child and it was always about this ‘little man’. He always appeared over at the corner near the window and he said he would come round running round my bed and shaking me in my bed and poking me with a stick. And, it was while he was still in that room and I was still in the other one (couldn’t make out Mary’s next sentence here) And one night I heard this click click, click click, I thought, "Here we are, he’s in the cupboard", (couldn’t make out the next sentence) So I went back to bed and it started again, click click, click click. I said right, he’s definitely up, (couldn’t make out the next sentence of Mary) And I went back into my bed, I was two seconds back into bed when it started again so I just put my head under the pillows. (laughs) And we used to hear the sound of somebody slowly walking up the stairs and pacing about on the little landing between the bedroom doors. And I had a cousin to stay and she was really scared one night and she said she heard somebody moving about, she didn’t like it."


(GW) "And what about your friend, what doe she make about all this ?"


  1. "My friend that was with us on that Monday……ah….she just couldn’t……she was so severely shocked. She’s accepted it, she is doing a lot better than I am definitely blocking things. She’s seen an awful lot and been shown an awful lot," (couldn’t make out next sentence from Mary)


(MR) "What age is Jane ?"


  1. "Jane is actually 38/39."


(BD) "Is it because she has opened up that she’s got more ?"


  1. "Well I think so yeah. Uh huh. She has actually seen them as well. And her daughter won’t talk."


(MR) "And what age is Susan (Jane’s daughter) ?"


  1. "She has just turned 15. She had her 15th birthday last week I think it was. Jane she has sort of faced the fear of it, she was laid so wide open by it. I think perhaps the husband thinks as well that because I have read a bit about it, about yeah this is scary and just shut down completely and she has just completely being left open as Peter has."


(GW) "Are there any reason what sparked your interest in all this subject before ?"


  1. "I don’t know. I was always interested in things that were a bit different and I’ve always been interested in these things. I think that all the nightmares that I used to have has sparked some of the interests in the supernatural side. And it just developed from there. But it wasn’t until I got to about 19 or 20 or thereabouts, late teens, that I really started to read anything or any books about UFOs. And I thought "wow" there must be something in it."


(GW) (Garry was trying to express his point here but what he was essentially trying to say to Mary was,) "The things you saw Mary what did you think of them, what thoughts came into your mind ?"


  1. "Well on the initial sighting of the triangle. I remember shaking, trembling."


(GW) "You were looking at this thing, what made you look at it, did you pick up anything from it, vibes in your mind."


(MM) "No. I was just so stunned, and they are all going "wow" (laughs) I felt marvellous because it’s something that is unknown."


(GW) "Because you were in control at the time you felt O.K." ?


  1. "I felt O.K. yeah."


(GW) "Because you knew this was something that you could get away from ?"


  1. "Yes that’s it. I’ve actually said to Peter I feel that maybe I could still sort of accept them, if they stood over there (points to window) and let me have a good look at them they kept their distance and provided they didn’t hover around the bed and do things like they are doing at night….."


(GW) "Because that’s you fear, it’s facing them. It’s not even them standing over their (Garry points to window) it’s them coming through the door. That’s your fear."


  1. "Yeah it’s not nice because you just don’t know what they are doing."


(MR) "You spoke about your own psychic interests and experiences from your early life. What about Jane ! Is Jane known for any strange incidents in her childhood or………………"


  1. "Yes she has as well."


(MR) "She has !"


(MM) "Yes. In fact Peter actually mentioned earlier on. It’s things we sort of have seen and experienced and certain things that we’ve looked at in magazines we’ve actually seen before sort of all our lives without even being aware of it. It’s a really odd sort of feeling. And it’s weird". (she laughs)


(MR) "Mmm Peter mentioned earlier on about the two ‘entities’ for want of a better word that he saw over there."


  1. "I think he said was it not three. !"


(MR) "Yeah three sorry, and eh, do you feel anything at the moment in here in the living room ?"


  1. "Well I do tend to sort of look about. For me since yesterday, I feel (couldn’t make Mary’s sentence out here) But it’s not as obvious now as it was since Sunday up till Friday night. Sunday night was the strongest when I came home from Susan’s I blocked that up extremely well. And then there have been a couple of occasions through the week where something definitely wanted to be seen and this shimmering started really really strongly and it was almost like it was billowing (not sure if that was the correct word used) round the edges and I said "NO" (laughs) "DAD Come Here" (laughs).


(BD) "Well that’s what to do until you have built up courage to protect yourself, just block it off. I mean if you see something out of the corner of your eye."


  1. "Well that’s what happened…………."


(GW) "I mean, if anything was going to happen it would have happened that night."


  1. "Yeah."


(GW) "And understand that it never."


  1. "I just don’t trust them."


(GW) "And what makes you not trust them ?"


  1. "Because they are a complete unknown and everybody who has got a lot more power than me………….I think actually if they were in front of us a lot of them we could physically harm, I think that is why they are appearing a lot of these entities. My impression is that an awful lot of them if they were to appear physically if it wasn’t for their superior mental and psychic powers then we could do them an awful of damage. In the form that they are appearing and going around us at the moment, we can walk through them in fact they have deliberately started doing that" (laughs, couldn’t make out what she said next)


(MR) "Do you think that’s their real form, their true form, or are they masquerading as something else ?"


  1. "I don’t know, I just don’t know, I think they can be as thorough as they want to be. I think they were collecting things taking samples actually. And when we went back to that site, that rock, it was a proper great big rock, as if it’s came from an old stone built house or wall or something somewhere at some time. And whenever a rock has been lying there for a number of years you get a build up soil and grass around the edges. And it was quite a big sort of rock about that (spaced her hands can’t remember now what size she estimated) Quite a hefty thing, it had been lifted straight out there was no smearing at the edges and was put about three foot to the side. The only time that I’ve ever done that was to go looking for worms to go fishing."


(MR) "And this was quite a heavy rock !"


  1. "Yes, this was a good heavy rock."


(BD) "Is it still there ?"


  1. "I don’t know I haven’t been back, and it was just over to that that we found that wee igloo thing."



* (This refers to a small and very intricate little construction that was found in the area where the Fife Incident occurred. It was made out of long grass and weeds and was woven like a wicker basket. Mary explains what it was like)


(BD) "You actually found it ?"


  1. "Yeah."


(GW) "How big was it ?"


(MM) "It was about this high (makes size with her hands about three feet and about the same diameter) and beautifully constructed and had a little doorway in the front."


(MR) "Do you think though that some kids maybe could have made this ?"


  1. "It was really complex, and it was perfect."


(MR) "What was it made out of ?"


  1. "It was weeds and things, it was all these weeds and grass and things."


(MR) "Any twigs or that ?"


  1. "I can’t recall seeing any twigs I was just so gobsmacked when I saw that and there were other things as well."


(GW) "And they (‘the ‘beings’) were carrying these things about !"


  1. "Well I don’t know about that but I certainly saw these ‘beings’ carrying boxes."


(MR) "Just going back to……"


  1. "And canisters."


(MR) "Did you mention on the phone, I can’t quite recall, but did you mention on the phone a strange smell around this or was that………." ?


  1. "No this was something else it was again when I stayed at Cupar, it really scared me when I read Whitley Streiber’s book when he mentioned about these visitations from these greys. It was at some point he got to smell them or something. It was a smell like burnt paper. Now umpteen times I had got up during the night after going to bed and my husband had done it as well (couldn’t make out Mary’s next sentence) and we could smell this, it was a very acrid smell this burnt paper. And we could smell this smell really strongly and we’d literally be prowling the house but we couldn’t actually pin this down anywhere. Wherever we went, it smelt stronger from somewhere else (Mary’s laughs) and there wasn’t anything in the house burning and I’m a smoker but it wasn’t that kind of smell. It was definitely burnt paper and that scared us."


(MR) "Getting back to this igloo thing whatever it was, you mentioned, did the chap from Quest take photographs of this ?"


  1. "He has, he has numerous photographs of lots of things, he has also got he also has my tape measure which I want back."


(MR) "What happened to the actual thing (this igloo structure) was it left there ?"


  1. "We left it as it was, I don’t know if anybody has ever been up there."


(MR) " And to your mind, what did make it seem so strange ?"


  1. "Why would anybody want to build anything like that. And if anybody did build anything like that it’s a huge amount of effort to expend for such a little thing." !


(MR) "Was it bendy, solid, or…………………." ?


  1. "We didn’t actually touch it we just passed it and took some photographs of it, but maybe I should have went inside that you know. It really was very very delicate looking it was so finely woven. It was really impressive actually." (laughs)


(BD) "But you didn’t take anything yourself" ? (Billy was referring to Mary taking her own photographs of this ‘thing’)


  1. "My younger son, both of us and nasty cheap cameras which aren’t working very well. My son did take some photographs, he came out with us the first day, so I’ve got some more to show you, and I did actually take a photograph of my friend’s daughter (couldn’t make this part out on audio tape) The one that I’ve got, I sent one off to Quest but the one that I’ve got it’s more a bleached out you don’t see it very clearly the camera wasn’t suitable for getting a good close up picture of anything."


(MR) "I’m sure there are many more questions that I’d like to ask, but before I do close this, are there anything else above what you have told us this evening, which I must thank you for by the way……………….."


  1. "I’ve had quite a few craft sightings numerous. The Monday after the initial sighting, Monday 30th of September it was about 9:35pm. I turned up the hill to come up this road, and one of these ‘stars’, I call them ‘stars’ in quotation marks. It came shooting over from the right and sort of curved round it was almost as though it was keeping parallel with us and I though, "Oh my God they are there again". And I lost sight of that in the trees. I just left the car at the front door and I’m standing glaring at this thing and I thought that it’s just a star that’s there, it wasn’t this thing that had been flying along. I came in, shut the curtains in here, checked the phone, went upstairs to the first window looking out that way, and that’s when I saw it, it rose from the tree line over there and it just sat there twinkling and stuttering and (couldn’t make next sentence out on tape). Then I can’t remember if it was then that it moved a little over to the right, yeah it was then. After a few minutes, a little red light came across, a very small red light in relation to this white one, came across and joined it. It kept a certain distance from it. The two of them in tandem moved slightly a little to the right, twinkling away and all the rest of it. I actually did send letters to Tony Dodd at Skysearch (she meant Quest) about this, this detail of what I had seen. The little red one arced away to the right and I lost it in the lights over the lights towards Edinburgh way, eventually lost it in the glow. The white one continued to sort of sit there and twinkle away then it moved very slowly a bit further over to the right (coughs) And it actually started flashing. And it was about three sequences of three if you like, it was flash flash flash, then three seconds later flash flash flash and then a few seconds later flash flash flash. And I just sat watching it and I felt really quite content by this time I had shut the both sets of the hall windows Peter had seen this as well, and moved into my room and I was actually just standing at my bedroom window watching away and I saw something flashing started to flash above my head, so I just looked up and at the edge of my bedroom window I could see this thing coming over, just like that, and it was so slow it took a couple of minutes to come full into view. To start off with it was two white lights like that (she shows me with her hands where the two white lights were) they were flashing on and off at the same time, and it just kept coming and coming. Then there was this like a truncated cone with a big white light on the centre. Small red light on that side and the underside of the thing was another white light, and I think just below there a bit further into the cone of the thing was another white light but I’m not very sure about that one. On the side of this cone in the light of this white light, you know when you see those model things like the Star Wars craft have they have lumps and things, you see sort of shapes, (Mary is referring to the type of space ships in the Star Wars films where all around them they have pipes and protrubances and things) And this thing kept coming over and coming over and there were two more of these white lights, and it was all in a big rectangle. And the four outer lights at the corners, they were all flashing on and off at the same time about once per second, flash, flash, flash. And it went straight over towards where that other light was just sitting there it wasn’t flashing anymore (couldn’t make out Mary’s next sentence here on tape) like a pathfinder or something I don’t know but it was quite well above that. It went away headed out towards the sea over that way. The white light remained there and there was other aircraft now and again in the vicinity, Edinburgh airport’s over that way and there’s Leuchars (another airport) over that way."


(GW) "Is Edinburgh far from here ?"


  1. "It’s just across the water there."


(GW) "So how far was" ? (couldn’t make his question out on tape)


  1. "Eh, I’m not sure, I know by road it seems to take an awful long time (laughs) but eh you know you see all the lights over there at Edinburgh and whatever it is over there. But anyway, this thing sort of disappeared up into the distance. The feeling that I got was like ecstatic, I was so peaceful and happy it was just so wonderful to see this. That was all the feelings that I had at the time."


(BD) (Couldn’t make out Billy’s question here as both he and Mary spoke at the same time)


  1. "Well I was only really scared a couple of times, I felt a bit edgy, but I haven’t really been particularly scared on the whole. I’m either very calm when I saw that, it was lovely. And it was a few minutes, the white starry thing was just sitting there just twinkling away and a few minutes after the rectangle went over there was like a big aircraft passenger aircraft went over the exact same route but it was much much higher."


(MR) "So how far……………." ?


  1. "I don’t know, I could tell you but from the upstairs window as that sort of rectangle got to the sort of edge of one of the electric pylons there it appeared to be at an estimate, twice the height of that pylon there, so I don’t know from that elevation how high that would be. I can’t remember the maths (laughs) But this big aircraft definitely was going in the same flight path as the rectangle but much much much higher. And it would have taken it straight over that white light as well but as it was like approaching it, that white light died down, started to die down and it moved exactly the same way as that little red light had done before. It kept on the same level but it arced away and I lost it in the lights. That was just one of the things that I’ve seen."


(MR) "But that one made you feel quite happy ?"


  1. "Oh yeah. Which is a shame, because I’ve lost the edge of that feeling now because I’ve been so scared since Sunday because that feeling really stayed with me for quite a long time and it was really wonderful. And then it was the Thursday of that week my husband had managed to get up here, and the three of us, that’s my youngest son as well, I think it was the Thursday, it may have been the Friday, no it definitely was the Thursday, we saw another one of those things, it rose again from the trees over there, it came up, and this is the only time that I’ve ever seen one flying if you like, erratically. Before you could actually see it above the trees you could see this blue glow coming up and then the bright light comes and it was going about. My husband actually saw it. A couple of times there were quite a lot of aircraft about a couple of times there were aircraft too close for it, it seemed to dip down behind the trees again. And at one point it actually came down in front of the trees and it was zipping about a little bit sort of erratically. My husband had to go away because his father phoned and when he came back by this time Peter had had a look at it and he said "mum it’s a triangle because you could see it". We actually saw this, there was definitely a red light and I can’t remember if it was a green light or whatever but it looked like an aircraft. Peter had been watching it with his binoculars and he said "mum that’s a triangle". And you could see the shape, and we actually watched this I’ve not told my husband because quite honestly I don’t think he believes us. So from this white light which we had been watching it seemed to change into a shape like an aircraft, it was signalling like an aircraft with these lights and it flew at the same height as an aircraft towards Edinburgh way."


(MR) "Talking about aircraft, have there been any RAF jets or any Military jets in this area ?"


  1. "Loads, stacks of them. I was speaking with a neighbour, Jane had said that she had never known so many night flying aircraft since that night we had our sighting over Falkland, that night included. Any my neighbour down the road was saying over the last three weeks he said, normally they stop about eleven or something but it’s just been constant noises of aeroplanes. Oh, that big rectangle thing, when that went over I actually thought it was an aeroplane coming over because it was like the hum, like a hercules (aircraft) going over it just sort of curles (!) over it’s quite a constant sort of ………..it seemed to be making that sort of noise."


(MR) "The jets that you spoke about, you said that they had been quite a few, have you seen and heard them, I mean, is it quite a loud roar ?"


  1. "Well you get a loud roar, sometimes if they’re further away they’re not so loud."


(MR) "When was the last loud roar that you heard from a Jet ?"


  1. "Eh, to be quite honest………..certainly when I was down at the neighbours having a cup of tea on Friday afternoon they were screaming about then."


(MR) "But what direction were they going, were they going in any particular direction, out towards Freuchie…………….?"


  1. "I’ve also seen a helicopter which I thought was another thing. And I don’t know what day it was but it was flying with it’s nose pointed right down. My son said that sometimes they have to fly like that but I’ve never seen one flying at such a heavy angle, eh Military one."


(MR) "And what colour was it ?"


  1. "I can’t remember. I didn’t see any lights or whether it was using infra red I don’t know that’s just occurred to me (laughs) And it came that way (motions with her hand can’t recall the direction she stated) it went right over going that way. And then it was circling around the valley over there to the right of Kennoway, Leven, Methil (Fife Towns) and then it went right…." (couldn’t make out her finishing sentence on tape)


(MR) "And this was at night ?"


  1. "Mmm".


(MR) "What time would this be ?"


  1. (Laughs) "eh, I’m not sure."



(At this point her cat shot past and interrupted the conversation for a few seconds. On the audiotape we return to the part where Mary took Garry, Billy and myself to the front window where we all looked out as Mary showed us exactly where this helicopter had been)


(We then returned with our conversation back to the night in question and Mary then produced a map and placed it on a table and proceeded to discuss with us the events in tandem as they occurred that night.)


  1. "What we saw was trees, there’s actually trees lining this road here this back road to these farms and things. And in the dark, all we could see was the tree lines and to us it looked like woods. And, but the wood was actually behind it and this craft thing had actually taken up most of the space in there apparently. But all these ‘beings’ were running up and down. This glow lit up most of this area it was huge."


(MR) "Right but is this the second sighting that you are on about ?"


  1. "Yeah, Uh Huh, this is the sort of like area two. It was after that that I decided……..this is the odd bit I said, "let’s go on to this road"(points to map)


(MR) "To get a better look ?"


  1. "Yeah, and I said we could maybe see this better but there’s other (couldn’t make this sentence out) and…….maybe it was this one, it’s a bit confusing."


(MR) "If your not sure don’t mark it". (Malcolm referring to Mary marking the map where all the incidents took place)


  1. "The third site was on the way to Ladybank."



(At this point there was a break and the conversation whilst the audio tape was still running centred around photographs taken by Brian Rooney and sent to Quest and that Mary would love copies of these photos)


  1. "This is the first site here". (again Mary points to her map of the area) "We were actually sitting just before this bridge looking over here this is where we found the cotton in there." (Mary is referring to some cotton substance that they found but this was purely a common substance of the environment. Mary then showed us some photographs that were taken by her son of the area in question and mentions that the trees the grass and everything in that area was ‘dripping’ with this cotton like substance. She then showed us a photograph and you can hear her on tape saying this is the mark of my friend’s daughter shoulder and continuing with saying, "She also ended up with an oval graze about three quarters of an inch long and about half an inch wide it was made up of a very thin horizontal scrapes. My friend ended up with something similar". Mary then shows us photographs of some marks or substances found in the grass which she says were very sticky and stank to high heaven. She goes on.


  1. "I never actually touched it, this stuff was rotten……….."


(MR) "At the second site ?"


  1. "At the second site. That was where we were at the end (couldn’t make this part out on tape) This one we didn’t use the flash, but we found these marks on the road it was where that back road actually (Couldn’t make out) It’s tar macked out and then it turned a corner but it’s at that corner that it’s actually got a track going through the woods and this was where that turn off was. You start looking at the ground and you think that it’s the tyre marks of a vehicle until you look at the marks going onto the road. And it was going round in concentric rings and it seemed to form a massive tear drop shape and it went way up the road. I don’t think Brian got a picture of it because on day 2 it was raining and you couldn’t see that."


(MR) "And have you been back to this bit ?"


  1. "Uh huh. Now these ones (Again Mary is referring to photographs in front of us) are the ones I think is something odd. These are the ones which my son took this is the view looking over there he was just copying Brian taking pictures. Now look at this, this bloody thing here, there is something wrong about these pictures and I didn’t actually realise it at the time. Now there is actually a whole there."


(GW) "I could blow that up Billy" (Garry was referring to enlarging this particular photograph)


(MR) "Is that not like a wall, or hay or something ?"


  1. "We don’t know if that’s what (couldn’t make this part out on tape) I don’t know. It just seems really odd. I’ve actually had a look through a magnifying glass and it looks really odd. Especially when you get the two photographs that were taken, that one and this one. But that cotton is was very fine in texture and the place was dripping with it and it was just blasted through the field side and there were no plants there to do that. Quest actually has some samples of that we collected samples and we gave it to Brian as well."


(MR) "The farmers would be able to tell you if they have came across this type of thing."


  1. "Well Peter has actually said that he has seen that as well down at my mum’s as well, and the other area in the woods, off that track there’s an area, we haven’t really gone right over there. We actually realised that it’s covering too big an area in the time that we had but there was some of this on the trees there but nothing like that lot was it was dripping. So we’ve got samples of that."



(At this point we discussed other aspects of the photographs that Mary showed us)


  1. "I really wish that I had a decent camera or video camera because I saw quite a few things."


(BD) "Is that not a bush !" (Billy refers to one photograph that Mary felt odd)


  1. "It’s possible, but I don’t recall seeing any bushes there. I passed by yesterday and had a quick glance and I still don’t think there are any bushes the bales have actually been moved away now. Yeah that was it, Tuesday the 15th of October on the way to Kirkcaldy Peter saw loads of saucers, some of them were like moving they were in specific areas of the sky, and he said, "Oh they’re dancing in patterns". My friend was here last weekend and stared out of that window and watched all these things. Over there, there are some buildings I don’t know if you will be able to see them or not (couldn’t make out next sentence) Beyond that was this huge blue glow this is in the early hours of Sunday morning. And this glow to start off was very faint and then it got brighter, and brighter and it stayed the same usual colour, blue, and it was big, it was well above the buildings you could see it and we were silhouetted in this and I don’t know what was going on we gave up watching and came and sat down…………"



(End of side one of audio cassette two)

(Start Side two audio cassette two)


At the this point Garry Wood asks Mary if it is OK to come back and visit her as we would certainly be in the area and when we are could we call her and arrange to see her. She replied yes to this. Let us mow continue with the conversation and we pick it up more or less when the interview is over and we are just generally speaking to each other about the events discussed.


  1. "Well whatever is going on, they are certainly very busy in this area. And Sharon (Coul) was actually going on a skywatch and she said we are leaving at half nine and I will give you a phone before we go. But it came to sort of ten to ten and I hadn’t heard anything from her and the boys were really wanting to go, I said OK we can go up take a look and if she is not there we are coming straight back. However, we sat there for a while and she wasn’t there. And Peter and I could see very far away in the distance, two lines of street lights I’m not sure where they were well into the distance. And right between that, and to me I could see a mist coming in it had a very faint blue glow and it seemed to be getting closer and I got really spooked. Peter could see it as well Alex couldn’t. Prior to that Peter and I and I think Alex saw it as well was like, there were a lot of cloud last night, and we saw what looked like three red lights in a triangle shape. That’s when we got that funny blue mist and I got scared and I just got this feeling that something is going to happen". (couldn’t make her next sentence out)


(MR) "Mary, is it OK if I take a photograph of yourself ?"


  1. "I’d rather not". (laughs)


(MR) "That’s OK. It’s like I said on the phone. At the end of the day whatever you feel happy about. You are the main person in this."


(BD) "See the next time we come along, maybe we could bring a psychic with us ?"


  1. "Yeah that would be O.K."


(BD) "I mean, your wee boy is seeing things as well." !


(MM) "Now my friend said that there were three faces on that wall when she was talking to you, she said they are very concerned and that they belong to this house. She said they are very concerned about you (as in me Mary) She said my face was glowing black, she could see my face going completely black because I was in so much fear. And this was before Sunday night. And later on she says that it was starting to look better she said only half of your face in black. She said if you see what I mean it’s not the half of your face that’s in shadow but she says it was this side of your face that was black (Points to side of face can’t recall what side this was) She said you are beginning to calm down a bit now". (laughs)


(BD) "If you carry on with what you are doing, just blocking it off."


  1. "Mmm."


  1. "I’ve read a few things about this but nothing excessively."


(MR) "Obviously we cannot stop you from reading, it’s good for you because…………."


  1. "I haven’t felt like it actually, but there’s that magazine I bought the night of the incident the night of the initial sighting. Peter actually calls it ‘our big night out’. I didn’t read that magazine for over a week till my husband was here."


(At this point there is a general discussion about UFO Magazine the main British UFO publication)


  1. "I don’t actually mind about people wanting the story but certainly don’t want anything given out that could identify us because we’ve got kids involved here."


(MR) "Well, you’ll certainly get the respect from SPI it certainly won’t be leaked from us. We’ll leave you some UFO sighting account forms just to document the previous ones you’ve saw and any future ones that you see. And I’d also like to leave you this white paper essentially just to do drawings, it’s so important that I get you to do the drawing. The one you saw initially saw on the night that banked over and the one that went over your house here. Any drawing anything at all…………."


  1. "That’s what I think is really odd, somehow I think that’s it’s rectangular but I can’t actually recall really seeing it’s shape. All I can really recall is seeing it’s lights underneath the thing and yet that entire sighting lasted maybe 15 minutes from that first white light till after that thing went away and the little white light went away."



(At this point Garry talks about some UFO video footage [nothing to do with the Fife case]


  1. "I found out that my neighbour down the road said to me that they were watching a really odd light she told me, and I said "When was that" ? and she couldn’t remember what day it was but it was certainly in the last couple of weeks. What she described sounded very like a travelling star, you know the very white luminous light. She said "It was just above that building there" which is just down the road they actually have some out buildings down there. She said "It was just above those" she says her husband had been sitting looking at it out of his window they don’t have curtains in that room. And she said, "what are you looking at" and he said "This light. And they had a look and she said it’s just an aeroplane and he said that no it’s not, it’s not an aeroplane he said it’s just sitting there. And he was actually so curious that he went outside and she didn’t know what that might have been."


(MR) "And this again was just recently?"


  1. "Yes."


(GW) "Do you find Sharon quite helpful ? (Sharon Coul Mary’s friend and someone who was looking at her sighting)"


  1. "Yes she’s good to have a talk to and there was some odd experience that happened and we ended up staying with her on Friday night. You could almost sort of picture these things (couldn’t make out Mary’s next sentence) and I was so scared to come home, and we stayed the night and you could feel those precenses there (At Sharon’s home) she could feel the same. If one comes close you go really icy cold. Even if you are sitting next to that radiator and it’s on. You can feel that icy cold and you can feel a cold area it’s not a breeze it’s just cold air in this area. All the hairs on the backs of our hands were standing straight up you got this tickle it was like static electricity. We were getting that. She could feel it as well and her dog could see it her dog was a bit upset. On Saturday morning we were sitting having a cup of tea and her electric went off my oldest son and I both heard (couldn’t make the next sentence out) It was actually the mains switch that had been switched off."


(GW) "When the article comes out in the magazine (Meaning the UFO Magazine written by Tony Dodd and assisted by Brian Rooney) people will come up here looking ."


(MR) "Yes but they won’t know to come to this house."


(GW) "He is going to make sure that he isn’t going to name you."


(MR) "Yes he won’t disclose the area."


(GW) "We are just letting you know that the article will cause people and reporters to look for you. You will be surprised how they will find you."


(BD) "It’s a small community you only need to give a chap on a door and say……………"


(GW) "People will offer Tony Dodds and other people money just to get a hold of you. You understand this, and once they get you, you’ll never get peace. Even if you move away they’ll find you."


(MR) "Yes but we will just have to make sure that this won’t happen."


(GW) "That ‘will’ happen."


(BD) "Are you in touch with Tony Dodds ?"


  1. "I’ve got his number."


(BD) "OK maybe you should phone him up and say don’t put it in just now. Because it’s your story it’s your…….."


(GW) "You do what you feel, the way the press and the way things are, they’ll go through everything and they’ll say you will make a good article and it will bring people and it will help you and it will make people aware."


  1. "They have already had their moment". (I think this is what Mary said here on tape though I am not sure !)


(GW) "What will happen is, they will write a good story and the Editor will say "That’s not good enough". There were aliens and the aliens were sexually molesting me and doing other things."


(MR) "You had that with the News of The World didn’t you !"


(GW) "Look what they did to me."


  1. "I don’t buy the papers."


(GW) "Look what they did to me. "aliens took me to meet alien blond in a space ship" (Garry was referring to this the headline in the News Of The World Newspaper) That’s what they done to me. It said, Ambulance service chief abducted by aliens" I’m not a chief of the ambulance service !!! If my bosses see that they would be like pheew. And this is what they do." (Garry was letting Mary know at this point how the press could make fun of her story and get facts wrong. He mentions above the stupid press he personally got when his story of his own UFO abduction on the A70 was featured in the News of The World)


(MR) "Anyway do contemplate and do think what I said I know that you are not happy with hypnosis, but if you do change your mind it’s always an option available to you it’s entirely up to you and it’s in your hands."



(At this point 1996, Malcolm was in favour of using hypnosis as a tool to retrieve any hidden subconscious recall from people who claimed experiences of UFO abduction or just close proximity UFO sightings, I don’t advocate the use of hypnosis now as I do believe people can lie and please the hypnotherapist, thanks Kevin McClure for changing my mind. However, that said, I do believe that the hypnosis SPI used on both Garry Wood and Colin Wright, did unblock some amazing stuff, information that Garry himself puzzles over and believes occurred.)




  1. "You said that (Mary’s talks to Garry) it mucked up your life that you didn’t have any memories of being abducted yourself until you got hypnosis."


(GW) "Oh I remember clear as day seeing a UFO being in my car one minute and the next being nowhere. I remember that."


  1. "So you were actually lifted outwith the car !"


(GW) "I wasn’t in the car. I remember clear as day standing somewhere and I said "Where’s my car, where’s Colin" and I’m looking about in blackness. I thought I had died. I thought, "Where’s my car where’s Colin", and I’m looking about and I thought am I dead ! That’s what I thought. I thought, "What now" ! And then 15 seconds went by and I am in my car again. I remember that clear as day. Colin remembers that clear as day."


(MR) "Do you know much about Garry’s case ?"


  1. "I don’t know, Sharon had the video and it was on and we were sitting chatting away, we didn’t really watch it apparently she’s got quite a few things like that. But I haven’t actually really watched it."


(GW) "That was one of the reasons why I contacted him". (Malcolm Robinson) and I didn’t get back in contact with you (Mary) I felt terrible and I said that to you (Malcolm). I was going to contact her, and I thought if I contact her and say anything he’ll (Malcolm) blow his lid at me."


(MR) "I didn’t want Garry to say too much to you because it’s so important that" (Garry butted in but I was going to finish with that I didn’t want Garry to colour her thoughts with what he had experienced himself).


(GW) "I respect your thinking. I just go and speak with people and see about it. That morning, after I had contacted you I contacted him (Malcolm) I did, and I said that to you. I told Malcolm not to actually contact you because I was going to contact you first. But Sharon Coul got in touch with Malcolm and that’s how it come about. As I said to you on the phone (Mary) if I tell you too much……….."


(MR) "SPI are the largest group in Scotland there are smaller groups obviously some just springing up."


  1. "Do you ever advertise in those magazines ?"


(MR) "We used to."


(GW) "They had their own magazine (Enigmas)."


(BD) (Billy stated something here, which I couldn’t make out on tape)


  1. "Peter is actually drew some stuff tonight."


(BD) "I was going to say, could you give me copies of these."


(MR) "Yes yes."


  1. "Here is some of his stuff." (Mary then brought out some of Peter’s drawings of lights/UFOs that he had seen in the Fife sky) "These ones…..he has been drawing all sorts of stuff since then. Right, here we go. This is the one that was standing still, but there were loads of these some of them were individual some of them were two sets of three and he said (Peter) like they were crossing."


(MR) "Were they going up and down like yo yo’s ?"


  1. "I think he actually described it more like they were going in and out like that. Some of them were going around in spirals. And these ones (points to Peter’s drawings) were in a set of three going round to a point like square dancing ! (laughs) doing a little circle, coming up, doing a little circle and coming up doing a little circle and going down and then they would go back to the centre. Things like that. He said they were all like keeping to their own part of the sky he said there were loads of them mum."


(MR) "And this was all on the 23rd of September ?"


  1. "No these were the ones….I think it was Tuesday the 15th . And the other day they had both seen (Brothers) Peter saw about 5 or 6 I saw about two of those. But they were just there very briefly. And I don’t know whether it would be the sun hitting them or something but they were like a yellowy colour on the top and white on the underneath. It was almost like they were jumping about playing peek a boo."


(MR) "And would it be OK to get copies of these ?"


  1. "Yes."


(MR) "Including this as well ?"


  1. "Yeah."


(BD) "Can we take copies of everything, photographs." ?


(GW) "What clothes did you have on that night ? Did you notice anything odd or out of line or anything ?"


  1. "Not as far as I know. The one thing that I did feel was…………."


(GW) "Did you have your seat belt on ?"


  1. "Yep, I had my seat belt on."


(GW) "It was undisturbed." ! (I think this is what Garry said on tape)


  1. "Yeah. I felt this weird sensation of something right at the end of (couldn’t make next sentence out, but it might have been ‘right at the end’ referring to the close of the encounter) and I could hear Jane and them all talking and there was this feeling as if I was lying on my side with my head round that way but it wasn’t just round that way it was really straight back and it was as if I was coming down from a sitting position, but at the same time I still felt as if I had my seatbelt on, and I could hear them talking and I just rammed the car into gear and left. It was really bizarre."


(GW) "And the car’s a Vauxhall ?"


  1. "It was yeah, I’ve changed it". (laughs)


(GW) "An Astra. ?"


  1. "No it was a Cavalier."


(GW) "A Cavalier." ?


(MR) "You’ve changed it since then ?"


  1. "I’ve changed it since then, I’ve been waiting on the finance coming through."


(MR) "It would have been nice to have got a photograph of the car."


(GW) "That’s what I was thinking. My car was a year old at the time my Astra…………"


  1. "There was nothing that you could tell on it or anything."


(GW) "It was only a year old and it started to decay." (Garry is referring to the car that both he and Colin were in when they encountered a large 3 tiered domed shaped ‘craft’ hovering over the isolated A70 road back in August of 1992 and which subsequently as Garry’s car was directly underneath this object, it emitted a heavy shower of like silvery snow flakes which came down from the underside of the object and ‘hit’ Garry’s car which then catapulted both men into inky blackness)


(BD) "And obviously you have washed your clothes since then as well ?"


  1. "Yeah. I couldn’t even tell you what I was wearing."


(GW) "Basically what we are looking for is any evidence that we can obtain that says "look, this is real this is happening. And if we can obtain our evidence, ie, video footage of sightings on that night. Anything unusual like that cocoon thing. We’re looking for evidence to say, these two females have come out with their story so far we have obtained this evidence in the manner with their story, how can this be ?"


  1. "Well that little igloo thing was quite weird……….." (laughs)


(GW) "If it’s there we’ll find it."


  1. "I don’t know if it will be there, the area was heavily trampled. Like I say, there are loads of rabbits in the area and they do their little scrapes and everything. But it seemed to be quite a reasonable size as if somebody had taken out chunks of soil but that was all hanging out the roots of trees (!) And that was all in at the root bases of the trees and plants."



(At this point Garry asked for directions to get from Mary’s home back onto the main road).


End of the Fife Interview conducted by SPI with Witnesses Mary Morrison and her son Peter Morrison.




Well there you have it. The above is word for word what was said on the two C90 audio tapes that we recorded with the two of the witnesses. Garry asked a lot of questions that night as you will have read and because it was through Garry that SPI got to know about this case (and Sharon Coul a local UFO researcher) that I was happy for Garry to ask away, so to speak. Garry as mentioned elsewhere in this article, is searching for his own answers. Garry has found himself at the sharp end of a close proximity UFO Incident, too much to go into here, and even today November 2003, Garry Wood is still looking for answers to the UFO question and also what happened to him. We didn’t have lapel microphones, and some of the interview whilst being transcribed from audio tape to text, was difficult to hear. But I hope that the above gives you the reader a feel for what it was like for both Mary and her son Peter.


We never did get that second interview with Mary (for reasons stated above) and one can only accept the witnesses’ statements as the truth. They did not want their names in the newspapers, they never sought to make any money from this. I did off tape, state quite clearly to Mary that I was going to do a write up for this case and probably put it out in one of the few UFO magazines that were out at that time. I believe that after she read the story featured in UFO Magazine, she was none too happy with the way it come over and perhaps wanted no more to do with UFOlogists. That said, she did work with David Colman and I do hope that David’s own research into this case, will itself see the light of day. For it is only right that David Colman’s research gets published. I look forward to it.





Just as I was about to conclude this article, I received some information from Sharon a friend of witness Mary Morrison and herself a UFO researcher who lives in Buckhaven in Fife. She informs me she is no longer in contact with Mary, or should I say Mary is no longer in contact with her ! Mary’s letters to Sharon dried up and Sharon doesn’t know why. Sharon was a very good friend of Mary, and not only did Sharon provide a comfort, but Sharon herself experienced quite a number of bizarre phenomenon that occurred at her own home as this e-mail to Malcolm Robinson dated 18th November 2003 shows. Here is what Sharon had to say to me, Sharon changed a few names to protect witness identity


Here's what I remember of the Fife Incident and how I became involved and also what happened to me and mine. Full of strange coincidences and events but all true.

Around about the 23rd September 1996 I had an extremely vivid dream or of standing in the street near where I lived and watching a black triangular craft, a black wedge craft and about half a dozen UK or US air force jets flying overhead, this was so real I felt I was really there. Also around this time I sent an advert into UFO Mag requesting info. on any Fife UFO encounters. Mark Birdsall wrote back telling me I was too late for the issue in question but he'd put my ad in the next issue of the Mag, i.e. the issue that Mary Morrison bought.


On 14th October at about 3 o'clock my phone rang and it was a woman asking if I was the person in the advert in the UFO Mag. I asked if she'd seen a UFO and she said "lots of them". I asked if she'd seen any entities and she said "hundreds". She hadn't been alone, she was with three other people, in their car. I said I'd like to meet them and we agreed they'd come to my house that day at 5:00pm.

They arrived at 5, only three of them. Both women were in their mid- thirties. Mary, her son Peter aged 10, and her friend Jane. Jane's daughter 15 didn't come with them and I never did meet her. We all started talking UFOs at once. There was so much they told me that I only know the minute by minute story from what Mary eventually wrote to Dave Coleman, (the one he printed in his cover up magazine). There was no way I could keep up with their story in one sitting. There was too much to it.


There had been a large black triangular craft on the ground and hundreds, not dozens and not loads but hundreds of grey entities on the ground & in the air, and also an orangey-red ball hanging in the air just above the ground. Amongst these grey types were a few tan coloured ones, roughly estimated to be about a dozen to 15 or so, these were very tall.

Jane was particularly affected I thought, she said the entities were "full of love". She was really like someone who'd had a deeply religious experience, almost high. A was a bit more serious and her son seemed quite relaxed though maybe a wee bit anxious. They told me a top UFO researcher from Quest International had been on the case and I assumed for a good few days that he'd actually been on the scene. They said his advice on what to do to stop the entities when they felt invaded was just to turn away. They weren't happy with this advice as it wasn't working.

A Scottish researcher working for Quest, I think, was sent to the scene, had visited them, and took photos of the scene etc. He was also witness to a strange object woven from grass that they'd found. Some sort of "nest". These were reported in the papers a couple of months later somewhere else in Scotland and put down to student art. He took photos of the scene and probably the "nest", I don't know for sure.


They told me that a few days after the 23 Sept encounter they were in the pub. A got talking to a man at the bar who was showing off his tattoos. He stopped mid spiel and said, "you have been abducted by aliens, and so has she" and he pointed at B. I asked them if they cornered him for an explanation and they said they'd tried but he didn't know what they were talking about so they gave up. There had been so many unexplainable things going on since the 23rd it was pointless, as it was just one other thing to add to the loads of others. They'd been haunted, had power cuts, seen black helicopters around their homes, loads of stuff.

Jane was emphatic that everyone should know the truth about the reality of UFOs. She told me she previously knew nothing at all about UFOs and never ever considered them, whereas Mary said she'd read a few books on the subject prior to their experience, namely Whitley Streiber's Communion and some magazines. I think there was some confusion about this in some of the reports printed in the press and magazines. They told me these "things" are around us all of the time but we just cant see them. They also showed me bruises, some quite fresh and some very yellow but still vivid that they'd somehow gotten on Sept. 23rd.


Some of the bruises looked like they'd been gripped by hands. They said Susan had a particularly nasty set of marks on her shoulder. I felt they were very nice, normal people and that if it was all made up then they were good at it. I believed them.


The only help I felt I could offer them was in offering them the chance to talk to someone else who'd had the same experience. They agreed. I telephoned Lee Close and explained I wanted to get in touch with Garry Wood. I also turned a lamp on as it was getting dark and the light bulb blew. It's worth mentioning this as you'll see later.

They left my house at 10.10pm with a promise to keep in touch. I'd enjoyed the chat with them and sort of amused myself with the thought it WAS a joke but a most enjoyable story. I sat on the couch lit a cigarette and lifted the TV remote to change the channel. Immediately my hands and arms floated up, out-of-body into the air. For a split second I thought they were in the air but I looked down and there they were holding a fag and the telly button. This was extremely real. When I focussed on my hands they were where they were supposed to be but the minute I thought of anything else up they'd go again. I couldn't make it stop. I became slightly alarmed and went to phone my partner who'd gone to work about 8pm. Even sitting on the stairs holding the phone, my arms would float up and I had to keep my focus on them to make them come back down and feel normal. This lasted a good twenty minutes.

(Mary told me a door in her house did something similar. It would appear to close and when she focussed on it it was open, as it should have been. When she relaxed her thoughts the door would start swinging shut. She described it as being like two doors overlapping each other, one open and the other swinging closed. Her mind was keeping it open.) Later, I went to the toilet and noticed when I blinked everything was like a golden yellow mandala behind my eyelids. Then I noticed a noise directly outside my bathroom window, could have been a bird but it sounded more like a single beep than a cheep. It was just the one single note every 8- 10 seconds or so. I went to bed then because I'd been a bit spooked I immediately got up and went into bed beside my son. As soon as I lay down something started to crawl around the left side of my face. It was like electricity. It was strong and I thought if I look in the mirror my face will be moving. I couldn't make it stop and this lasted till I fell asleep.

The next day Mary phoned me and said they'd tried to call me as soon as they'd gotten home from my house and they'd tried till well after midnight. I didn't get the calls. I can't remember what I did between talking on the phone to my partner and going to bed. But I don't think I lost time or anything.

On the 17th Gary Wood phoned me and I gave him their number.

On Monday 21st Oct you phoned me and asked for their number, saying "you might as well tell me because I'll be getting it from Garry later". I refused and suggested I ask them first and give your number to them, which I did. However when you met Mary you said that I had given you their number. I think she was a bit annoyed at me for that. She told me that the previous night was the worst they'd experienced so far. They'd been very frightened. Entities appearing all over the house and other things, i.e. doors appearing to close when they were really open and a grey standing IN the bed, amongst other things.

I lost about another six light bulbs by this time. We also went to see the place where the craft had landed. We didn't quite find the exact spot but as soon as we got out of the car we were almost blown over by a freak wind which didn't rock the tops of the trees. My youngest son then aged 4 was with us and he started screaming his head off and wanted to leave.

On Friday 25 Mary phoned and wanted to come for a visit with her son. As I opened the door to them they almost fell through it in fright. There was a black triangle floating around over Kennoway. My partner was at his work and I had the kids or we'd have gone up there. We thought of telling the police but didn't in case nothing was found and we'd look really daft. I asked Peter what he could see and he said he could see entities here there, over there etc. A said she could see where they were by their shimmering the air but she could stop them getting more solid by will power. They said Peter had moved a couple of things with his thoughts but she banned him from doing it because he could see a black outline around the object that moved and she felt it was a negative energy. I was very tempted to ask for a demo. but didn't, however I did get a strong electric shock off him at one point.

He drew me a couple of sketches of what the entities looked like and they were the classic greys, though some had teeth. A while later heard him cry "mum" in a panicky voice and she was looking all over the room with fright. He jumped off the couch and into her arms hiding his head. He asked "what's happening" and she replied "I don't know son". She then explained that my living room was filling up with greys, and she couldn't stop them "coming through", they were solid. I didn't see a thing but the hairs were up on the back of my neck and my dog hid first behind the chair, then under my legs. They were truly frightened "It's the ones with the teeth" one of them said. This calmed down after a wee while. Later she phoned her older son who was home alone, he was feeling a bit spooked so she sent a taxi to get him and they all stayed at my house. The boys got the bed and myself and Mary slept on the floor in the living room. I dreamed of a black triangular craft over a house nearby and someone whispering info. to me, but I couldn't hear them. I woke up in the middle of the night then fell asleep and had the same dream again. Next morning when everyone was in the living room my electric went off at the mains by itself. The mains button was at OFF.

Over the next few weeks I lost around a dozen and a half light bulbs. Once when I was angry three of them blew, one after the other. My iron went really hot and burned my table, then let out a belch of smoke & broke, the washing machine broke twice, my central heating broke and no-one could fix it till after about six visits and attempts at it. It snowed and we froze. One day I couldn't unlock my back door to get out with the washing. I walked around the street to try it from the outside but still couldn't get it open. My partner came home from work and it opened straight away. Amongst all this my electricity was still going off at the mains. Lying in bed once I smelled a fire and there was none. One night watching telly we heard our youngest son 4 come downstairs. He stopped outside the door and I got up laughing wondering what he wanted & why he was so shy to come in. He wasn't there. My oldest son who was then 9 said a ball of light flew across his room and up the wall. A couple of months later he yelled the house down one night.

He'd been sleeping and woke up to find himself floating up into the middle of the room. There was a row of wee men standing at the door, wanting him. He was screaming because he couldn’t get his "bed to go back down again". He's completely forgotten this. Then our car was written off in an accident. This was about the end of a right string of bad luck which I will always wonder, was it connected to the Fife Incident. I've read elsewhere that these type of effects are quite common around abductees, or UFO activity.


The witnesses to the Fife Incident told me straight from the start they didn't mind who knew their story, they wanted folk to know this stuff was happening, but they didn't want to be identified, probably for fear of ridicule,and also because they wanted their lives back to normality as soon as possible, and felt that once they told their story, which they did, they wanted to be left alone. It was for me an eye-opening experience, I'm glad I met them and would love to know what's been going on since we last spoke.

Sharon UFO researcher from Buckhaven in Fife Central Scotland.


I (Malcolm Robinson) also had an e-mail from Billy Devlin who was a fellow SPI researcher who assisted me on the Fife Investigation and his comments are featured in the Fife Interview transcript elsewhere in this article. This is what Billy had to say to me in an e-mail dated 18th November 2003. When I asked him his current thoughts about the case.

Hi Malcolm

I have had a look at my pics from the case and the two I have attached seem the best. They are two of the place the boy said he was seeing the aliens standing. I took the pics as he was pointing saying they were there. I remember she did not want us to take pics of her or any of the family. As for the case, well she seemed happy with how we dealt with her. She thanked us as we left, even hugging us and thanking us so unless there was some Ulterior motive on her part I believe we dealt with them and their requests. Remember it was not us who went public with the story.

As to whether or not I think it happened. Well she did seem to have knowledge of the UFO thing and read up about them. Was she not a member of some group at one time?.....You can maybe say on its own she was making it up but this does not take into consideration the things the wee boy was saying and doing. He is the one the case should be centering on but in this day and age we are all under threat of child molesting if we approach him with a view to finding out. Something did happen but there are to many people involved in the investigation for the details to be clear. We all hold pieces of the jigsaw but as usual it does not look like any of the other people want to share the piece so we can get a clearer picture.

All the best.

Billy Devlin.







So there you have it. I hope that what is featured above gives you the reader an understanding of this impressive case and that you understand SPI’s frustration and not doing ant more research with the witnesses on this case. Readers I could also go on and on with other things that Dave Colman has accused me of in regards to the Fife Incident, all nonsense. Suffice it to say I will meet with Dave Colman anywhere, anytime, and alone at his wishes to discuss this with him face to face. UFOlogy could well do without this type of thing, but when one is being accused of things that he didn't do then one must stand up for themselves, by not doing so is not in keeping with fair play. Dave has managed to mould a lot of people to his way of thinking and suggestion and people who don’t even know me are now writing to me in derogatory terms. Is that fair play or what.


The people that write to me having heard just Dave’s side of the story should look at the coins in the pocket, I bet they get a shock when they see that they have two sides. Think about it.


The Fife Incident is a major case and I hope that when Dave and I meet on his terms that we can hopefully somewhere, reach some form of acceptable agreement on the case and put it behind us. We may agree to differ, but at the very least I hope that this will be an end to it and we can get on with other things. As for the case itself, well, you’ve now read how initially SPI reported the case back in 1996/7 and the debacle of claims and counter claims about who did what whilst researching the case. I’ve also for the first time transcribed the Fife Interview tapes so that ‘you’ can read word for word what was said. Indeed, I could have featured quite a number of other Independent UFO sighting cases that I have on file to support the fact that UFO activity was current and ongoing in Fife during the years of 1996 and 1997, indeed here in November 2003, Sharon a UFO researcher from Buckhaven tells me that UFO activity is still ongoing in the Fife area.


SPI aim to stage a National UFO skywatch during August 2004 at Newton of Falkland, (at the area where the Fife Incident occurred) However, more details of that will be posted and e-mailed to interested parties nearer the time.


I am more than happy to debate this very important Scottish case with anyone, by e-mail or face to face. Is this case real then ! Honestly I don’t know. We are dealing with UFO witnesses and nothing more, just like we are in many other cases the world over. One thing’s for sure, the Fife Incident, just like the A70 Incident and the Robert Taylor Livingston case, are Scotland’s top UFO cases and show that this phenomenon also happens in Scotland as well as elsewhere.


Just as I was closing this article, this e-mail came into my e-mail account dated 18th November 2003, it reads thus,



Anonymous <anonymous@anonymizer.com> wrote:

be aware that you are being observed halt your practises or suffer the consequences of your actions leave the Fife case alone.


Indeed, well it will take more than anonymous e-mails to detract from SPI in getting to the truth. It’s fair to point out, that David Colman too, got this e-mail ! so it would appear that someone, somewhere, is out to cause a little controversy ! Hope you found the article of interest. (Malcolm Robinson Founder SPI)


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