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The Falkland Hill Incident

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Monday 23rd September 1996

by Jayess
(Note: All names are Pseudonyms)

On the evening of Monday 23rd September 1996 at approximately 7:30 pm a mother (Mary), her son (Peter) and her friend (Jane) left Jane's house by car to buy a jar of coffee at the local late opening shop in the village of Freuchie. Just after leaving the village of Falkland they noticed a very bright light in the sky ahead of them. Drawing closer, the light resolved itself into two distinct lights mounted on a dark triangular craft. They stopped the car to observe the craft ( position 1 on map) and then once convinced that it was not a normal aircraft, proceeded on to their intended destination.
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After some debate about what they should do, they purchased a UFO related magazine (Alien Encounters Issue 3) so that they could obtain a UFO HOTLINE telephone number, as they intended to report this sighting to a UFO organisation.

Returning homeward, the trio again sighted the same or similar craft and stopped the car to observe it switch on numerous lights as it approached them from across the valley. Just as suddenly as it had appeared, the craft moved quickly away across the valley again. With this, the witnesses continued their homeward journey and made a phone call to a UFO Hotline operated by SKYSEARCH in Brighton. Larry Dean's answering machine took their excited call, then the witnesses returned to Jane's house. (Susan) Jane's daughter asked why they'd been so long away and initially refused to believe their unearthly story. However, realising that they were all serious about their encounter, Susan asked that they go back so she could see for herself.

fifeareasmall.jpg (52794 bytes)   The sighting area viewed from East Lomond (Click image)

So, at approximately 9:45pm the three witnesses and Susan drove back along the same road towards Freuchie.

Immediately upon leaving the small village of Newton of Falkland they observed a bright white starlike light shining from or near the forested area of Lathrisk home farm. This was accompanied by a blue glow shining up through the trees nearby. To try and get a better look at the lights the witnesses decided to travel along a nearby narrow lane hoping to get closer to the lights. Stopping at a vantage point on the lane they could see the bright starlike light and suddenly it sent beams of red, green and blue light upwards in rapid sequence. It was at this point that the witnesses said they saw 'figures' moving in front of the white light. They also observed a structured shape on the ground to the right of the white light (position 2 on the map) and visible because it was silhouetted by the blue glow. Suddenly a beam of light illuminated the road in front of the car. Feeling scared now, the witnesses drove off down the lane until they arrived at a junction where they could safely turn the car around. Returning along the lane they noticed another starlike light and blue glow to the left of them in some more trees (position 3 on the map) and stopped the car to observe this spectacle for a short time.Then they returned to Jane's village making another call to the SKYSEARCH UFO hotline. Again the were put though to the answering machine but this time Larry Dean was there to cancel the answering machine and take the call personally. After informing Larry Dean of their encounters they agreed to return for a third time to observe the phenomenon.

Again the four witnesses set out along the same route towards Freuchie. The time now was approximately 11:30pm. This time however, they detoured to Jane's brother's house to borrow his binoculars before beginning their final reconnaissance. On the way there, they observed a flashing light high up on the hill near the Downfield transmitter site. This light emitted a flashing sequence of three bright pulses of light followed by a pause then repeated the sequence several times.

Collecting the binoculars, the witnesses returned to the sighting area and stopped the car approximately 200 metres to the east of the small village of Newton of Falkland on the B936. Observing the area with the binoculars, both adults were able to see better than before and reported more detail about the 'beings' and the area they were operating in. Suddenly, they observed a 'mist' coming out from the trees, across the fields (position 4 on the map) towards the witnesses. Floating within this 'mist' were 'cocoons' made of 'fibrous' material each of which held a small 'being'. Panic now set in and as these 'cocoons' reached the car, Mary (the driver) sped away as fast as possible. As they left the scene they observed a 'gigantic blue flash'  of light in the fields behind them.

The witnesses finally returned to Jane's house at approximately 12:30am.

This then is my 'bare bones' version of Mary's account of the incident to help the reader follow my reasoning as we venture onward into this strange case...

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