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This is a verbatim copy of the UFO Magazine article from the Jan/Feb 97 edition. I have not made any alterations except to correct spelling errors in the original article.     (Jayess)




The following events will be etched in the memories of two Scottish families for the rest of their lives. The experience has ultimately left them bewildered and deeply traumatised, to the extent that they are afraid to sleep alone at night. Now in need of counselling, they have requested that their personal details are not released to preserve their privacy, as they have no wish for any publicity.


One finds it difficult to question the honesty or integrity of the witnesses in this case, the trauma and fear suffered by the adults and their children alike bear witness to their credibility.

Prior to the incident, the witnesses had no knowledge or interest in the UFO subject and earnestly believed that anyone who did, was ill-informed. The story involves two adults; Mary and Jane and their children, Peter 10, and Susan 14, respectively.


On 23 September both families were together at Jane's house when they found that they had run out of coffee. At 8:00pm Mary and Jane, accompanied by Peter, decided to drive to a late night shop a few miles away in the next village, a journey which would take them along a number of remote country roads. It was a dry, dark clear night and they chatted happily about the events of the day.

Mary, who was driving, became aware of some very bright white beams of light which were emanating from the sky and flooding the field below. She said, 'where are those lights coming from?'

As they approached the lights, the witnesses looked out of the car windows and saw two very powerful beams of white light coming from a dark stationary object in the sky. At that point Jane commented, 'It must be an aeroplane.'

Curiosity soon got the better of them and Mary stopped the car. The field and a nearby plantation of trees were illuminated like daylight. The object in the sky started to move and two bright white lights dimmed and went out. Moments later, their eyes having adjusted to the light, the witnesses observed the underside of a 'huge' triangular craft which they estimated was not less than 80 yards across. The witnesses watched the object slowly bank and turn revealing a large dome on the top. On the underside they could now see a cluster of three small red lights on each apex of the object. Suddenly the engines of an approaching aircraft were heard and the triangle moved away at speed until they could only see a very small red light in the far distance. The witnesses then got back into the car and carried on to their destination. During the journey they discussed the importance of their sighting, but had no idea who to contact. When they arrived at the shop, Jane, who was browsing through the magazine rack saw a copy of UFO Magazine. They noticed a telephone number of a UFO group and decided to make a call.

Returning homewards they again arrived at the location of their sighting at approximately 8:30pm and stopped the vehicle. A small red light was still visible in the sky in the distance. Suddenly it 'shot' across the sky towards them, 'as if aware of their presence'. Again the giant triangle appeared, only on this occasion without the powerful white floodlights. Peter started screaming with fear and the women, although shocked, tried to comfort him. The object suddenly moved away to its original position in the sky.

By the time they arrived home, the witnesses were quite badly shaken by what they had seen and hurriedly telephoned the UFO Hotline.

The researchers advised them to try and get a set of binoculars and a camera and go back to the location in an effort to obtain pictures. They possessed neither.

They conversed about the events, but Susan, who had been at home throughout the evening refused to believe them and asked to be taken to the area. Following a lengthy discussion they decided to return to the scene, this time taking Susan. Mary however was a little reluctant to take Peter, but he too insisted on making the journey, the time was now 9:45pm. As they reached the area a very powerful blue glow appeared in a field, somewhat above tree-top height. In order to get a better look they drove down a narrow lane and parked the vehicle, leaving the car lights on and the engine running.

A large star-like object was visible just above the blue glow and was pulsing and growing larger and smaller alternately. They described it as giving off spikes and coloured beams of light shooting up into the air (red, blue and green lights were reported).

Suddenly they noticed the silhouettes of numerous small thin figures which were obviously not human, moving about, one figure however was much taller than the others, around seven feet tall. Other small beings moved in amongst the trees of the plantation.

A large black object sat on the ground, but it was impossible to determine it's shape. the figures appeared to be moving towards the object. By now the observers had seen enough and became extremely frightened, quickly finding an appropriate place to turn the vehicle around.

As they arrived at Jane's house her brother called on his way home from work. When the story was related, he offered to lend them a set of binoculars. They decided to go back and see if the activity was still taking place, and collected the binoculars en-route.

As they again approached the location they noticed the blue glow was still glowing. Even with their naked eyes they were still able to see the little beings moving in and out of the trees. They could also see one of the very tall beings with it's back to them. As Jane looked through the binoculars she kept repeating, 'Oh my God, you want to see this. Oh my God, Oh my God.' she passed the binoculars to Mary who could now see the star-like object more clearly. She described the object as being amber in colour, with dark indentations all around it. It was rotating slowly and occasionally tilting on it's axis. dozens of small creatures apparently carrying small boxes and tubular canisters were visible. The taller figures appeared to have brown skin and oriental eyes, and seemed to be supervising a large group of the beings. At this time Susan and Peter also had a look through the binoculars to confirm the observation and were shaken by what they saw. The binoculars were then returned to Jane who made the following statement.

'At this time I could see one big star which at first thought was on the ground, it was a large transparent illuminated capsule-type thing, rippled on the outside with indentations like a brain. There were some very small thin beings inside it. Next to this capsule was another smaller one, otherwise identical to the first one. This one contained a very tall being with brown skin, the capsule was moving - slowly rotating. I then looked toward the ground and saw the big craft we had first seen, it appeared to be on the ground near the woods. There were lots of lights around it and dozens of these small entities who appeared to be working in groups. They were going in and out of the woods. They appeared to be putting things on the ground and picking things up from the ground. Each group was carrying small boxes and canisters between the woods and the craft.'

' I saw other capsules which looked like cocoons coming out of the trees, they suddenly shot across the field to where we were standing. I was very frightened and started screaming. The objects were quite close to us by this time and we could see that each capsule contained one of the small entities. They were no more than four feet from us and there were dozens of them in front of us. Then pandemonium broke out - Mary, Peter and Susan were screaming. I vaguely remember shouting, ' lets get the hell out of here', and we eventually drove back home, terrified by the events we had witnessed.'

' Later it was strange because I started to remember things and somehow felt that they had taken us towards their craft. I remember this place, it was very bright, I couldn't move and they were doing things to me. They didn't hurt me so I felt happy. The little ones were smiling at me with their big eyes, and taking things from me, these they gave to a tall being. He touched them with a long probe-like rod. The little creatures were around four to five feet tall, there was nothing human about them at all. The tall one had a nose and very slanted eyes - oriental-like. There was no obvious sex gender, nor did I see a body shape or waistline. They did have two arms and legs, and when they communicated they made strange noises - high pitched noises like whales. I didn't hear them talking, just ' happened' in my head.'

' I don't think they enjoyed what they were doing, it was just work., they seemed very efficient, and knew exactly what they were doing. When we got home I was frightened and kept asking Mary, hoping she would tell me I had imagined the whole thing.'

' Mary had witnessed the whole thing and confirmed that it had really happened. I was so disturbed by the whole thing that I was afraid to sleep alone and we all ended up in the same bedroom that night, with the lights on. I was so scared and feared having a nervous breakdown, if fact I hoped I was having a nervous breakdown, because I couldn't cope.'

' The craft was triangular in shape with a dome on top. It had two giant white lights which shone beams onto the ground. When the big lights went off I could see small red lights on each point of the triangle.'

' The small beings had very big dark eyes and their heads look too big for their bodies. They didn't appear to have mouths. I don't know how I know, but they must have told me that the small aliens are workers for the tall brown ones.'

Mary then related her story:

' We could see the bright blue light coming from the trees. Even with our naked eyes we were able to see a very tall being with it's back to us, because everything was lit up. There seemed to be a small orange ball of light on the ground next to him. At this time Jane had the binoculars and she kept saying, ' Oh my God, Oh my God you want to see this'. She eventually passed the binoculars to me and I was amazed to see that star-like object we had been watching was amber colour, with dark indentations all around it.'

' There was a lot of activity involving the small creatures in the wood. At one point a very tall dark skinned oriental looking man who seemed to be in charge, walked over to where the little ones were working. I focused the binoculars on the nearby trees and saw another tall being, he was watching the small beings who were running around, carrying small boxes and tubular objects. They seemed to be taking these to the craft on the ground. We then let Susan and Peter have a look through the binoculars so they could confirm our observation. Jane took the binoculars, and said, 'Oh my God they're coming out of the woods, there are hundreds of them'. Susan shouted, 'They're coming across the field towards us'. By this time I was panicking and disorientated and saw what I thought were a lot of bales in front of me. Susan said, 'They are not bales, they are pods with aliens inside, they're here in front of us'. Jane screamed, 'Let's get the hell out of here'. I hastily put the car in gear and drove away very fast. I never realised at the time that the bales were transparent cocoon things and at the last minute we were totally surrounded by them. I remember that the small beings were very thin and had heads which seemed to big for their bodies.'

' We arrived home badly shaken and in deep shock, Jane and I were crying and trying to come to terms with what we had witnessed, none of us got any sleep. This went on for several days.'

' The effects of these incidents will always be with us. there is no doubt in our minds about what we saw and we do not want any publicity whatsoever.'

Susan and Peter, related similar stories and described in detail how the final confrontation took place.

Mary said ' We were sitting in the car with the windows open, watching the coloured lights, Jane had the binoculars, when suddenly dozens of bubble-like things came out of the woods and flew across the field towards us, I screamed, they're coming over here' and we all started to panic and scream. Then all these bubbles were all around us, about four feet away from us in the air, they never moved. They were all alike, we could see through them and each one of them had one of these small creatures inside. They had big black eyes and big heads. They seemed to have smooth bodies and strange deceiving mouths.'

' We are still very frightened and would all now like to forget everything that happened.'

Field investigator Brian Rooney, interviewed the witnesses and revisited the scene of the incidents. He found areas of burnt grass and apparent pressure marks on the ground. Some of the marks were semi-circular in shape and dead grass were also evident. Branches of nearby trees were covered in what appeared to be white spider web-type material, but he conceded that this could be normal spider web. The bushes were totally covered with the material as if it had been blasted up against the bushes. Samples have been taken, which included burnt wood and grass. Brian was certain something had been on the ground. The(re) was no access to motor vehicles and the country road was about two hundred yards from the scene. He accordingly took photographs including the location where the witnesses has parked their car.

I have spoken to the families on many occasions and even now they are reduced to tears when talking about it.

Writer - Tony Dodds

Investigator- Brian Rooney


Footnote by Tony Dodds

I would be very interested in hearing how the Ministry of Defence would explain such an occurrence and I fail to believe that cases of such significance would be of no interest to the MoD or the scientific community. Time alone will be the judge of the veracity of events such as this and the recent massive upsurge in reports of these huge triangular objects, would indicate, that we are closer than ever to that time.

Our grateful thanks to our Scottish Field Investigator Brian Rooney who did such splendid work at the scene and assisted me throughout this investigation. He is now expertly counselling the families concerned - being qualified to do so by virtue of his profession.


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