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The following narrative is that given by one of the principle witnesses to an alleged UFO landing near the village of NEWTON OF FALKLAND in Fife, Scotland

This is a verbatim transcript from David Colman's Article in COVER-UP (SUPR Magazine)  (Jayess)


The Falkland Hill Landing



Myself (Mary) and my 10 year old son Peter arrived at my friend Jane's house around 7:10pm. On finding out she'd run out of coffee we decided to travel the 3 miles or so to a late opening shop. It takes 10 minutes at most to reach this shop.

Jane's 14 year old daughter Susan, had gone to her room to watch a 'soap' on the TV. We left as the program started at 7:30pm.

Halfway along the road Jane and I were having a laugh about something that she was telling me when a huge, horizontally oval, brilliantly white light caught my eye. It was low in the sky, somewhat beyond the hamlet we had to pass through to reach the shop in the next village. As Jane continued to talk animatedly I glanced several times at this light. The third time I looked it had changed to two perfectly circular lights (of the same colour and intensity as previously described.) They looked like a pair of massive stationary headlamps. Losing sight of the lights as I drove through the hamlet I wondered what they were and was only peripherally aware of what Jane was saying.

I knew they weren't those of an aeroplane, they were stationary, they were also far too large to be a helicopter. Passing out of the hamlet I looked again, the lights were still there. Well aware of the effects of asking people if they can see what you can see, I specifically said 'Jane Look at the funny lights on that aeroplane over there.' I didn't even specify where 'there' was. Jane saw it immediately and was silent for 2 seconds (this seemed like a very long time) before replying 'Mary, that's not an aeroplane.' I said, laughing nervously, 'I know!'

At this point I was driving slowly so that we could try to see what this was. The lights were visible above and slightly beyond a farmhouse situated on the left of the road. As we drew closer I gradually slowed the car. The lights moved smoothly from a horizontal position to one where they were pointing down to the crops in the field below. These beams were immense, overlapping each other some distance from the craft. Meanwhile Peter, sitting in the rear passenger-side seat was exclaiming 'Wow! Look at it! It's enormous!' The craft was visible, a silhouette against the sky revealing a sloping dome towards the 'rear' half. I'm not entirely sure but I think there were 'fins' toward the rear, sloping up towards the back of the craft too.

Finally indicating (there was a car behind me) and coming to a halt at the side of the road. I stopped at a gap in the hedge wider than the length of the car and exactly opposite the craft. The car behind overtook us and continued on it's journey.

We sat in the car for a few moments watching the craft in nothing less than deep shock. I said 'It must be an aeroplane!' Jane again, quite forcefully stated that it was not an aeroplane. The craft switched off it's headlights and began to slowly move. There was no noise.

Opening the driver's door I said ' I've got to get a better look at this.' Standing at the side of the car, looking across and up to the craft did nothing to lessen the shock of what I was seeing. It was black, silent and tilting so that it's underside was presented towards me which showed that it was triangular. As it tilted, a very small red light came on at each apex, followed by two others, making a total of three in each corner. There was the sound of an aeroplane around, but the craft itself was silent.

Unable to believe what I was really seeing, I got back into the car repeating that it must be an aeroplane. Again the others confirmed that it wasn't an aeroplane or helicopter. Then we all decided to get out of the car for a better look. We stood at the edge of the pavement, my feet were half on tarmac and half on the edge of the field. Watching as the craft slowly turned away form us, levelling as it went, it glided away, accelerating until we could only see it as a little red speck in the distance across the valley.

Watching it go, I'd said to Jane 'I've heard that apparently if you wave or signal to one of these UFO's they'll sometimes signal back.' With that Jane started waving her arms above her head. Realising the car headlights were still on main beam and that a car was passing, I ran round the car to put the lights on dip. The triangle flashed it's white lights, we all felt it was aware of our observation. I then decided to flash the car lights and again the triangle flashed in return. Stunned by this response (more than I was already) I stood beside the others, we were all waving now.

A car was approaching from the village ahead, I felt like a fool standing waving at something which could not be obviously noticed any longer. My embarrassment increased as the car slowed indicating right. However it didn't pull over behind us but turned into the drive at the farmhouse and cottages a few yards further on.

I said that what we'd seen was very important and that we should report it. Jane asked who to. I replied that there were UFO organisations and although I didn't know of any I'd seen magazines in the shops which were about things like this. I asked Peter what time it was whilst watching the triangle move away. He'd replied that it was 8:10pm.

Continuing on to the village shop we found one magazine on the rack about UFO's, ALIEN ENCOUNTERS Issue 3. Returning along the road Jane said 'I wonder if we'll see it again.' I said 'No What we've seen is very rare. It's highly unlikely we'll ever see anything like it again.' Jane and Peter decided to keep watch all the same.

Leaving the village Jane and Peter both shouted 'It's there!' I glanced to my right and saw the small red lights in the distance travelling fast on a course parallel to our's. It turned, suddenly and sharply towards us, approaching at high speed. Jane was shouting excitedly 'It's coming towards us! Stop the car! Stop the car!' I replied that I had to do so safely, there were three cars behind us.

Stopping the car, I looked round just in time to see the craft begin to switch on lots of lights. However Peter started to scream in terror and I immediately turned to try to reach him and comfort him. As I did this Jane was yelling that it had lit up like a Christmas tree with lights of many different colours. The time of this second encounter was 8:20pm. The craft put out all it's lights and 'jumped' back into the distance.

Shaken and excited by this we returned to Jane's home village where we searched through the magazine and found a 24hr No. to call 'Skysearch'. Unfortunately we only got an answer machine but I said what we'd seen and where, advising them that if they had anyone in the area they should get them out there fast.

We then returned to Jane's house where Susan, worrying, asked where we'd been as we'd been gone for over an hour. ( We disputed this as we had only been watching the craft the first time for about 10 minutes. Later we realised that we cannot account for perhaps around 15 minutes of that outward journey.)

Susan refused to believe us initially, then seeing the state we were in she realised we were telling the truth and not 'winding her up' after all. She wondered if it would still be there, saying that she'd like to see it too. Discussing the possibility (and myself expressing the opinion that it really was unlikely that we'd see it for a third time.) I said that I didn't want to take Peter back when he'd been so frightened. Peter then said that he'd be OK., that if 'they'd' wanted to harm us they would have done so at the time. Despite Jane and I feeling afraid ourselves, we decided to go back out.

Unfortunately Jane's neighbour came for a coffee at that point so we had to sit in impatience until she left. We did not tell the neighbour what we'd seen, we thought that she probably wouldn't believe us and that she'd think we'd gone crazy. (Like many people reading this now, I suspect. Jane herself was of this opinion prior to these events, whereas I'd preferred a more cautiously open-minded approach.)

So, at 9:45pm, we went back along the road travelled earlier. Just after leaving the hamlet the others asked me to stop the car. Across the field to our left at the edge of some woods was a large, bright, white light. Jane wondered what it was, it looked like a star had come down to the ground. I thought it was a security light on a building. Jane said she'd been that way before and that there were no buildings there. It was then that I noticed a blue glow to the left of the light.

This blue light was shining up from the ground through the trees and through a large area of woods. It also extended some way beyond the treetops. Pointing this out to the others I suggested that if we went through the next village and onto a back lane we might get a better look. (Everyone agreed to this though in retrospect we could not have seen these things from the other road. Only later did we realise this, at the time it seemed entirely sensible and logical.)

Travelling down the back lane we spotted a 'star' on the ground near the trees and stopped the car. Because I felt uneasy I left the engine running and the lights on at all times. I wanted to be able to get away as fast as possible if necessary. Quite ludicrous really when I think now about the capabilities these beings have.

Looking across the field at the 'star' it seemed to pulse with light, sometimes seeming to increase in size or to shrink as though it's power source was increasing or reducing. Then it began shooting huge beams of light, like lasers, up into the sky. Most of the time my view of this was blocked by Jane's head. She and the kids were all shouting about how beautiful it was. Jane actually opened her window, leaning out waving her arms and shouting. Both Jane and Peter were moved to tears by this lovely display. I finally managed to see around Jane just before the lights stopped. Like a torch beam they widened as they left the ground. Unlike a torch beam they were red, blue and green, being emitted in a very rapid sequence. I too felt very moved by this, none of us understand why we felt this way.

Waiting to see if anything else happened we were further shocked to see a figure moving from the right side to stand in front of the white light. Although only visible as a silhouette it was by no means anything human. Long-limbed, slender, with a head larger in proportion to it's body and much higher and more rounded at the top than a human's, and very large and extended to the rear of the skull. It stood there and was joined by 4 or 5 others who were similarly shaped but much smaller. The smaller ones were of two different sizes, the taller of which appeared to be about half the height of the one first seen, the smallest ones were about shoulder high to these. They stood in front of the 'star' and turned as though watching us for a few moments. Then they moved into and out of sight as they walked in front of the light and away again. Sometimes there were quite a few, it seems now that they were deliberately showing themselves to us as well as watching us.

To the right of this, across the field behind a hedge and some small trees, we saw a smaller version of the blue glow seen earlier. (At the time we were convinced that we were watching the same area.) Outlined in this glow was a black, structured shape, I don't know what it was but it was on the ground. We could also see the silhouettes of other beings walking in this glow towards and behind the black structure.

At this point many more of the 'star' things appeared in the sky around us and a beam of light illuminated the road in front of the car. We decided it was time to leave as we were all now feeling scared. Not knowing where to turn the car safely on such a narrow, twisting road at night, I drove on to a wide junction. Turning the car we headed back the way we had come.

A little further on the others told me to stop the car again. I did so just before reaching a humpback bridge. Over to the left, in some more woods, was yet another of the 'stars' and a blue glow. (On reporting this to Mr Dodd I found my recollection of this rather hazy and confused.) This we watched for a little while before heading back to Jane's village.

Telephoning 'Skysearch again we got the answer machine once more. as Jane began to tell what we had now seen the phone was picked up by Larry Dean. He was just as excited as we and asked if we had a video camera, camera or even binoculars. When we answered no to all these he asked if we could get any closer to get a better look. He agreed with us when we said we wouldn't feel safe approaching any closer than we had already been. We then told him that we would return to watch the area from a distance to try to see what was happening.

We had returned to Jane's house at about 10:45pm, as her brother was stopping for a coffee on his way home from his work. We told him what had been happening and he offered us a loan of his binoculars.

A few minutes after he left, we travelled to the village where he lived. Going along the same road, the first 'star' and the blue glow was still where we had first seen it. Sticking to the main roads we were followed by lots of the large, bright, white lights low in the sky around us. Being the driver I could look but briefly and only saw a couple of them from the driver's side window. The others counted about 16 of these things in the air at that time.

Approaching the village where Jane's brother lived I saw another very large white light on the hill behind it. This hill has at it's summit radio and telephone masts and was just 3 miles or so along from my house. The intensely bright light was on the right - hand side of the hill before the peak rises. From travelling that road often I knew there was nothing up there but moor-like fields and a few cattle. This light then started flashing in sequences of three. I can only describe it as if a car was on dip and put quickly on main beam three times then left on dip again before repeating the sequence several times. (Here I'd like to stress that it was most definitely not a vehicle light.)

As we entered the village we lost sight of the 'stars'. Going round to Jane's brother's there were the binoculars hanging on the door-handle as arranged. He hadn't wanted to disturb his neighbours by us knocking on the door at 11:30pm. Jane suggested that we knock anyway to ask him if he wanted to come with us as his lights were still on. I suggested if that was the case he would have kept the binoculars inside. (He said after that he had intended to come with us and was listening for the car. Quite a long time later he looked out the door to find the binoculars gone. He thought it extremely odd that he hadn't heard the car outside his door when there was nothing but silence all around.) Susan ran to get the binoculars, slamming the door just as her mum and I said not to (typical youngster.)

Travelling back, Jane wanted me to drive to the back lane again. I flatly refused saying that I felt too trapped and vulnerable there. We were getting very angry with each other over this, she said she wanted to test the binoculars and to see if the 'star' on the side road was visible with them. I said that this was ridiculous as we were far too far over for that and to wait until we got round to where the first 'star' was. I said that I felt a bit safer on a reasonably well-travelled road with street lights behind and in front of us. Jane ended up so angry she threatened to jump out of the car if I wouldn't stop. So I stopped the car on the main road where we were. Jane played around with the binoculars for a few minutes and once satisfied that she couldn't see anything from there, was happy to continue round to where the first 'star' was.

Stopping the car just before the hamlet, opposite a large space between the end of a wall and the end of a hedge, gave us an unobstructed view over the field. Again leaving the car engine running and the lights on, Jane focused the binoculars on the 'star'.

Staring for a few moments she said 'Mary, you won't believe this! It's not a 'star'! Oh my god! It's something else! The light's coming from behind what's actually there! You will not believe this!' I waited impatiently for a turn with the binoculars feeling very nervous and constantly looking around the car.

Eventually she handed the binoculars to me and I focused them on the first 'star'. What I didn't tell Mr Dodd here was that as I did so there was a very strange electrical, buzzing, crackling sort of noise which came in two bursts somewhere slightly to my left. I remember frowning to myself and shrugging it off as my imagination. I was trying to concentrate on what was in front of me. The shock was quite incredible. I'm quite sure my mouth dropped open.

What I saw was a sort of ball shape that was slightly elongated towards the top and bottom. It shimmered as though giving off a tremendous amount of energy or heat. All over it's surface were large, irregular indentations which were dark in colour. Around these indentations on the surface of this thing seemed to be some sort of ridge. There was a very long, irregularly-shaped oval kind of opening, also dark in colour, near the base of this object. The whole surface was a fierce orangey colour with the 'rims' shading to a white hot appearance. The nearest colour to it would be a hot coal fire or a furnace.

This object wasn't on the ground. It was above it a couple of feet. It revolved, slowly and steadily, on a slightly tilted axis. On the ground, a little to the right of this object, was a perfectly circular disc which was a dull red colour. Further off to the right was a very tall being standing in profile with it's right side towards us. It was brown in colour and I could see how the orange light from the revolving object tinted it's back an orange hue. It's facial lines seemed very flat, I saw it's head move slightly as if watching something or looking around a little.

Looking to the left of all this to the blue glow, I could see an opening in the trees where there was a clearer area. On the right side of this clearing stood another one of the tall ones apparently supervising lots of the smaller ones. All were only visible to me as silhouettes. Further back to the left and rear of the clearing I could see two more tall ones. There was also the outline of a black structure which was behind the tall one at the front. Covering a lot of space in the clearing , it was very large indeed. Walking around were great numbers of the two smaller sizes. They moved unbelievably fast. They were very busily carrying boxes and cylindrical containers, picking them up, putting them down and carrying them to somewhere out of our sight. The tall one at the front bent forward and down to the right, stretching out it's right arm. It was holding some sort of stick or rod with which it touched or pointed to something on the ground.

Jane then used the binoculars again, both kids wanted a shot but Jane was very unwilling to give them to anyone else. I suggested that they needed to see in order to be able to confirm or deny what we had seen. Jane grudgingly agreed and passed them over to Susan. Susan only had a brief look with the binoculars before Jane made her pass them on to Peter. Peter didn't even get them focused when Jane took them back.

Whilst the others were using the binoculars I was still looking around and feeling highly nervous. I was startled at one point by a bird cry coming from behind the high hedge on our left. It is a very common noise in this area during the night but I still felt extremely uneasy. Jane had asked me to open my window so she could see more clearly. I shut it again very soon as I felt too vulnerable.

Jane passed the binoculars to me. Again I could see the tall one to the right of the orange thing, it was moving about now, and the others still doing whatever they were doing to the left. I could not tell what the dark shapes were on the orange ball though Jane was adamant that it contained other beings.

Giving the binoculars back to Jane I had to keep reminding her to tell us what she could see. Then I realised I could now see the beings without the aid of the binoculars. The tall brown one turned and walked in front of the 'star' (without the binoculars only the white light was visible in front of the orange thing, it seemed to disguise it.) It turned to face us across the field, it's head turned to it's right and some of the smaller ones came into view beside it, all turning in our direction. Their heads moved towards us and each other. It was as if they were letting us know they were aware of our observation and were discussing what to do about it. (Perhaps we should have taken that as a hint that we weren't wanted.) I could hear Susan and Peter also saying that they could see what was happening. In fact they were able to see much more clearly and in more detail than I.

Jane then began telling us that a mist was coming out of the trees towards us, faintly I could hear Susan saying 'They're coming. They're coming towards us'. Then more loudly, 'Excuse me! But they're coming towards us!.' Somehow we weren't paying any heed to what she was saying, it just wasn't registering. I think Peter was saying something too.

Jane was continuing, 'It's not mist! It's a sort of fibrous stuff, and they're in it! They're in sort of cocoons and it's carrying them! My god! There's hundreds of them and they're coming across the field towards us! They're coming Fast!' During this simultaneous dialogue from the others, I was peering frantically across the field trying to see what was approaching us. I could clearly see the opening into the fields and the wall dividing them stretching away from us and lots of large straw bales (the round ones).

As Jane was telling us the beings were approaching I was panicking, saying 'Where? Where are they? I can't see them!' All I could see were the bales in the field and the strong shadows they cast on their right sides and slightly behind them, what worried me was that whilst all this was going on every time I looked at these bales, there seemed to be more and more of them, closer and closer to us.

The last few seconds of this encounter were the most bizarre for me. Everything was happening at once.

As I looked across the field still trying to see what the others were shouting about my vision went 'funny', like a TV picture being tuned in, my eyes felt as though they were being wrenched round (clockwise) to my left side. Then, though I was sitting in the driving seat with my seatbelt on, I also felt that I was in a lying position and being lowered into my seat whilst my head felt like it was stretched round to my right and to the back. I saw the opening to the field packed with bales, a crowd of them were also on the pavement and one was right beside the back of the car at the driver's side. they appeared more wispy and less solid than they should have been.

Jane was shouting 'They're coming Fast!' Then as she shouted 'Get the fuck out of here!', I had already slammed the car into gear and started driving. The others were looking out of the back window and yelled in amazement for the entire field behind us had lit up in a gigantic blue flash.

Going into third gear as we entered the hamlet I realised the engine was a bit noisy. Looking at the speedometer I saw I was doing 55mph (amazing what a bit of panic can do.) I braked and got myself back under control returning to Jane's house at a normal speed at what we think was 12:30am.

At the house we discussed what we'd seen. all of us had been very frightened. Jane and Susan both said that the round bales Peter and I had seen were the cocoon things the beings had been carried in.

Susan and Peter both slept in the lounge, as Susan lay down the enormity of what had happened hit her. She was very shocked as she said 'There was an alien grinning at me in the window! Yuck! It was horrible!'

Neither Jane nor I slept that night. Jane was so traumatised she couldn't go anywhere without company (and I mean even to the loo!) Later we went to the kitchen to make coffee. Jane was at the sink in front of the window when she let out a terrible scream. I bolted through to the lounge. Jane followed quickly after. She was so white that I started to laugh and couldn't stop, she came over to me crying. We just stood there, me laughing, her crying, until we both ended up laughing. She said that my laughter had brought her out of the shock she'd been in. Telling me only that she thought she had seen something at the window, she'd been so frightened that her whole body had went numb and it felt like she was going to swallow her tongue. (She later told me that one of the greys had been at the window.)

As we talked I felt my fear lessening, well it wasn't less it was just crystallising into a core inside me, whereas Jane started to cry and to shake uncontrollably.

Discussing the point when I'd first seen the tall being at the front of the clearing it was only then that I realised how tall this being actually was. It had been about half the height of the main trunk of the tree it was next to, that's if it was actually at ground level.

Then Jane said 'Mary, We were on the craft! I know what it was like. the small ones were there and they're grey with huge sloping black eyes.' She then told me that some of them had tiny little noses, others had none, and no ears. They had also talked to her, their mouths (sort of lipless) didn't move, but she heard high pitched noises like a dolphin might make and that she 'heard' what they were saying in her head. She was laughing as she said that they seemed really happy in their work.

I replied that I didn't think we had been 'taken' but, unlike Jane, I had read a few things about this sort of event and said that I couldn't really rule it out either as things had been so weird.

The End

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