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The following article is reproduced verbatim from the Sightings magazine and there are no changes apart from any spelling errors in the original article or introduced by me!    (Jayess)

The Fife Incident

An Investigation by SPI

A report by Malcolm Robinson


Ufology can throw up some pretty challenging cases and many investigators world wide have seen how vastly perplexing this subject can be. High strangeness cases are on the increase, but what exactly does this tell us? Here in Scotland, recent cases would suggest that 'strange things are still afoot.' And not only has there been photographic and video evidence of late, but we have had a few CE IV or close proximity cases with witnesses claiming encounters with small grey 'alien' beings.

The following case to all intents and purposes, is quite staggering, it borders on belief, and, even for this researcher, was quite hard to accept. But having said that, one must realise that we live in a world with many mysteries which currently tax our minds, it would be foolish to turn our backs on these mysteries just because they sound absurd. The following case, features elements both common and uncommon. It initially featured in the English based Quest International publication, UFO Magazine.

I would now like to present Strange Phenomena Investigations research into this most fascinating case, but before I do so, I would like to inform the reader to the fact that, after this case was featured in UFO Magazine, all witnesses refused any more interviews with Scottish or English researchers. They told their story and now wish to get on with their lives. We at SPI accept this decision as it is becoming more and more common with cases of this nature. Thankfully SPI managed to interview two of the four witnesses in this case, and what you are about to read is the culmination and extracts of a most fascinating audio taped interview.


The Fife Event. 23rd September 1996

SPI learned of this event a few weeks after it had occurred and in a telephone call to one of the witnesses, we arranged a data and time to visit and interview. Malcolm Robinson, accompanied with Billy Devlin and Gary Wood, travelled up by cars to where Mrs. Mary Morrison (pseudonym) lived. The area itself is covered by farmland and therefore is not heavily populated, and the contours of the land rise and fall at different locations. After getting lost, we eventually found Mrs. Morrison's farm and introduced ourselves to her. We found her to be a warm and pleasant person, her farmhouse actually sits on top of a hill which gives her a commanding and panoramic view of the Fife valley.

After our introductions, Mary then settled down to tell us quite an incredible tale. I sat back in my chair, and was amazed as this strange tale unfolded, this is what she had to tell SPI.

A Night to Remember

On the evening of the 23rd of September 1996, Mary Morrison accompanied by her ten year old son Peter and Mary's friend Jane, left their farmhouse to travel to a nearby town to buy some coffee, the time was around 8:05 in the evening. On the way there, they observed a light, Mary was driving. Mary presumed that this light was either and aircraft or a helicopter, but after a few seconds realised that this was not the case, as the object was not moving. This bright light then amazingly changed into 'two' bright lights at which point Mary said to her friend, 'look at those bright lights up there', to which her friend replied, 'it must be an aeroplane'.

Mary decided to stop the car and get out for a look, still thinking that perhaps it could be some form of aircraft, everyone left the car and stood next to the road looking up in bewilderment at this strange spectacle in the sky. 'This was weird' she said, but things took a turn for the worse when suddenly two 'massive' bright spotlights illuminated the ground around them. Beams of light criss-crossed one another in a spiralled dance which all witnesses were captivated by. After a period of seconds, these huge bright white lights were switched off and Mary became aware of looking at a large black triangular shaped object. This object then proceeded to bank very gently, and Mary then became aware of small red lights at each apex of this triangle, a brighter light source (white) was obscured to them as this object slowly turned. As the object completed its turn, further small red lights were observed on the underside of this object. No noise was associated with this object and there were no visible signs of and appendages. However, Mary did say that she saw on top of this triangle, a small dome. When asked by SPI as to how large this triangular shaped object was, she replied that if she held out her hand in front of her, this object would still be bigger than her hand!

After a few more moments, the object then slowly and gradually moved or 'drifted' away. The feelings of all the witnesses were of amazement, they knew what they had been looking at was not a normal man-made object. The object proceeded to move away from them with only the faint red lights showing, at this point Mary decided on the spur of the moment, to wave at this 'thing' and she was most surprised when this object flashed three times to them! She reckons that the total duration of this incident, was around five minutes and further stated that the corners of this triangular shaped object were more round than pointed.

With the object now gone, they decided to get back into their car and continue on with their journey to collect a jar of coffee. It was on their return journey that they wondered if they would see this strange object again, no sooner had they thought about this when the same, or similar object was sighted in the sky, only this time it was travelling quickly in their direction. So quick was this object coming towards them, that Mary's young son Peter, started to cry, thinking perhaps, that this object might hit the car. No sooner had Peter started to cry, than this strange object shot back the way it came and was lost to view in seconds.

But More Was To Come!

Another purchase that Mary had made in this local shop apart from her coffee, was a UFO magazine which contained the phone number of Larry Dean an investigator with research group SKY SEARCH. She left a message on his answer phone, stating that if there were any UFO investigators in her area, to get them out quick for something strange was going on. After making the phone call, they then related their strange sighting to Mary's friend's daughter Susan, aged 15. Susan was very sceptical and thought that it was one big wind up, however, after a bit of persuasion, it was decided to once more go back outside and see if they could still see this object, never for one moment thinking that they would. Mary said to SPI , that usually these things are only seen once in a life time and she wasn't really prepared for what transpired next. But nonetheless, they all agreed (including young Peter who had earlier been crying) to go out and see if they could see it.

It Can't Be. Can It!

Travelling out in the direction of their earlier sighting, they did not see the same object again, but what they did see was what looked like stars sparkling in the night sky but much lower, 'there were hundreds of them' she said she couldn't for the life of her fathom out what they were, but they were beautiful. It was at this point that things started to get 'strange' and the following information may prove (at least to the hard nosed sceptic, hard to believe) but this is what they said happened next.

All four witnesses were startled to see a tremendously bright white light on the ground beside a clump of trees which was at the other side of a ploughed farmers field. Their initial thought, was that this might be a bright security light attached to a building, however the soon noticed a bright glow over some trees, this was an immense bright blue glow which actually shone up from the bottom of the trees into the dark night sky, they likened it to a bright searchlight as it continued it's spinning movements up and out of this grouped range of trees. In an effort to get closer to this amazing spectacle, they decided to get back into the car and travel down a little back road. This they did, and they continued to view this strange spectacle. A sense of unrealness was in the air when suddenly the bright blue spinning light, was joined by other bright lights, red and green. Mary likened them this time to a laser light show, 'they were lovely' she said, 'We were all moved to tears by them'. It was at this point that events took a dramatic turn, for whilst they were all captivated by these spinning lights , Mary suddenly became aware of 'figures' silhouetted in these lights, small grey figures who were running around and appeared very busy picking up what looked like boxes or cubes, and also cylinders or canisters. Further back the woods she said that she saw some form of triangular 'structure' of which these small beings were coming and going to. But what really surprised Mary the most, was the sight of a very large 'being' who was a different colour than the rest. This 'being' she said, was a sort of tan brown, 'he' was standing a short distance away from the rest of these 'beings' as if he was somehow in charge (this she strongly felt).

Indeed at one point, this large 'being' actually stretched down towards the ground and opened his right hand to 'something' then he stood up, moved back into the trees a bit, then took up the same position as before. In the sky around this amazing spectacle, were hundreds upon hundreds of these small star-like 'things' which were just hanging in the sky, suddenly a bright beam of light shone down from the sky and illuminated the road in front of them.

Mary related to SPI, that as soon as this 'light beam' hit the ground her memory of events is rather sketchy, but she believes they all took a fright to this light, and jumped back into the car and headed off to her friend's house. It was at her friends house that she decided to phone Larry Dean again and inform him about what had happened, Larry was home and suggested to Mary that she should contact me, Malcolm Robinson of SPI, he then gave out the number but unfortunately when they tried it, she found much to her disappointment, that the line was discontinued, as I had moved house! She phoned Larry again, who this time put her in touch with Tony Dodd of UFO Magazine.

The Third Sighting

It was at Jane's house that Mary spoke to Jane's Husband about what had transpired, unfortunately he had to go to work, but offered them the use of his binoculars. With these the intrepid witnesses decided once more to go out into the dark night and see if there was any more evidence of these strange objects and 'beings'. One would imagine any other witnesses as being frightened to repeat a venture out into the night, but curiosity was the major factor here and although slightly frightened, they just had to find out more. They hoped they would see something more.

Well they didn't have to wait long, as they travelled in the direction of their earlier sighting, they again saw many of those strange star shapes in the sky. Also observed near a transmitter on a hill, was another immensely bright white light which was flashing in a sequence of three! They continued on with their journey and this flashing light was lost to view. At this point Mary started to become more alarmed, she felt that these were narrow country roads, she didn't really want to get trapped there, the excitement of the initial events was now becoming more and more frightening but she didn't want to show this in front of the others.

They stopped the car and proceeded to look up into the night sky with the borrowed binoculars. She thought she was looking at a star, but Mary replied 'this was not a star' and she quickly took the binoculars from her friend and directed them to this object. Mary stated to SPI that what she saw something which resembled a 'squashed ball', elongated from top to bottom, it looked like a hot fiery orange colour with big regular indentations in it. It looked really 'shimmery' she said 'as if it was giving off energy'. This thing wasn't on the ground, but near the ground. Near the base of this 'squashed ball' was something like a wiggly long oval black spot. It was moving slowly and was tilting on it's axis. To the right of that and all around, was a small orangy red light, very round and very small.

The scene once more changed, and they again all witnessed these small 'beings' in the woods which seemed to be supervised some how by this tall brown 'being'. SPI asked Mary how tall she thought this 'being' was, and she replied, 'oh at least half the size of the trees'?

The time of this third visit was roughly around 11:30pm and during all of these observations, no noise at all could be heard, apart, that is, when Mary directed the binoculars onto that strange 'squashed ball', she thought she heard a crackle, something like an electrical crackle. Another unusual statement that Mary relayed to SPI, was that after using these binoculars to view these strange sights, she could see just as well without them, she can't for the life of her understand how because she said that these binoculars were so bad that it was a wonder at all if you saw anything out of them. SPI asked Mary if she saw what could be termed fingers on any of these 'beings' to which she replied, 'no' but went on to say that this large brown tanned 'being', had a very large bulbous head with a very flat face.

When we asked Mary about how these smaller 'beings' moved in the woods as they carried these boxes, she stated that they moved just like any normal person would move, 'they were bending at the waist' very natural. There was no struggle as these 'beings' lifted these boxes and cylinders, they were lifting them quite easily. The cylinders or canisters, Mary went on to say, were being carried by these small 'beings' length ways in their arms. No markings could be discerned on any of these boxes or cylinders.

Susan and Peter, daughter and son of both women, also stated that they could see just as well these strange 'beings' in the woods close up, as if they were almost there, an effect that they should not have experienced at this distance!

The Are Coming Out Of The Woods!

However, the most frightening part of the whole night was to come on this third visit, for whilst they were all again looking at this strange spectacle in the woods, of lots and lots of small grey 'beings' busily running around, Jane screamed out, 'Oh my God! They are coming out of the woods, there is a mist coming towards us, my God there is a cocoon, there are hundreds of them, they are in these things'. Susan also screamed 'they are coming towards us. They're moving so fast!' Mary was by now becoming increasingly alarmed and she couldn't understand how it was so light at the beginning of this field, she could even see the straw bales which she wouldn't have normally seen had it been pitch dark. The next sensation or impression that Mary had, was of these huge straw bales crowding across the road from them, and she could sense a 'being' at the passenger side of the car, at the window. At this point Mary's friend said, 'lets get the f*** out of here' followed by Susan who shouted, 'there is one standing grinning at me'.

Mary then slammed the car into first gear, then second and third and soon realised that she was doing 55 miles per hour, at which point she thought it better to slow down as she didn't want to end up losing control of the car. The other passengers in the car looked back out of the rear window and claimed that the whole field 'lit up' in an enormous blue flash. They eventually arrived back at Jane's house and stayed up most of the night extremely shocked and amazed.

Further Recollections

I asked Mary about this mist that was coming towards her car just before they fled and she told me that she herself didn't see the mist, but her friend described it as looking very fibrous, like a cocoon, and all these small 'beings' were being carried in it towards their car, their legs never moved! The orange light that they all saw earlier, also contained 'beings' in it as well, although Mary claims that surprisingly she didn't see them, but all the others did. SPI ascertained that they arrived back at Jane's house roughly around 00:30am in the morning. Mary had the distinct impression that she had watched this amazing spectacle for much longer than the actual time that had transpired, and indeed in this occasion, whilst sitting in the car and watching all these small 'beings' moving around in the woods, she felt the distinct impression, that although she was in a sitting position in the driver's seat, she also felt she was being pushed back into a lying position with someone or 'thing' holding her head, she didn't mention this sensation to the others for she didn't want to alarm them.

Unusual Markings Found On The Witnesses Body's

During our taped interview with Mary, I asked the question, 'Have you noticed any strange marks on your body, marks that previously were not there?' She replied that researcher Tony Dodd had suggested for her to look out for this. That first day as far as she knew, she had none. It was a few days after that, that she learned about her friends daughter, Susan, had found a strange mark on her shoulder, 'as if blood had been sucked up through the skin'. This mark resembled two small vertical bars side by side separated only by a small space. Jane, Mary's friend, ended up initially with two marks on her body, one was on her right buttock, like a very pale brown, and the other was found underneath her right breast on her ribs.

Mary informed SPI, that although she hadn't noticed any marks on her body, she was getting extreme discomfort from underneath her arm, at the top where it joins the body (right shoulder), there was no visible mark, but it was very painful to touch. Her son, Peter, had no marks at all. A few days later, Jane found another mark, which appeared up on her right shoulder which consisted of a browny discolouration, blotchy and irregular around the edges. Susan, Jane's daughter, then found another mark, this time on her right shoulder. It was about four inches long and appeared roughly around a week after the main sighting. The week after the event, (Monday 30th) Jane found on top of her right thigh, an immense bruise, a very colourful bruise. SPI asked Mary if she or the others had experienced any headaches or strange tastes in their mouths after the incident, she replied that they had not, but individually they were all very stressed out by the whole incident.

The Incident In The Bathroom

On Sunday the 20th of October (a month after the incident) one of Mary's friends, along with her son, came to visit. She left her son and young Peter playing happily in his bedroom, but however, things were soon to change, for a short while later as Peter looked out of his bedroom window, he was surprised to see a small 'white being' with lots of teeth looking at him. This 'being' was free floating and was not standing on top of the kitchen roof, he was too small for this. After a few seconds, this 'being' just simply floated straight upwards with ease and was gone in seconds. According to Peter, his friends also saw this strange 'being'.

Later on that same night Mary was on the phone to Garry Wood, a researcher and himself a UFO experiencer. Just prior to the phone call Mary had run a bath for her son. Mary was explaining to Garry about some recent strange events when all of a sudden she heard her son screaming at the top of his voice, 'Mummy, Mummy, come quick, please come quick.' Mary immediately threw the phone down in mid conversation and dashed up the stairs three at a time. She entered the bathroom and found her son in some distress, after calming him down he explained that as he had entered the bathroom, he saw a small white 'being' standing next to the wash basin and bath. This 'being' also had a row of teeth. He was small and thin and looked very pale. After Peter had screamed this 'being' just simply 'vanished'! Mary had to eventually sit outside the bathroom door to let her son have his bath, indeed he was still so frightened, that she had to sleep beside her son with the bedroom light left on the full night.

SPI Question Young Peter

Obviously when one is dealing with young children in cases such as this, one must be very careful, questions have to be asked gingerly and in a manner understood by the child. I proceeded at this point in our investigation, to ask young Peter (with the blessing of his mother) some questions in regards to these 'beings' that he said he saw. I first of all asked Peter if these 'beings' that he said he saw outside his bedroom window whilst he was playing with his friend, could be seen by them both, he replied 'yes'. I then asked him what exactly did this 'being' look like? Peter replied that he was small, he had egg-shaped eyes and was very white looking. One thing I found most peculiar in Peter's testimony (apart from the row of jagged teeth) was when Peter referred to seeing a peculiar 'flap of skin' which he saw on this 'being' between the elbow and fore-arm. This 'being' was also 'muscular' according to Peter and there was no sign of any facial or bodily hair.



To be continued...        ... but it never was!


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