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Taken from the 'Haunted Scotland' Web site

An Abduction In Fife!..... really?


On September 24th 1996 an astounding and rather frightening event allegedly took place on a lonely country, Fife road. Two females and two children first became aware of bright lights in the sky above them at around 20.00hrs, as they drove to their local village for supplies. The lights were bright enough to illuminate a near-by field. As the witnesses drew near, they saw that the beams of light emanated from a dark, stationary object in the sky. They at first assumed that it must have been an airplane. It was soon after they realised that what they were looking at was a huge triangular shaped craft which they estimated to be at least 80 yards across, with a large dome on top. The craft then moved away, when, at the same moment the on-lookers heard the sound of a conventional craft somewhere in the vicinity. The witnesses could still see the object which was now stationary again, high up in the sky looking to all intents and purposes like a star.

Again later in the evening the witnesses returned to the spot, the time being apprx. 21.45hrs. They in the meantime had contacted UFO Magazine to report the sighting. This time there was a powerful blue glow in the field coming from a point just above tree level. Above that was a star-like object pulsating, all the while growing smaller and larger.

It was then that the witnesses noticed many small figures, (Some reports suggest hundreds.) in the fields and woods. Several seemed to be much taller then the rest at around a height of seven feet. The tall beings had dark skin, oriental shaped eyes and seemed to be supervising the smaller figures. The figures were moving towards a black object on the ground, the witnesses then became frightened and left the area heading for home.


Yet again, the two female witnesses returned with one male, but this time armed with binoculars, (What a wasted opportunity not to have called the police or any other authority!!!An invasion by being's from outer space, think I'll go tell our lass and then put that coffee on!!!) through them they could see the star like object more clearly and described it as being, 'Amber in colour with dark indentations all around it, rotating slowly and occasionally tilting on its axis."

Countless small beings were carrying small boxes and canisters which they would put on the ground then pick back up, taking it to the large craft that the witnesses had originally seen in the sky, but which was now on the ground. The witnesses also describe several, "Large, transparent illuminated capsule-type 'things,' rippled on the outside with indentations like a brain. There were some very thin, small beings inside." Then they saw other capsules which reminded them of cocoons, coming from the trees, also with small beings inside. In fact these aliens were a hive of activity, so near the roadside, where they cannot have failed to have been missed. Suddenly the cocoon like craft shot towards the witnesses and stopped four feet in front of them and many other figures scurried towards the now terrified humans. Panic stricken, they managed to escape in their car and headed for home at top speed.

It was later when one of the female witnesses began having 'flashbacks,' and she now feels that they were all taken aboard the craft. She remembers a very bright place, she said, "I could not move, they were doing things to me. They didn't hurt me so I felt happy. The little ones were smiling at me with their big eyes and taking things from me, these they gave to a tall being. He touched them with a long probe like rod..." She goes onto describe the small beings as apprx four to five feet in height with nothing remotely human about them at all. Big dark eyes with heads which were too big for their bodies, no mouths were visible, (Although one witness described them as having 'strange deceiving mouths.') The gender could not be determined.

The events shook the people involved terribly and even now they are said to burst into tears when recalling the incident. One thought she would suffer a nervous breakdown and in a way hoped that she would, and it had all been in her imagination, and that these type of creatures do not exist.

It has been said that the witnesses have been left even more confused after investigators had left them, one pair even allegedly told them that they could see streaks of light emanating from their living room walls and that they had seen Greys in various parts of their homes. (O' yes, very good...and I wonder who will own up to that one.) Also that the witnesses real identities had been disclosed to friends and colleagues!

The victims themselves report that the drama is not yet over and that they have seen in their homes small greys in cowls, (Shades of the Deros.) and are subject to psychic attacks! But what the actual nature of these attacks are, no one seems to know. Although at least one of the witnesses is willing to Sell photographs of the alleged landing site.

So will we ever get to know the real details of this happening, will the investigators involved come clean and not hold information back. Or will we see contradictory snippetts of information in the press with some photo of a Ufologist next to it for the next fifty years!


From: Mark Frasr \ Haunted Scotland

Date: Fri Mar 24, 2000 4:08pm

Subject: An Abduction In Fife!..... really?


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