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  From the 'UFOs over Scotland' video - Enigma Channel

The most interesting part of the video for me is the Chris Everard interview with Malcolm Robinson (BUFORA & SPI-England) in relation to Malcolm's investigation of the 'Fife' incident of the 23rd September 1996.

Malcolm has told this story a number of times now and, as is evident here, he is retelling it from memory and his facts are in error. His version of events has undergone several changes since the original SPI investigation document was released in 1997.

Malcolm opens his story with a glaring error in that he insists that this is a 'rural area' with only the village of Freuchie nearby and then continues to portray a lonely area with farms dotted about the forested landscape. Again with reference to the map and photo the reader can see immediately that no less than three villages actually overlook the area of the alleged sighting. In addition, the roads in the area are busy at all times of the day and evening. He also now says that the incident took place late at night, however even his own original investigation quoted 8:05pm - hardly 'late'.

Malcolm relates the first journey out to buy the jar of coffee, again getting things out of synchronisation both with the witnesses statements and his own earlier report...

Now insisting that it was 'The UFO Magazine' produced by Quest International rather than 'a UFO magazine' as quoted in his original report. But more importantly, his sequence of events during this first encounter, now suggesting that



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