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(At the time of the incident)

Larry Dean

Based in Brighton, Larry Dean ran his own magazine 'SKYSEARCH' and maintained a UFO reporting Telephone hotline that could be called at any time 24 hours a day. This was the first point of contact for the witnesses that evening.

Tony Dodds

At the time of this case Tony Dodds was the Chief of Investigations for Quest International. Their main publication is UFO Magazine and this was the magazine which first carried the story of this event. The article by Tony appeared in their January/February 1997 edition with a title 'Incident in Scotland'.

Brian Rooney

Brian Rooney was one of Tony Dodds local  investigators at that time and it was he who carried out the investigation and talked to the witnesses in person immediately after the event. The photographs which illustrated the UFO Magazine article were taken by Brian during his tour of the sighting locations.

Malcolm Robinson

In September of '96 Malcolm Robinson was the head of 'Strange Phenomena Investigations (SPI)', a Scottish group formed originally by Ron Halliday and taken over by Malcolm in 1979.  SPI's investigation into this affair was a shortlived and incomplete one. However they did achieve publication of their investigation in  numerous magazines, newspapers, TV and Radio using the one witness interview that they managed to obtain.

Garry Woods

'Famous' for being one of the pair allegedly abducted by a UFO on the A70, Garry had turned UFO investigator at this time and interviewed the witness 'Jane' on one occasion for SPI. 

David Colman   

David formed the Scottish Unexplained Phenomena Research group (SUPR) and published his 'Cover-up' magazine. As with SPI, David did not become actively involved in this case until sometime after the event. Heading up his own investigation after the witnesses contacted him, David has conducted many interviews and still today, considers the case open and has maintained a close and supportive rapport with the witnesses.


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